Fans Are Hyped For ‘I Am Legend’ Sequel, But They Also Have Questions

Publish Date : 2022-03-05

Fans Are Hyped For ‘I Am Legend’ Sequel, But They Also Have Questions

A few weeks ago, merged documents hinted that Warner Bros. is working on a new project, I Am Legend, which most people thought would be a reboot, given the ending of the 2007 blockbuster Francis Lawrence.

However, no one could have guessed that not only Will Smith would return for a direct continuation of the apocalyptic epic, but Michael B. Jordan was also involved in the trip. Both stars will also be producing through their respective companies Overbrook and Outlier Society, and original screenwriter Akiva Goldsman will write the script.

Naturally, Twitter was instantly surprised by the prospect of Smith and Jordan sharing the screen for the first time, but as you can see from the reaction below, people also have a lot of questions about how it should be together. at the 2008 premiere of the film, which was attended by Akiva and Will Smith, and someone asked them in the lobby about the sequel to I AM LEGEND. They laughed and then said yes, they really wanted to do it. It took only 14 years.

I would like to remind everyone that Will Smith died in the theatrical ending "I am a legend", because they thought that he blew himself up, was a better finale than the one where he lived, and therefore the sequel does not make sense for those who did not see the movie. Directed by.

At the end of the film, Robert Neville of Smith sacrificed himself to save humanity, so he is technically dead in the canon of "I am a legend." However, he survived in the finale of the director's version, which was much closer to the original material of Richard Matheson.

The alternate ending is largely considered a better version, but it would be a unique way to deal with Smith's return if the next chapter in I Am a Legend ignored the theatrical version as a way to bring him back alive.

The post-apocalyptic thriller of 2007 "I am a legend" continues to be a hot topic of conversation. In 2020, coronavirus deniers claimed that the film's plot unfolds before their eyes, but in 2022, "I am a legend" is popular for another reason. Will Smith recently announced his plans for a sequel with him and Michael B. Jordan in the lead roles, which caused original fans to question the completion of the first films.

Didn't Will Smith's hero, virologist Dr. Robert Neville, die in "I'm a Legend"? If so, how will this lead to a sequel? That's all we know about the next film and the fate of Robert.

Did the character of Will Smith in "I am a legend" die?
In "I Am a Legend", Robert heroically ends the film by rescuing two immune teenagers, Anna and Ethan. At the climax of the film, he creates a cure for the Darkseeker mutation, which makes everyone infected with vampires, but vulnerable to sunlight. When the Dark Seekers treasure tracks down Robert, Anna and Ethan in Roberts' lab in the basement, he gives a sample of Anna and Ethan's medicine before sacrificing a grenade.

Anna and Ethan then arrive at the Vermont Survival Camp and hand over the medicine, telling Roberts about the heroics. While this ending seems final, there was also an alternate ending to "I'm a Legend," which hints at what the sequel might be.

Who does Michael B. Jordan play in the sequel "I am a legend"?
In "I'm a Legend," Roberts' character has a daughter (played by Willow's real daughter), but no other children. Michael B. Jordans 'character may be someone who survived, not a relative of Roberts' character. It is unknown at this time what character Jordan will play, but rest assured, fans will be delighted with his participation!

On March 4, 2022, Will Smith and Michael B. Jordan announced this news through a joint post on Instagram, which depicts the apocalyptic situation of uninhabited New York. There was no caption in the publication, but Michael B. Jordans' social networks were tagged. Fans immediately flooded the comments with excitement. One person wrote: "I am Legend 2 confirmed !!"

Will Smith is reported to appear in the sequel "I am a legend" along with "Black Panther" star Michael B. Jordan.

According to the American edition of Deadline, 53-year-old Smith and 35-year-old Jordan will play the lead roles and co-producers of the film.

Confirming this news, Smith posted a picture of a deserted city street on his social media accounts, reminiscent of the original 2007 film, and tagged Jordan.

"I Am a Legend" was adapted from Richard Matheson's 1954 novel of the same name and tells the story of US Army virologist Robert Neville, played by Smith, who tries to navigate and survive in post-apocalyptic New York.

Mankind has been largely wiped out by a cancer virus, but Neville is immune and working on drugs to protect himself from mysterious creatures.

Oscar-winning screenwriter Akiva Goldsman, who adapted the original film, returns to write a sequel and produce.

According to reports, no director has been elected. The first part was shot by Frances

Lawrence, who created the 2011 romantic drama Water for Elephants and three of the four films Hungrygames ".

In February, Smith was named Best Actor in a Leading Role at the Actors Guild Award (SAG) for his role as the father of tennis aces Venus and Serena Williams in King Richard, his first SAG victory after three nominations.

He was also nominated for an Oscar for Best Actor for this role.

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