A US Space Force payload Astra carrier rocket reaches orbit for the first time after three unsuccess

Publish Date : 2021-11-21

A US Space Force payload Astra carrier rocket reaches orbit for the first time after three unsuccess

A US Space Force payload Astra carrier rocket reaches orbit for the first time after three unsuccessful attempts

Previous launches were unsuccessful due to technical and fuel problems.

The LV0007, the carrier rocket developed by the US aerospace company Astra, was launched into orbit this Saturday with a test shipment from the US Space Force,  the entity reported on its Twitter account.

The launch took place at 6:16 GMT from the Pacific spaceport complex on Kodiak Island, in the state of Alaska, and proceeded according to the planned scenario. The rocket carries a payload for the STP-27AD2 space test program under the contract awarded to Astra by the US Space Force Defense Innovation Unit. 

This was the company's fourth attempt to launch the payload into orbit. The previous one , which took place on August 28, 2021, failed after one of the five engines of the rocket's first stage shut down seconds after lift-off. The next two attempts, made last year, were also unsuccessful due to technical and fuel problems. 

The Perseverance rover captures a helicopter flight on Mars on video, and the images provide "the most detailed view" of the aircraft in action.

This is the 13th flight of the Ingenuity Mars helicopter, carried out on September 4.
NASA has shared  the images captured by its Perseverance rover, which show the 13th flight of the Ingenuity Mars helicopter carried out on September 4, and which provide "the most detailed view so far" of the aircraft in action.

The agency notes that the flight lasted 160.5 seconds and is considered one of the most complicated, as it "involved flying over varied terrain within the 'Séítah' geological feature and imaging an outcrop from multiple angles for the rover team. ". The helicopter, weighing just 1.8 kilograms, was recorded by the explorer's two-camera Mastcam-Z and can be seen in two videos. One highlights the majority of your flight profile, while the other provides a close-up of takeoff and landing.

"The value of Mastcam-Z really shines through with these video clips," said Justin Maki, deputy principal investigator for the Mastcam-Z instrument at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in California. "Even at 300 meters away, we get a magnificent close-up of takeoff and landing through Mastcam-Z's' right eye '. And although the helicopter is little more than a blob in the wide view taken through the' left eye 'gives viewers a good idea of ​​the size of the environment Ingenuity is exploring, "the scientist stressed.

The recordings also show how Ingenuity maintains altitude during flight, revealing that after its initial ascent to 8 meters it is able to detect a change in terrain elevation and adjust its flight automatically. During the trajectory, the helicopter collected ten images "of the rocky outcrop with its color camera before returning to the frame and landing again at the target location," the NASA statement said.

The agency also commented that the images obtained with the helicopter in September are complemented with those that were collected during flight number 12, "providing valuable information for the Perseverance scientists and the drivers of rovers scouts." Ingenuity is currently preparing to make its 16th flight shortly.

3 teenagers are handed over by their parents to the Police after being recorded brutally beating an old man

The video of the attack was widely disseminated through social networks.
Four teenagers on Thursday recorded the moment in which an old man was beaten on the outskirts of a market in the Mexican city of Guadalajara, to share it on the Internet. Three of them were handed over by their parents to the authorities,  the governor of Jalisco, Enrique Alfaro , announced this Saturday.

In the images of the attack, which were widely circulated through social networks, three young people are observed approaching the man, who is on the sidewalk. For no apparent reason, one of them begins to beat him until he is knocked out. 

"The minors without conscience, and much less values, who beat an older person for simple fun [...] were identified by the investigations and the parents of three presented them before the Jalisco Prosecutor's Office," Alfaro commented. "The victim received [medical] attention and is doing well," he added.

As  detailed by  the Prosecutor's Office, "the video disseminated on social networks and others" are part of the open investigation against young people, who face charges of crimes of injury and against the dignity of people.

Bags of money fall on a highway in the US and motorists rush to collect the bills scattered on the road

Many motorists caused a traffic jam this Friday on Interstate 5 near the town of Carlsbad (California, USA) by stopping to collect money that had fallen from a cash truck, local media reported .

The incident occurred in the morning, when one of the doors of the armored vehicle was accidentally opened and several bags of cash were dropped, causing a large quantity of banknotes to be scattered all over the road.

The athlete Demi Bagby, who witnessed the event, shared a video on her social networks in which several people are seen collecting money while traffic in the direction of the city of San Diego remained paralyzed.

Moments later, journalist Melissa Adan tweeted photos taken at the scene and specified that not a single banknote had been left on the ground, except for the bank paper bands that held the bundles.

In turn, the California Highway Patrol recalled that appropriating that money is illegal and urged everyone involved to return it.

They also reported on the arrest of two suspects and claimed to be investigating together with the FBI the recordings with the faces and patents of the motorists who had stopped at the scene.

At the moment, the amount that the securities truck lost has not transpired.

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