Chauviniseme in Anime Attack on Titan

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Chauviniseme in Anime Attack on Titan

Anime is one of the worldwide Japanese animation, anime is usually adapted from manga (comics). Anime lovers themselves are not only Japanese, but have spread throughout the world including Indonesia. Not only children, adults also become anime connoisseurs.

One of the anime that is being hotly discussed is the anime Attack on Titan (AoT) or in Japanese is Shingeki no Kyojin . The anime consists of four seasons including now, the fourth season, season four is the last season of the anime.

The anime is indeed interesting, starting from its epic opening, especially the opening of the second season of Shinzou Sasageyo !! What is attached to this anime. The storyline of this anime is also fun and full of surprises, so that the characters in the anime are crazy about women, let's call it Levi Ackerman who is famous for his badass style.

Anime AoT tells of three little friends, namely Eren Yeager , Mikasa Ackerman, and Armin Arlert, they live inside a wall, and the people inside the wall believe that no other human lives outside the wall besides them. Outside the walls there were only titans (giants) who could eat them at any time. The wall itself served to protect them from attacks by the titans.

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The wall in the anime consists of three parts, consisting of the outside to the inside of the most secure wall. One day the wall that protected humans from titans for hundreds of years was destroyed by colossal titan attacks and titan armor, so that the titans outside the wall entered the wall and devoured the humans inside. Eren's own mother was eaten alive by the titan, and Eren witnessed it with his own eyes.

As a result of this incident, Eren's house was destroyed, and there was only one thing left by his father to Eren, namely the key to the dungeon that would reveal all the mysteries in the world of AoT. As a result of the incident, the survivors naturally entered the wall, which as a result increased the population, while the food supply ran low.

As the population increased, the refugees from outside the walls were forced to fight the titans, and many were eaten alive. It turned out that this was intended to reduce the population only. Eren, Mikasa, and Armin decide to join the military, namely the reconnaissance squad. By joining the military, Eren can grow stronger and vow to eradicate all the titans outside the walls. Eren's hatred for the titan is of course based on his mother being eaten alive by the titan.

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Long story short Eren, Mikasa, and Armin managed to join the reconnaissance squad. And their mission is to unravel the mystery of where the titans came from, as if the titans were endless. Here too, the question arises whether there are people outside the walls or not. The answer is certainly in Eren's dungeon.

Eren and the reconnaissance troops finally managed to reclaim the district occupied by Eren and closed the hole in the wall caused by the colossal titan and titan armor. This is where all the mysteries are solved. Eren's father, Grisha Yeager, is a person who lives outside the wall.

Humans were not completely destroyed, and outside the walls there were other humans. Grisha herself lives in a country called Marley. The Marleys were a militarily strong nation. The Marleys have a grudge against the Eldians (the people in the walls) because in the past the Eldians and Marley people were involved in wars that didn't end.

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One time the little girl Eldia Ymir Fritz somehow got a power that could turn herself and her descendants into titan. With this titanic power, the Edlia nation succeeded in repelling Marley. The Eldia nation itself can inherit the nine titan powers that Ymir Fritz has, the absolute titan power is the Founding Titan. Attack on Titan is one of the types of titan powers.

Finally, King Eldia, the king of Frizt, decided to retreat in the never-ending war against Marley, and fled to an island, namely Paradise Island. Eren's residence, and built a wall, of which the wall consisted of millions of colossal titans. If Marley were to music Paradise, then millions of titans would flatten them.

Not all Eldia people managed to flee to Paradise Island, there were some Eldians who lived in Marley and they were carried out in a discriminatory manner. The Eldians of Marley lived in a special settlement, and were obliged to wear a band on their arm as a sign that they were Eldians, whom the Marleys called a demon race.

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The Eldia were treated in a discriminatory manner, and were made guinea pigs by the Marleys. Eldia people were used as experiments in testing the serum of titan. The serum will turn a person into an abnormal titan. And those people who were turned into titans were then released to Paradise Island. In other words, the people of Paradise were devoured by their own nation. 

This discriminatory treatment caused the Eldians in Marley to form an association and aspire to return to the Eldia nation as a special nation. But the group led by Grisha Yeager was later discovered by Marley. And finally Marley turned them into abnormal titan and was released to Paradise Island. One of the titans was Grisha's wife while living in Marley and then preyed on Eren's mother, Grisha's wife in Paradise.

Grisah herself finally got the power of Attack on Titan which was inherited by Eren Kurger. Then Grisha passed on this power to her son, Eren Yeager . And Eren can turn himself into a titan, namely Attack on Titan. This fact made Eren Yeager hate Marley's people, before Eren's hatred for the titan has changed to the Marley nation and the world for labeling them as a demon race, even though according to Eren's thinking the people outside the walls are as cruel as the devil.

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Finally, the conflict in this anime story is no longer a war against titans, but a nation war against other nations. Marley's people treated Eldia in a discriminatory way based on Eldia's past actions, for that reason, Marley people looked down on Eldia as a demon race, a lowly race. And glorify their own people. Like the Nazis who glorified as a superior nation and looked down on the Jewish nation.

Even so, the Eldians look like that, so actually the conflict in this last season is based on past grudges. And glorifying one's own nation and humbling other nations is the side of chauvinism in this anime. The Marley people who treat the Eldians can be said to be chauvinism, it can be seen from their discriminatory treatment, by requiring Eldians in Marley to wear tires on their arms. Just as the Nazis did to the Jews.

What was done by Marley who put Eldians in a shelter, wearing a tire on his arm, and turning them into titans who prey on their own nation, is like a Holocaust tragedy in the real world. Even so, Eren's grudge against the Marley nation and will flatten with the power of Founding Titan also cannot be justified. Eren's resentment towards Marley can also be categorized as chauvinism, Eren also sees the Marley people as a nation of demons.

In the end, this anime shows us that excessive love for our homeland can be the main trigger in a war. Excessive love for the country will usually lead to conflict and even war. That's what happened in this anime. Marley's actions were not justified, nor were Eren's actions that would flatten the world, and see the world as a threat. Eren's absolute strength brought him into a state of disrepair. Just as Lord Ancon said that power tends to break down, let alone power is absolute.

In the real world too, chauvinism can be a trigger for conflict. Even causing world war. Hitler and the Nazis are a picture of that chauvinism, besides that there is also Musolini in Italy, all of them are based on excessive love for the motherland and humiliating other nations, and in the end the war arose because of the love of the homeland.

So what is good nationalism? Good nationalism is not only love for the "nation" which is united because of one "class", one "fate" and one "history". True nationalism is a love of the motherland which also enters all human beings, no matter what taste they are, which ethnicity, but love for humanity, and of course it does not demean other nations.

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