Times Domino Effect Efforts to Save a Father by His Beloved Only Daughter

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Times Domino Effect Efforts to Save a Father by His Beloved Only Daughter

This ongoing drama is the production of OCN February 2021. OCN is known as a station that produces a lot of crime and thriller genre dramas. This drama shows the domino effect caused by the efforts to save a father by his only daughter.

2014 . Jin Woo's younger brother, Lee Geon Woo, was the personal aide of presidential candidate Seo Ki Tae, who died in an accident. Ki Tae meets Lee Jin Woo (Lee Seo Jin), Geon Woo's brother when he visits the funeral home. Jin Woo is a reporter and owner of the Times daily. Since his brother's death, Jin Woo has never stopped going to detective Han Do Kyung (Shim Hyung Tak) to ask about the results of investigating the accident that happened to his brother.

2015 . Seo Ki Tae, the presidential candidate from the Democratic Party, was shot during his campaign in an open field. The shooter, Kim Jin Chul, managed to escape. On the way to the hospital, Ki Tae dies. Several hours earlier on the same day, Jin Woo was stabbed. Even though he was injured and treated, Jin Woo was saved. However, in the same year, Jin Woo died in a car accident.

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2020 . Seo Jung In (Lee Joo Young) works as a reporter for the Daily Search. Five years after her father's death, Jung In never stopped coming to the police station to inquire about the results of the shooting investigation against her father. However, the investigation seemed to have stopped. The detective in charge of the case is Han Do Kyung who is also Lee Jin Woo's friend.

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One day in 2020, the internet was down and the telephone network crashed. After a few hours, the situation recovered. However, Jung In's phone was connected to Jin Woo's phone. Two people who are in different years, connect. I immediately remembered the drama Signal. The drama takes the story of a telephone conversation that is about 15 years away.

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Once he knew that Jin Woo was in 2015, Jung In asked Jin Woo for help to save his father from the shooting committed by Kim Jin Chul. The rescue effort was rewarded with information about what caused Jin Woo's death which occurred in the same year.

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Before confirming and convincing Jin Woo to believe Jung In was in a different year, Jung In asked Jin Woo to write something down on paper. (And, I thought of The Lake House .. :)) Jung In also finds out the whereabouts of the Times daily. Daily Times and Daily Search are at the same address! Same office with a different name!

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The shooting is thwarted, Ki Tae is saved. However, in a different month, there was a stabbing that killed Ki Tae.

Every action taken in 2015, changes the whole story line in 2020. The problem is, Jung In can't help but the fact that his father STILL dies. Either shot or hit. What happened, the number of victims actually increased.

Same time in different years is 5 years apart, there are 2 different events involving Jung In, Do Kyung, Jin Woo; and change all storylines both in 2015 and 2020.

The events of 2015 and 2020 run parallel with the same people. But the ripples of events in the 2 different years were intertwined and influenced each other, both in 2015 and 2020.

To what extent will the conspiracy to assassinate presidential candidate Seo Ki Tae continue?

Personally, after watching the first 3 episodes, I saw the continuous attempts at the attempted murder of Seo Ki Tae to have something to do with Lee Geon Woo's death. In my opinion, Lee Geon Woo and Han Do Kyung are 2 best friends. Do Kyung sees that Ki Tae is behind Geon Woo's death. So, Do Kyung plans to kill Seo Ki Tae. Of course this theory is not completely correct! This theory emerged because I mostly watched OCN crime and thriller dramas

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