The eldest son of Dr. Go, and also the leader of the Voltus V army

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The eldest son of Dr. Go, and also the leader of the Voltus V army

Born on June 22, 1974 and in red. The plane in which he was traveling was named the Volt Crewzer  and also the head of the Voltus V robot . His personal weapon was a laser gun.
His character is someone who is firm, serious, and courageous. However, he is also a kindhearted person, though often too harsh, even to his own younger brother.

V2: Ippei Mine

Mine is the only member of the army who is not related to the  Voltus creators . Born on November 24, 1974, Mine is a CowBoy who has held the rodeo world title three times in a row.

Mine is in blue uniform and driving a Volt Bomber plane . This aircraft is the arm that holds most of the main weapons of the Voltus robot . His personal weapon is predictable, especially if it's not a rodeo-style lasso rope.

V3: Go Daijiro

Born on November 18, 1977. He is Kenichi's younger brother and Dr.'s second child . Go . Daijiro who is good at martial arts is a pilot for the Volt Panzer who is part of the robot Voltus.
The Daijiro  uniform is dark green and his personal weapon is a wooden stick.

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V4: Go Hiyoshi

The youngest son of Dr. Go  is still classified as a child. He was born on October 20, 1982, aka he was only 15 years old when the Voltus V army was formed.
Hiyoshi served as a pilot on the Volt Frigate which is also part of the limbs of the Voltus robot . He wears a light green uniform and his flagship weapon is a tiny robot octopus he created named  Takko.

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V5: Oka Megumi

Megumi is the only daughter of General Oka , one of the initiators of the Voltus V army . She is the only woman in this troop and drives the  Volt Lander  which is part of the foot of the Voltus V robot .
Megumi  in the yellow-pink uniform. She was trained as a female ninja, so it's no wonder that her personal weapon is a variety of ninja weapons.

Megumi plays an important role. Apart from being the only woman, she also plays a central role as the mediator of conflicts between teams.  

Voltus-V Battle Ritual
It is easy to guess, ancient anime films always used warfare rituals which were the hallmarks of the film. Usually each aircraft will issue its sophisticated weapons first to fight the enemy.

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If the enemy cannot be defeated so that the team is pressed ( and that's the story line ), then they will unite to become the invincible Voltus V robot .  

The ritual started with Kenichi's battle cry as the main commander;

"LET" S ... !!!

The other four members immediately greeted Kenichi's shout by pressing the merge button. They then replied with;

"VOLT ... IN !!!
Then closed by Kenichi  with his final shout;

"V TOGETHER ... !!!"

The atmosphere of the room was immediately boisterous with clapping and screaming of your father and his friends. A Japanese song welcomes 5 Volt aircraft to become a giant  Voltus robot .
The ritual does not stop there. The Voltus V  robot has many sophisticated weapons. The only thing has to be launched first.

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Starting from the Choudenji String (belt strap), Choudenji Goma (top destroyer), Votes Bazooka, Gatling Missile (missile), Arm Gun (machine gun), Grand Fire (bursts of fire), Grand Misille (torpedo), Chain Knucle (chain ), Choudenji Beam (laser beam from the chest), Choudenji Wave (wave shot),  and Choudenji Ball (electromagnetic ball).

As usual, great enemies will not work with the advanced weapons of the  Voltus V. Until finally the ultimate weapon must come out. Especially if it's not the Tenkuu-ken sword, aka the Sword of Heaven.

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With slow motion in the style of old school martial arts films, the  Voltus V robot slashes his enemy from the top left to the bottom center. Followed by dragging it to the top right. Anyway, the enemy must die with a V mark on his body.

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