Why Brand Managers Need Content Moderation

Publish Date : 2022-01-31 00:00:00

Why Brand Managers Need Content Moderation

Brand managers are in charge of creating a brand's marketing strategy and putting it into action through various marketing campaigns. One aspect of brand strategy is user-generated content (UGC). This includes any content created and shared by your clients or customers, such as Instagram stories, product reviews in which your company is mentioned, and so on.

UGC, according to nearly 72 percent of brands, helps them connect with their customers and cultivates customer trust in the brand. When it comes to boosting your brand and increasing your profits, user-generated content (UGC) is a must. In fact, 79 percent of people say user-generated content (UGC) has an impact on their purchasing decisions. With this in mind, your brand manager responsibilities in 2022 must include obtaining and managing user-generated content (UGC) that will increase revenue and build customer loyalty.

While user-generated content (UGC) can help your brand, it also has the potential to harm its image. As a result, it's up to you to defend your brand's reputation by moderating content.

That's where expert content moderation comes in handy! Find a content moderation partner who can assist you in keeping your platform or website free of offensive or non-value-adding content.

Here are nine ways that a content moderation company can assist brand managers in enhancing and protecting their brand's credibility:

1. Decrease the number of incidents of cyberbullying

Trolls and cyberbullies can't use electronic communication to bully one of your users or members by sending threatening or intimidating memes or text, thanks to content moderation. To stop the spread of harmful content and reduce cyberbullying incidents, use an approach that combines AI and live moderation to detect high-risk, user-generated images and video.

2. Make sure the user has a good time.

Marketers have noticed a 90% increase in the amount of time visitors spend on websites that feature user-generated content. Furthermore, users who perceive your platform to be a secure environment are more likely to stay on your site, engage with your brand, and ultimately purchase your product or service. By combining teams of well-trained human moderators with AI, a hybrid approach to content moderation can help brand managers provide that safe, positive user experience.

3. Scale marketing campaigns quickly and safely

If you're running a social media contest, content moderation allows you to scale marketing campaigns quickly while reducing the risk of users being exposed to offensive content. This is especially important when dealing with large amounts of content. Working with a moderation partner who can review all of the content is essential if you're running a campaign that will result in thousands of user-submitted videos in a single day, for example.

4. Detect and prevent fraud

In one study, 41% of dating website users said they were concerned about scams like fake profiles. A content moderation expert can assist a brand manager for a gaming or dating platform by reviewing each of the profiles registered, confirming that the information each user submits is accurate, and scanning interactions between end-users. Because profiles can be used to share and spread phishing schemes and scams that are often associated with identity theft, preventing such fraudulent activity through profile moderation must be a top priority.

5. Collect information on brand users

Pattern recognition is provided by content moderation. Working with content moderators to tag content with key properties can help you learn more about your users' preferences and behaviour, which is especially useful in high-volume campaigns.

6. Put an end to brand shaming

When there are no customer testimonials or reviews to justify their purchase, 92 percent of consumers experience analysis paralysis. Allowing both positive and negative comments will help you overcome this paralysis and establish your brand as trustworthy, but allowing hostile comments, feedback, and reviews from competitors is a bad idea.

No matter what industry you're in, brand trashing can be offensive to your customers and damaging to your brand's image. It could turn into a public relations nightmare with legal consequences. A content moderation expert can help you meet your specific moderation needs and avoid brand trashing in this situation.

7. Keep the competition at bay.

It's critical to set your brand apart from the competition. Use content moderation services that allow you to block competitor names in text submissions to prevent competing brands from being mentioned or pictured in UGC. A live moderation team can also be in charge of reviewing and rejecting content that includes competitor logos and the like.

8. Stay on brand with your content and conversations.

Keeping the conversation on brand may keep you awake at night if you manage a brand with a large online community. Team up with an experienced content moderation service that offers a hybrid of automated and live moderation solutions to keep conversations on brand. Beyond simply monitoring blogs and forums for profanity and NSFW content, a qualified moderation partner should go above and beyond. Look for a content moderator who can assist you in defining what content and conversations are appropriate for your brand, topics, and mission.

9. Encourage positive interactions with users.

By suspending members who send unsolicited photos and banning members who repeatedly jeopardise the safety and/or privacy of other users, content moderation can ensure positive interactions among users.

What is WebPurify's role in brand management?

While it is your responsibility as the brand manager to go above and beyond to keep content on brand while also protecting your audience from potentially offensive content, you are not alone! Look for a company that offers content moderation that combines the power of technology and humans to successfully moderate content and catch UGC that may be harmful to your audience and brand.

WebPurify offers advanced AI services, custom content moderation plans, affordable turnkey services, and dedicated live teams that can be trained on your specific moderation criteria to help brands and their managers navigate the content moderation process.

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