review movie Disney Encanto release date and in which cinemas in Spain it can be seen

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review movie Disney Encanto release date and in which cinemas in Spain it can be seen

It is a musical that is set in Colombia that tells the life of a family that has magical powers. 

It is a magical movie and the star theme is the family and their relationships. 

“We thought it was great to tell a story where there were not just two protagonists, but a large extended family. 

We wanted to pay tribute and also try to understand how complex dynamics work in large families. To what extent do we know our families? How well do they know us? ”Says director Byron Howard (Oscar winner of“ Zootopia ”and“ Tangled ”).

'Encanto' tells the story of a great family, the Madrigal. They live hidden in the mountains of Colombia, in a magical house in a fascinating town, in a wonderful and charming place called Encanto . 

The magic of Encanto has endowed all the children in the family with a unique gift, they all have it except Mirabel. 

The little girl does not feel part of that family, but in the end she manages to be the savior of the family.

Cinemas in Spain where you can see

It will be present on 602 screens in 376 cinemas in Spain. The projection formats will be the following:

534 folded 2D screens (Latin American version)

13 folded 3D screens (Latin American version)

39 screens in 2D ATMOS dubbed (Latin American version)

14 2D VOSE screens

1 ATMOS VOSE 2D screen

1 folded DOLBY VISION 2D screen (Latin American version)

Encanto has been described as a film suitable for all audiences, with the distinctive features: especially recommended for children and for promoting gender equality.

Encanto, the Disney film: What is it about and how to watch it?

Disney did it again. If Coco moved us, Encanto , his new movie, we will love it, worth the redundancy . 

This story, which is shaping up to be one of the best films of the year , is wrapped in a lot of magic, music and Colombian customs , one more attraction for the Latin public.

When is Encanto, the new Disney movie released?

Encanto premiered on Thursday, November 25 in all theaters in the country.

What is this new Disney movie about and how does it reflect Latinos?

Disney gives another context to the classic story of the family's 'black sheep'. 

Encanto takes place in the fictional town of the same name, where a family has magical powers (such as talking to animals or superhuman strength) except for one of its members, Maribel , who believes that, having nothing like them, that makes it less important. 

A fact that is not true and that the film wants to highlight, which, in turn, highlights the Colombian culture , just as Coco did with the Mexican one.

How and where to see this Disney - Pixar animation today?

You can see this movie in all theaters in Mexico . It is still unknown when it will reach digital platforms (specifically, Disney +).

Whose music is Encanto?

Lin-Manuel Miranda is the creator of Encanto's music. He has been in charge of other productions such as Hamilton, En el Barrio, Tick Tick Boom etc. 

Although music is very important in this film, it is not exhausting, indeed, it will stick in your mind, like the song Dos Oruguitas by Sebastián Yatra .

What is the message that Charming Disney wants to give?

The purpose of Encanto is to make it clear that being different is not a bad thing at all , in addition to the fact that the family is the primary circle to feel that we belong to a place.

Thousands of Colombian fans have been waiting for what will be the next Disney production, 'Encanto', which has been inspired by the tradition and culture of Colombia. Since December 2020, it was announced that the production would reach the main cinemas and a promotional campaign began to publicize details of what the final product of this production will be. Many Colombian artists will be participating as actors and musicians in this film.

On July 8, the first official trailer for 'Encanto' was released and in that first installment it was learned that the Madrigal family would be the protagonist of this story. Colors, tradition, music and magic are some of the main elements that make up the atmosphere of the film, where the flora and fauna of our country will also play an important role in the transformation that each of the characters will have on the timeline. .

Last Wednesday, November 3, the exclusive premiere of the film inspired by Colombia was held and thanks to this event new details about 'Encanto' were revealed. The members of the cast, producers, musicians and all the human talent that worked in the production were at the ceremony in Los Angeles (United States) and the date on which it can be seen in movie theaters was revealed.

'Encanto', available in theaters from November 24
According to the information revealed at the event of the first function of the Disney film, it was known that the production will be seen in the theaters of the country from next Wednesday, November 24 and it will also be the date of the world premiere. The wait for fans to see the film took about a year and from now on the countdown begins to enjoy the creation of Jared Bush, Byron Howard and Charise Castro Smith.

In this film there is a great participation of Colombian human talent. Maluma, Mauro Castillo, María Cecilia Botero and Carolina Gaitán are some of the artists who will be giving life to the animated characters . While the singer-songwriter Carlos Vives is in charge of the film's soundtrack and will interpret 'Colombia, my charm' by Lin Manuel Miranda.

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