Carmen Salinas presents brain activity: doctors to relatives

Publish Date : 2021-11-14

Carmen Salinas presents brain activity: doctors to relatives

Carmen Plascencia, the actresss grand daughter, pointed out that her grandmothers state of health remains serious.

The beloved actress Carmen Salinas is torn between life and death, according to medical reports released by her family.
In an interview for Radio Fórmula with journalist Azucena Uresti , her godson, Jorge Nieto , indicated that the producer was also reviewed by three neurologists, who agreed that "the spill caused irreversible damage."

He also explained that the actress and former federal deputy Carmen Salinas "is no longer going to wake up."

Mexican actress Carmen Salinas presented brain activity this Saturday , doctors reported to the relatives of the also producer.

"She has little brain activity, what the studies that have been done on her over the past few days show is a serious condition, thats what we can tell them, because thats what they have told us," said Carmen Plascencia, granddaughter. from the producer.

In an interview with the media, the relatives indicated that the state of health of the former federal deputy remains the same. Gustavo Briones, the actresss nephew, reported that Carmelita Salinas had two other tomographies performed and they yielded results similar to the previous ones.

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Carmen  Plascencia pointed out that her grandmothers state of health remains serious . "What the doctors tell us is not towards an evolution, nor a worsening," he added.

The renowned actress and impersonator has been hospitalized since last November 10, her family has been in charge of sharing updates on her health status. The renowned actress Carmen Salinas has been hospitalized since last November 10 because she suffered a stroke, she enjoyed one of her soap operas currently on broadcast, then had dinner and then went to bathe, in that room of her house is where she fainted and her relatives found her a few minutes later.

Every day, the family of this actress speaks with the media to publicize the medical information of Carmelita Salinas, currently it is known that she would have suffered irreversible brain damage, this information was released by Jorge Nieto, godson and friend of the veteran actress and impersonator.

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Family members of Carmen Salinas detailed this Saturday that the actress has mild brain activity and with her vital signs working. The actress Carmen Salinas registers mild brain activity and with her vital signs working , it was detailed in the medical report this Saturday. Carmen Plascencia and Gustavo Briones , granddaughter and nephew of the 82-year-old actress, detailed that Carmen Salinas state of health remains serious but stable .

Gustavo Briones pointed out that Salinass situation continues exactly the same as in the last hours, without improvement in the actresss health. Plascencia explained that Salinas has "little brain activity (...) What the doctors tell us about the state in which he is, I dare not say that it is hopeful."

In the early morning hours of November 11, the 82-year-old actress was hospitalized for an emergency due to a stroke, where she is in intensive care until that Saturday. With information from López-Dóriga Digit 

Carmen Salinas, 88, suffered a stroke that led to a coma , for which she was hospitalized in a hospital located in the Roma neighborhood of Mexico City.

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This Friday it was announced that three neurologists reviewed Carmen Salinas and agreed that the stroke suffered by the actress "caused irreversible damage." 

" What they are telling us is that he is not going to wake up , but we are waiting for a miracle, everything could happen (...) It is inoperable where the affectation was," said the godson of Carmen Salinas, Jorge Nieto.

What caused Carmelita Salinas stroke?
Regarding the origins of stroke, Jorge Nieto said that the h ipertensión suffering Carmelita Salinas  was the cause of the stroke.

On the other hand, he mentioned that despite the predictions of the doctors, he remains hopeful that the so-called "mother of journalists" will recover.

He explained that Carmen Salinas organs continue to function well so an unexpected recovery could occur.
Coincidentally, María Eugenia Plascencia, daughter of Carmen Salinas , asked to have her present in prayers and keep the faith.

"Let us have faith, God is the last one who has the word," he declared before the media that remain at the foot of the canyon, on the outskirts of the hospital.

It should be remembered that yesterday a mass was held to ask for the health of the Mexican.

The homily was offered by the priest José de Jesús Aguilar in the Parroquia de San Cosme y Damián in Mexico City, which was broadcast on his YouTube channel.

"Only God can make someone recover (...) the power of prayer works miracles," said the parish priest.

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