Despite Bad Rating, Film Eternals Dominates Cinema

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Despite Bad Rating, Film Eternals Dominates Cinema

Despite Bad Rating, film Eternals Dominates Cinema. The film Eternals has become a new attraction for Marvel Studios after being released in theaters exclusively around the world. The film, starring Salma Hayek to Angelina Jolie, has become the number one film at the box office.

Eternals film marvel managed to earn a gross revenue of 27.5 million US dollars or around Rp. 390 billion in two weeks. Despite only having a 47% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, Eternals still has fans.

Meanwhile, the film Clifford the Big Red Dog is in second place with revenues of 16.4 million US dollars, or around Rp. 233 billion.

The two films beat Alerta roja película completa and Shang-Chi película completa. Alerta roja in third position has revenues of US$5.5 million and Shang-Chi in fourth place with revenues of US$4.6 million or around Rp. 65 billion.

However, the value is considered quite large because the two films have been in theaters for 1.5 months.

The film industry has recently become more active after the government loosened the PPKM rules and allowed cinemas to reopen.

A few moments ago, Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy Sandiaga Salahuddin Uno said, 1,164 cinemas had opened and were expected to stimulate the economy, especially the film industry.

“Today we see for ourselves how cinemas have started to be tested with health protocols and the PeduliLindung application. We believe that if we apply health protocols, of course, more cinemas will be opened,” said Sandiaga Uno. note: 맨 인 더 다크 2 영화 다시보기

“For now there are 1,164 screens that have begun to be opened and we will do this trial gradually, in stages, and continuously,” he continued.

Synopsis of Eternals

The set is after the Avengers’ victory against Thanos, where the earth’s population has returned to normal. Although this is good news, it turns out that the return of the earth’s population to normal and continues to rise actually presents another problem for mankind.

It is Deviant, a cosmic being who is ready to destroy Earth because its population is too large. At that moment a person named Dane Whitman appears, one of the members of the Eternals, who summons all the Eternals to fight the Deviants.

The time the Eternals had to gather and defeat the Deviants was very short, to prevent them from gaining maximum power. They must then fight with their mortal enemy to save humans and the Earth.

Where were the Eternals when Thanos messed up?

Maybe if you’re a Marvel film fan, this question pops into your mind. If the Eternals are so powerful why don’t they join the effort to defeat Thanos?

The answer is that Thanos only aims to balance the world’s population, and not exterminate humanity. The Eternals agreed that they would only move when the survival of the human race was threatened. And this happened when the Deviant appeared.

When viewed from the cast who participated in this film itself is quite superior. Angelina Jolie’s big name is included in the Eternals korean title: 이터널스 영화 다시보기 members, which means she will be involved in the next few films.

Other names included in the cast of the film Eternals are Kumail Nanjiani, Kit Harington, then Salma Hayek, and actor from South Korea, Don Lee. Supported by another cast that is no less great, this film promises an exciting adventure from the continuation of the MCU.

That was a little synopsis of the Eternals film that we can convey. Hopefully not too many spoilers listed there, so you can still enjoy the film. A little leak, that this film is the second longest film that Marvel has. So stay tuned for the playdates, and welcome the Eternals to a brand new adventure!

Eternals boasts a large ensemble cast of characters, and each of them shine in their own way. Gemma Chan handles the lead role commendably as “Sersi”. Her performance was convincing enough to authentically portray her character’s vulnerabilities and insecurities. Angelina Jolie was wonderful as the warrior, Thena. She was a definite bright spot in the film during her action scenes. I think the real fan favorite will be Kumail Nanjiani. He delivered an adequate sense of levity to the film and owned many of the funniest scenes.

There are a couple of things that work against the Eternals, and it starts with the overall construction of the pacing of the film. The movie is 2.5 hours long, and you feel it. Mostly because there’s a lot of exposition and drama. (I’ll come back to that later.) Normally the big fight scenes will add a spark to help shake things up, but it felt like the action was too spaced out. Not only that, despite being cool to watch and well crafted, the majority of the action felt repetitive.

I think another issue with the pacing is that there were a couple of scenes that could’ve been trimmed out or shortened. A lot of the fluff in Eternals is also due to the fact that we have to juggle so many characters. With ten new faces, it gets a bit difficult to become properly invested in their individual stories or issues. Even if each character’s side story takes up a couple of minutes, those minutes add up in the long run. Eternals seems to bank on you caring about the characters and the dynamics of their relationships. On paper, it does work and makes sense. The execution of it may be questionable.

I just didn’t feel that emotional tension every time. The connection was hard to make because there are other things going on. Do you care about this person loving that person? What about the Deviants? Do you care about the cosmic impact? Something always suffers or takes a back seat when something else gets built up. As a result, it just became difficult to get truly attached.

This leads me to a specific disappointment I had with the drama. We only get to see the majority of one side of the love story at play. Without seeing both perspectives in a relationship, it makes it difficult to relate to the individuals involved. When we do finally see the other perspective, it ends up feeling like a plot device. While this works for the writing of the overall story, I think it worked against having us sympathize with one of the characters. In addition to that, when another certain relationship dynamic is introduced, it just feels shoehorned in (and incredibly awkward too).

Lastly, and this is minor, I wasn’t a fan of how the characters approached the “circle of life theme”. As I said before, I did like the complexity of the theme itself, but I didn’t care for the main characters’ response to them. I thought the writing could’ve been a little stronger in making a better case for the hero’s argument, rather than giving them a more biased position.

Eternals is an overstuffed, character driven drama, that excels visually, but falls short in sticking the emotional landing. It’s the Venom 2 online free of the MCU. If you’re not invested in the characters and plot, then it’ll be easy to lose interest in slower parts of the film despite the great visuals. I get the impression that this movie would’ve worked far better in an episodic Disney+ series format instead.

Eternals tries to work with a lot of moving parts and takes some really big swings. Sometimes it hits, and sometimes it doesn’t. For that reason, Eternals and Chloé Zhao deserve credit for giving the MCU something more original.

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