Like twins, these 3 anime have characters similar to Nobita Nobi

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Publish Date : 2021-03-13

Like twins, these 3 anime have characters similar to Nobita Nobi

Nobita Nobi, Kiteretsu Daihyakka, Kenichi Mitsuba and Mitsuo, who are boys from different anime stories, with a level of character similarity almost touching the perfect figure. Is that right?

Each anime certainly has various kinds of characters that have become its own characteristics, especially for the main characters who are more dominant appearing to decorate each storyline that is presented. 

One of the anime that is very legendary and known by the inhabitants of the earth is Doraemon , this anime is indeed able to captivate the hearts of its lovers. 

Doraemon himself is a cat robot from the 22nd century, with a magic bag that always adorns his fat body. His presence is none other than to help a little boy named Nobita Nobi. 

Right in February, Doraemon again successfully greeted his fans on the big cinema screen, with a storyline showing that Nobita Nobi was married to Shizuka Minamoto. 

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However, it turns out that the character who acts like Nobita Nobi is not only present in the story of the Doraemon anime. 

There are several anime that originate from the Land of Sakura that have characters that are somewhat similar to Nobita Nobi, like twins who are in a different storyline. 

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Another uniqueness of the three anime which have "the same character" is apparently created by the "same person" , namely Fujiko Fujio, which is the pen name of the writing team of Hiroshi Fujimoto and Motoo Abiko.

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The two authors began working together in 1951. The two of them started using the name Fujiko Fujio from 1954 to 1987. Approximately 33 years of cooperation between the two of them have been established.

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After separating, the two began to release their respective works under the name Fujiko F. Fujio used by Fujimoto Hiroshi and Fujiko A. Fujio used by Abiko.

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Here are 3 twin appearances of Nobita Nobi in various anime, such as:

Kiteretsu Daihyakka

Kiteretsu Daihyakka is the main character of this anime. Kiteretsu in this anime storyline is a boy who is very genius. With a characteristic hat with the initials "K" which always adorns his head. 

Kiteretsu also made a robot which he named Korosuke. This robot is like a good friend of Kiteretsu. Together with Korosuke, Kiteretsu often goes on adventures through time travel. 

If you look closely, Kiteretsu is indeed very similar to the character Nobita Nobi in the Doraemon story. 

Starting from the facial features that are fairly similar, the way they dress, which often wears pants to the knees, both wear glasses, and have loyal friends in the form of robots (Korosuke and Doraemon). 

Little Ninja Hatorri

Little Ninja Hatorri tells of a small ninja named Hatorri Kanzo who has become part of the Mitsuba family. Hatorri Kanzo is the main character with his great ninja style. 

In this Ninja Hatorri anime, there is one character who can be said to be very similar to Nobita Nobi in the Doraemon anime, named Kenichi Mitsuba. 

Starting from toe to head like everything is no different. Just look at the illustration above, if you don't believe it. 

In fact, Kenichi Mitsuba's behavior is the same as Nobita Nobi, an elementary school boy who is lazy and always late to school. As well as having feelings of liking for female classmates. 

Kenichi Mitsuba and Nobita Nobi are like stamps that cannot be separated from their friends and helpers when they have problems, namely Hatorri Kanzo and Doraemon. 

P-Man or in English known as Perman. The Perman anime tells of a superhero named Bird-Man. Where his job is to maintain the safety of the universe. 

Therefore, to maintain the safety of this planet earth, Bird-Man gave an assignment to a boy who was still in elementary school named Mitsuo. 

If Mitsuo uses a robe and mask, then he will change into Perman (P-Man). 

From this character named Mitsuo, it can be seen that he is Nobi Nobita's twin.

Again, the basic similarity of the two lies in the way they dress, if Mitsuo doesn't use a cloak or mask, he will look like Nobita Nobi.

Starting from the style of clothes, pants, to shoes. In addition, both of them also told about the lives of boys who were still in elementary school. 

However, the character Mitsuo in the P-Man anime does not use glasses like Nobita Nobi in the Doraemon storyline. 

Whether you realize it or not, these three anime from Sakura Country are always related to technological advances and behind all of that, there are always helpful characters who are also friends in it. 

As well as:

Nobita Nobi and Doraemon
Kiteretsu Daihyakka and Korosuke
Kenichi Mitsuba and Hatorri Kanzo
Mitsuo (P-Man) and Bird-Man

Based on this simple analysis, would you agree if some of the characters above are in fact similar to Nobita Nobi in the Doraemon story? I hope so. 

However, if there is a difference in interpretation, it will return to the perspective of each in evaluating it. 

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