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12technologyThe James Webb Space Telescope has successfully launched
13newsThe James Webb Space Telescope has successfully launched
14healthThe number of patients incarcerated for the virus reflected an increase of 109 more than yesterday
15newsKazakhstans government falls as protests rise in tone
16sportsDjokovic will have to prove that he cannot be vaccinated upon arrival in Australia
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46technologyPerseverance captured an unusual sunset on Mars
47technologyA US Space Force payload Astra carrier rocket reaches orbit for the first time after three unsuccess
48technologyThe last lunar eclipse is recognized as the "longest in centuries" by NASA
49technologyLunar eclipse | This is how the longest phenomenon in almost 600 years was seen
50educationState Board of Education approves one sex ed textbook for Texas middle school student
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55educationDo right by our children or find new jobs’: Education advocates call for fair school funding
56sportsBiography of Valentino Rossi (His life, history, summarized bio)
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