The Best Series of 2021 and lots of laughs to close the year

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The Best Series of 2021 and lots of laughs to close the year

This list does not intend to pontificate on what each one has to do with this end of the year if they have not already done so. But if it helps them sit down for a while with their family, partner, pet friends ... or whoever they want, work done.

In a world where series production is vast in quantity, reducing the best of 2021 to a top 10 would be depriving you of some titles that you are surely going to enjoy . Therefore, there are 30 options, without ordering for pleasure, to distract you if you are going through a quarantine due to Covid (hopefully not) or have tired of Christmas meals before they even start.

There is nothing more Spanish than complaining about the country's political class and, at the same time, feeling tenderness and even doing comedy with them. And nobody has done it like Diego San José and Javier Cámara despite ignoring the comma of the vocative. Assume it, you have a part of Juan Carrasco and you love to see it.

Just being the most watched series in the history of Netflix , according to its own data, with some 400 million hours watched in its first four weeks already makes you be here. If by the way a good dose of random blood falls and a critique of voracious capitalism , you have already spent nine hours of entertaining life.

If you are between the ages of 25 and 35, this is your series . If you don't have them, this is also his series. Because it is likely that he does not understand many things in life as it happens to María and simply makes decisions out of inertia like everyone else. And, by the way, enjoy a while of an immense Ana Rujas .

Can you imagine a series with no image beyond sound waves, with disconnected phone calls and that has interest? Here it is. The dark back of the phone line with the voices of Lilly Collins, Pedro Pascal, Rosario Dawson, Nick Jonas or Joey King. Better this than an actual phone call .

Surely the level of her first season (two Cannes awards) harms her, but Leticia Dolera's dissection of doubts and the burdens of motherhood is sublime. If you have just become a mother [or father] and don't know what to do, you may not find the answer here, but at least you will feel understood.

Just the name Michael Keaton should be enough for me to see this series . But if you add the opioid crisis in the United States , the insides of the pharmaceutical industry and a mining community in the state of Virginia, there is no longer a possible excuse.

It is possible that a priori the Special Operations Group of the National Police will not tell you anything. Until I take ten minutes into this docuseries and discover Pelayo Gayol screaming at the aspirants to the body while they suffer in each physical test as if their life depended on it. Tired just looking at it, but she won't let it go .

Filmin inaugurated its own production in Spain this year and what better way than to delve into mental health, one of the present and future social problems. The only thing that this eccentric Cuban psychologist does not seem like a great option if you need therapy. But laugh, you will laugh, which always helps something in bad times .

Almost everyone agrees that there is no series like this today. And it's hard to disagree. There's no second when I don't think about how much she hates each member of the Roy family and how utterly stupid they can be. Except for Logan, long live the King .

No one rational can deny that there has been no more important Spanish series in the audiovisual expansion of our country than that of Álex Pina and Esther Martínez Lobato. In addition, they already say it themselves, so much happens all the time that you will not even have time to think for five chapters. Basically what you need.

Did you like Big Little Lies ? If the answer is yes, in this case it will be the same. Here you have again David E. Kelley delving into the miseries of the rich. And, as a gift, Nicole Kidman returns as the leader of a cult with drugs, smoothies, hunts and family and social problems. Well of drama in paradise .

There is no character in current comedy that arouses more tenderness in the viewer than Ted Lasso. There is no discussion possible. But it is also that the final chapter of its second season (of which there will be no spoilers ) would already make up for all of the above if it were not good, which it is. And a lot.

The premise is simple: the attack by a right-wing extremist on the island of Utoya, in the city of Oslo, in 2011, seen from the perspective of some journalists, a public health anesthetist, a teacher, two citizens of Ethiopian origin and a policeman. Little more is needed to make it interesting.

Do you know about that obsession with true crimewhat is currently in our society? Well, they share it with Steve Martin, Selena Gómez and Martin Short . Only that they have suddenly found that the crime is real and they are not watching or listening to it, they are recounting it in a podcast. Or in a series. Or the neighbors of your building. Or Sting. Does not matter.

