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During the pandemic, Netflix was very aggressive in releasing films that were labeled "original" on its streaming service  . Some have certainly succeeded in delivering what they promised, such as  Time to Hunt ,  Extraction and  The Lovebirds . They are entertaining. And  The Last Days of American Crime doesn't. What a pain, actually.

Looking at the description when I opened the Netflix application, I was really interested. Reminds me of the film  Minority Report , directed by Steven Spielberg , The Last Days of American Crime tells the story of the United States bringing new regulations to minimize domestic crime through a sophisticated tool.

I think this film will carry the world of  sci-fi , because of the description it has. But no, the film's setting is set in the not far from now's future in the United States. Maybe that is one of the reasons why the world in this film is so unattractive, because it cannot support the luxurious concept it has.

A sophisticated machine used by the government in the form of a signal that can automatically stop the movement of every citizen when they are doing something that is against the law. They will feel so dizzy and tired in their heads, that they will not be able to do anything else.

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In this world, there is Graham Bricke ( Édgar Ramírez ) who will be our main character. We are not told what their past is or what their work is, but we are immediately intruded by the character that the first time we saw torturing and interrogating someone in a bathtub.

It's a problem I run into constantly in this film directed by Olivier Megaton . Despite its extremely long duration - beyond what it deserves - the film never pauses to introduce each of its characters appropriately. They always jumped straight into the story and confronted Bricke, and I was always confused about who else came up.

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The state-of-the-art machines will be operational within national reach in a few days, leaving the United States in turmoil. Protests everywhere. On the one hand, there are those who oppose the machine because it is seen as robbing every citizen of the freedom. On the other hand, the machine will ensure the security of the country.

Not only is America in turmoil, Bricke has just found out that his younger brother who was in prison has died. He is suddenly approached by a mysterious figure named Kevin ( Michael Pitt ) who says that he knows his brother and invites Bricke to rob government money on America's last day before the sophisticated machine is active, to take revenge on the government for letting his younger brother lose his life.

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I'm not only concerned about character recognition, but also his demeanor and dialogue that is very inhuman. Before Kevin appeared, his fiancé came to Bricke first. Shelby Dupree ( Anna Brewster ) walks up to Bricke, speaks a few confused lines, then they make love in the bathroom. If that sounds absurd, it is.

The dialogue that this film has is also very problematic. It's not uncommon for conversations to feel very confusing and uninteresting. "Do you believe him?" Kevin asked. "Who?" Bricke asked back. "Who do you think?" Kevin asked back. And Bricke, instead of returning to asking questions or answering, opened up the topic "So you and your father got along?" I don't even know how the conversation should go.

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If the dialogue is bad but the character still feels alive, I can probably still forgive. But each character here only feels one-dimensional, offering nothing but yelling and cursing. I always thought that just screaming doesn't mean showing emotion, and that is evidenced by each character here with their own different style but feels the same flat.

It's not only the dialogue and characters that make the whole film feel so clunky, it's how the film's editing works. Even when it should be as exciting as a gunshot scene, this film can make it very unappealing and not in the slightest tense. I also tried to find an exclamation point, and my efforts were in vain.

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The Last Days of American Crime not only failed to tell the main story, but also dared to add a few side stories that only added to my confusion. One of them that I really don't think is important is the story of a policeman William Sawyer ( Sharlto Copley ) who somehow feels forced and actually makes the duration of the film swell.

This film is also daring to be released in the midst of the current situation in the United States which is currently in an uproar due to cases of police brutality, because this film also carries that theme. Here, the police find implants that can block the machine's signal, so they can abuse their citizens. I'm not saying that the decision to release this film is right now, but I'm saying they are brave.

The Last Days of American Crime failed in every respect and did not even seem to attempt to evoke such an intriguing concept. This film is also able to make love scenes - not just once but twice - look very unattractive. At least a few more days from the film made by  Spike Lee  Da 5 Bloods released on Netflix as well.

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