The movie (White Snake 2 The Green Snake Tribulation) will be officially released on July 23 2021

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The movie (White Snake 2 The Green Snake Tribulation) will be officially released on July 23 2021

This movie is the masterpiece of the previously widely acclaimed "White Snake: Origin", and it is also the first film to be released. As an absolute protagonist, Xiaoqing's film works have always been highly anticipated by the audience.

Recently, the official website of "White Snake 2 The Green Snake" has released a brand new drama map, which reveals the information content of many movies, and at the same time, it also presents a large number of amazing interfaces.

Of this kind of work, the most noticeable is of course the protagonist Xiaoqing. There was information that the play was included in the late Southern Song Dynasty, but Xiaoqing appeared on a motorcycle riding a motorcycle. The design is very cool and handsome. It also showed Xiaoqing's original words: "No matter what this Shura City is. I will escape."

It is understood that the key plot of "White Snake 2 Green Snake Tribulation" is the story of the late Southern Song Dynasty. In order to better save Xu Guanren, the novice flooded the Jinshan Temple and was finally pressed by Fahai under Leifeng Pagoda, while Xiaoqing was accidentally beaten by Fahai. Enter the weird Shura City illusion.

In several crises, Xiaoqing was rescued by a mysterious masked teenager. Xiaoqing took the obsession to rescue Xiaobai and went through disasters and growth. Together with the masked teenager, she looked for a way to leave.

According to reports, the previous work "White Snake: Origin" was co-produced by Chasing Animation and Warner Bros. The film was released in China on January 11, 2019. Douban Movies scored 7.9 points, Maoyan Movies scored 9.1 points, and the box office and user reviews were double Close.

"White Snake 2: The Tribulation of the Green Snake": Is it feasible to engage in punk in the mythical universe?

As a summer heavyweight animation film, "White Snake 2: The Green Snake Rise" is a special feature from 1905 Film Network . It is based on its domestic leading animation industry level and a new mythological interpretation of "old and new". Since its release on July 23, It has maintained a good market share and high topical interest.

However, compared to the "Nezha: The Devil Child Comes Out" in the summer of 2019, although this "White Snake 2: Green Snake Tribulation" shows the ambition of chasing the light to be a movie universe, it is obviously published. Insufficient power, lack of explosive potential. Although it brings a powerful visual spectacle to the audience, it still makes people feel the regret of silk.

Similar to the "New God List: Nezha Rebirth" released in the Spring Festival this year, the summer "White Snake 2: Green Snake Tribulation" still uses a high-concept world view to package traditional myths and legends. "New God List: Rebirth of Nezha" puts the story of Nezha's troubles on the sea in the near future of cyberpunk and steampunk, while "White Snake 2: The Tribulation of the Green Snake" embeds the folklore of "The Legend of the White Snake". Set in a mixed city of wasteland punk and Shura spirits.

Although the collision between tradition and the future, classical and science fiction brings the audience a bright sense of sight, it also creates a new threshold for viewing movies invisibly, leading to the "nicheization" of popular themes.

From the perspective of public aesthetics, "punk style", as a kind of Western imports, has never been the mainstream aesthetic of the Chinese, and it is inevitable that a considerable part of the audience will be incompetent in accepting this style.

Although the fairy and monster in mythology can live for tens of thousands of years, from ancient times to modern times and even in the future, the audience is also happy to see what interesting things will happen to the ancient fairy and monster in the modern world, but this does not mean that most audiences can Step by step to accept the collision and mix between Chinese traditional characters and Western non-mainstream styles. This choice is really a "soldier move" for chasing light.

It's like saying that there is a main universe 616 in Marvel's movie universe. All the characters, stories and images familiar to the audience basically take place here, but at the same time there are other strange and diverse parallel universes. When the story of the main universe comes to an end, the stories of other parallel universes will bring a whole new experience to the audience.

For such an animated film based on folklore, no matter how it is adapted, it should not destroy its inherent charm and background color and dilute its original character characteristics. Although "New God List: Nezha Rebirth" and "White Snake 2: Green Snake Tribulation" are both under the banner of "New Mythology" and give people a bright feeling, they are inevitably "skinned". Criticism of "movie"——Under the new world view, the character image has been separated from the original folklore frame and lost the most recognizable characteristic. Even if the protagonist is not Xiaoqing, not Nezha, but replaced by other characters, the story is still Established.

At this level, the previous animations "Little Door God" and "White Snake: Origination" have done better.

Take "White Snake: Origin" as an example. In January 2019, the film became a dark horse after its release. With the story mode of "Mythology" and the magnificent art style, it brought to the Chinese animation film market at that time. Brighten up the color.

However, whether it is "White Snake: Origin" or "Nezha's Demon Boy Comes into the World", the core story and character of the "New Mythology" are based on classical legends, with new and contemporary values. And the ideological core of aesthetic orientation makes it have distinctive characteristics of the times.

Taking into account the universe plan of chasing the light, the original length of traditional stories is limited after all. In order to maximize the development of IP, subsequent works are bound to create new stories, new characters, set new scenes, and new worldviews. However, the creation of new content should also be traced back to the source and maintain its original background color. It should not be completely empty and packaged with the so-called "high concept" to make it look like a game or a web article, but it is not like the " "The Legend of the White Snake" is not like "Nezha Nao the Sea".

A story passed by word of mouth, according to the Tang people, it is called "The Story of the White Snake"; in the Song and Yuan Scripts, it is called "The Story of the Three Pagodas in the West Lake"; it took shape in the Ming Dynasty, and it was called "The White Lady Yongzhen Leifeng Pagoda"; written by Lu Xun, it It's called "On the Falling of Leifeng Tower".

However, no matter which story has its own innovation and does not change its background, it should be called a "new mythology" with the characteristics of the times.

(Today's Film Critic) Editor's Observation

I personally don't have much feelings about the movie "White Snake 2: The Tribulation of the Green Snake", but I feel the movie universe where the light-following animation is slowly opening up. I am curious, from "White Snake: Origin" to "White Snake 2: Green Snake Tribulation", do you really want to play big chess and create your own movie universe? Although the director is silent about this, the film seems to have arranged everything. Foreshadowing, easter eggs, and creator ambitions are all. The program will focus on the matter of chasing the universe. As people who watch and analyze movies, let's talk about the "subtext" that the creators are not convenient to disclose. (Wu Zhiying's current editor and director of "Today's Film Critic")

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