If you are having a bad season or have just broken up with your partner, refrain from visiting these lands. Unless you want to get destroyed . In that case, this is your best option. If you're not in that situation, dive headfirst even if you can't watch all five episodes at once . Almost the best that can be said now of any series

How can so much sensitivity fit into chapters of just 12 minutes? That is the question that should be asked with this series by Nadia de Santiago . The best way to answer is to spend a couple of hours in front of the screen to understand how a couple can disintegrate and how love is transforming. From living in the present to falling into memory.

Although not believe it , you can become one sitcom of the 50s to a star of The Avengers : Vision. But it is also possible to do starting in black and white and with laughter from the public in the background. And they are not canned, they were there for real and they were laughing. How are you going to do it from home?

Three episodes. Nothing more is needed for the BBC to prove once again that the British are second to none when a camera is left in their hands. A non-fanciful prison drama for Sean Bean and Stephen Graham to enjoy for three hours.

The surprising thing is that there was even controversy with Kate Winslet's 46-year-old body at its premiere. Who cares about that while watching the whole world around a small Pennsylvania town collapse? And, as a gift, the trio Kate Winslet, Jean Smart and Julianne Nicholson .

We were not going to be without his good teenage series in this summary of the year. Of the scene of Ottis and Maeve , we better not even talk for fear that someone has not seen it, but what a scene. And Eric's trip to Nigeria, Jackson's problems, Ruby's hidden heart, Lilly's troubles ... Come on, you don't have to waste any more time without seeing her.

Although it may seem surprising, it is two scenes in churches that support the end of Pose. This third season (oh, the first) that Ryan Murphy has given us will not go down to posterity, but they are still Elektra and Pray Tell . Enough to have him a while in front of the screen.

The first thing is to explain that this is not clear that it can be called series. Are they five chapters or five independent feature films? Anyway, everything Steve McQueen has done is so perfect, that the name of the format does not matter to anyone. If we get, although fictionalized, this may even be a documentary of racism in England in the 60s, 70s and 80s .

The documentary series par excellence of our country, with one of the harshest testimonies that are remembered, that of Dolores Vázquez . That alone would be enough, but she is surrounded by all the protagonists: Rocío Wanninkhof's mother, Dolores's lawyer, the police officers, the Government delegates ... Not a detail to miss.

It is not only that Margaret Qualley is fantastic and the 10 chapters of this series are also fantastic, it is also necessary for the times in which we live . Understand how abuse is exercised beyond the physical, the precariousness that a significant part of the population faces and the difficulties that being a mother adds.

Russell T. Davies had already let us know what he was capable of in 1999 with Queer as Folk. In 2021, he decided that it was time to destroy ourselves with It's a sin and his fantastic portrayal of HIV stigma for those who suffer from it . We'll talk about Jill and Collin, let's not spoil it for those who haven't seen it.

Do not make an effort to try to recognize any of the actors in this series that Sterlin Harjo and Taika Waititi have invented, you will not succeed because although it may not seem like it, they are newbies and adolescents. Also, do not make an effort to recognize the location because it is rural Oklahoma. Actually, this is as if Steinbeck became a television producer and put a comedy on The Grapes of Wrath .

Although it was not well, just to regain the friendship of Carrie, Miranda and Charlotte with 50 years it would be necessary to see it. But it is also that his return and the madness that he has unleashed through networks already give to take an entertaining afternoon.

The psychological thriller we've all been waiting for on this list has arrived. Eight episodes and eight intertwined stories about a murder, a woman trafficking ring and a very murky relationship between a mother and her son's murderer. All with the Oriol Paulo stamp.

Anyone who has studied abroad has a bit of Kimberly, Leighton, Bela or Whitney. You just have to choose which of the four profiles you fit into when you went to college at the age of 18 . We have all been there and it is good to remember it again.

It is not the last place on this list something that places this series there in the year 2021. Far from it. Although the comparison with Euphoria is inevitable for sharing platform and public, deep down they have nothing to do with it. If you want to get deeply into the language and the interests of young people, this is the best option because its director Zelda Barnz is 20 years old and she is one of them. And it is also enjoy.

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