The fourth season opens immediately by presenting a story from the Marley point

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The fourth season opens immediately by presenting a story from the Marley point

The fourth season of the Attack on Titan anime has been released since December 2020. Since then, this anime that was done by MAPPA studio has received tremendous attention.

Apart from cultivating the animation which received a lot of praise from fans, this anime is also exploding because this is its last season. Many new characters have appeared, mysteries are beginning to be revealed, as well as the potential for greater conflicts that make the storyline even more tense.

At the time of writing, this fourth season anime has arrived at its ninth episode. However, like anime in general, the comics were released much earlier. When compared to the story in the manga, the story in the anime is behind about 20 chapters. Previously, I only followed stories from the anime.

However, after being irritated by the many spoilers on the internet, I finally decided to catch up by reading the manga as well.

For readers of this article who don't know the whole story of Attack on Titan, please look for a summary of the story in other articles that are widely spread on the internet. This paper will not include a synopsis of the story from the start, because it will be very long and complex.

( Spoiler alert !!!)

of view across the island. From here we will be shown how the life of the Marley people, as well as their relationship and treatment of the Eldians who were there.

Long story short, Eren Yaeger made a surprise attack assisted by reconnaissance troops. Marley fought back with the help of the Tybur family's war hammer Titan.

But Eren managed to defeat him and then ate the Titan Hammer of War. The attack plan was successful because it had been secretly assisted by Eldian's liberation fighters, led by Zeke. Yes, Zeke Yaeger helped carry out the rebellion and attack against Marley.

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In fact, the victory did not necessarily bring peace to the Eldians in Paradis. Eren and Zeke turned out to have their next goal, namely to carry out " rumbling ", a global extermination of humans outside the island by activating the millions of titans sleeping on the walls of the island of Paradis.

The titan's controlling power can only be activated if Eren, as the Founder Titan's power holder, comes into contact with Zeke, as the heir to royal royal blood.

The plan raised sharp pros and cons within the walls of Paradis and split them into two camps, namely the fanatical supporters who named themselves "Yaegerists" and the opposing camp who still emphasized humanity. The opposing camp actually contains Eren's close friends such as Armin, Mikasa, Connie, Levi, Hanji, and others.

In the midst of this internal conflict, suddenly Marley launched a surprise counterattack with a hot air balloon. Their goal is to thwart the rumbling plan . However, in the midst of the battle within the wall, Eren managed to touch Zeke. The two of them then entered the realm where the Eldian ancestor, Ymir, was.

It turns out that Zeke has secretly come up with a plan of his own which he calls the "Euthanasia Project". This project was more or less an attempt to use Ymir's power to make the entire Eldian nation never to have children again.

That way, in the future there would be no more Eldians who would endure the world's hatred, as they had for hundreds of years. There will be no more fear of the titan nations in the world. Zeke tries to take advantage of Eren because he finds out that only royalty can rule over Ymir.

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However, Zeke's plan did not go as expected. Instead of obeying Zeke's orders, Ymir prefers Eren. Instantly Eren transformed into a huge titan and activated his main power. The entire wall surrounding the island of Paradis collapsed. Under Eren's orders, millions of giant titans began moving away from Paradis Island to trample and destroy anything in their path. 


Apart from the residents of Paradis Island, the pros and cons of " rumblin g " have also emerged among readers of the manga Attack on Titan  themselves. Some supported the opinion that Eren had the right to do that, because in fact he was a victim who was trying to protect what he loved, namely the island of Paradis and all of his friends.

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Others argue that what Eren did will only repeat the same hatred. In addition, " rumbling " is also considered to only claim many innocent civilian victims. And there are many more opinions that have sprung up to argue with each other.

At first I also sided with the contra camp, thinking that what Eren was doing was a mistake and selfishness that must be stopped. This alignment was also strengthened by the sympathy and sentimentality of Eren's friends' struggles. However, after thinking it over and over again, I finally decided to withdraw that support for the following reasons.


Apart from the reconnaissance squad's comrades, those in the opposition were the last remnants of the enemy force. When we return to local time a few years ago, the trigger for this entire conflict was actually the greed of the Marleyans themselves. They wanted to seize the power of the Founding Titan from within the walls to strengthen their military power, which they would then use to expand the colony to neighboring countries.

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From there, four titan-shifters (Eldians who could turn into titan) were sent to spy on the inhabitants of the wall. They started the invasion by punching holes in the walls and spreading titan terror to the inhabitants inside, which had not happened for over hundreds of years. One of the victims of this first titan attack was Eren's mother. This incident had instilled a burning grudge into Eren.

The opposition alliance against Eren was formed due to two things, namely (1) to fight for humanity and (2) to have the same fate as the losers. Imagine if " rumbling " failed to activate in the first place. Countries in the world, especially Marley, will certainly launch an attack indiscriminately on the island of Paradis, as he had planned with the Tybur family from the start.

Even if the alliance succeeds in stopping the " rumbling " in the middle of the road, the small remnants of the enemy's strength will gradually come back up, still harboring a few seeds of fear and hatred towards Eldian and the titan. The seeds will grow and grow, giving birth to new hatred. The history of hatred and fear like that between Marley and Eldia for hundreds of years will repeat itself. Hatred breeds repression. Repression will breed rebellion. And so on, and so on.

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Let us put aside the problem of error and error and try to see it from the side of the concept and storyline. If the opposition alliance wins against Eren, then the plot will be the same as a shonen  manga (manga for teenagers) in general, where the forces of good and friendship will ultimately be able to defeat any evil. If so, this anime will end up clichéd. Of course that would be very unfortunate, considering how the story and conflict in this anime have been successfully constructed in such a complex manner.

From the early seasons, Hajime Isayama, mangaka of Attack on Titan , has been trying to build a conflict neatly and patiently, followed by various tense mysteries and puzzles. In fact, towards the last season, the mangaka managed to present a plot twist that would turn the reader's mind upside down. Not to mention the strategy to present the opposite side's point of view, which makes readers doubt about who is actually black and who is white.

With all the luxury of that story, it seems impossible if this manga will end with a cliché ending . At least of course we can hope so.

Even so, I also don't want to be one hundred percent in favor of Eren's " rumbling " movement . Because, in the end it will be the same. I imagine this " rumbling " project will actually succeed in destroying all human beings in the world, except for the inhabitants of Paradis Island. If so, all Eren will get is emptiness. The main motivation is revenge. He will probably be able to experience the freedom he aspires to, but it won't be long. If there are no grudges to take back and friends to protect, what else can be done. At least that's what I imagined. Therefore, I hope Isayama will be able to present a satisfying ending . 

The mangaka himself has said that the manga will soon come to an end. Having come this far, as readers of course we can imagine how this story will end. For me it's fine. But what is no less important, we pray that the mangaka will continue to be given health and breadth of thought, so that he can continue to produce extraordinary works.

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