Spider-Man: No Way Home more villains according to Empire cover

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Spider-Man: No Way Home more villains according to Empire cover

Marvel fans are counting the days until the premiere, because everything seems to indicate that Sony is setting up the appearance of the Sinister Six.

Spider-Man: No Way Home is the next film from Sony and Marvel that could pose the multiverse of the arachnid superhero. Expectations have been high since the appearance of Doctor Octopus (Alfred Molina) in the first trailer, as he is a villain from the director Sam Raimi saga. Now, the latest commercials for the film suggest that more classic enemies will appear in Tom Holland's work.

So far, we know that Doctor Octopus, Electro, and Green Goblin, played by Alfred Molina, Jamie Foxx, and Willem Dafoe will be back to take on Holland's current Spider-Man . Dock Ock already appeared in the trailer and Foxx confirmed in an interview that it is part of the film project; For its part, we have the reference to Green Goblin with one of the grenades that appear in the preview.

The news is that Empire magazine confirmed the appearance of two more villains: Sandman ( Sandman ) and Lizard , Doctor Curtis Connors. Both characters appear on the covers of the magazine dedicated to Spider-Man: No Way Home , so they would also be part of the plot.

Sandman appeared in the third Spider-Man movie directed by Sam Raimi. The character does not die and only vanishes when he receives forgiveness from Peter Parker (Tobey Maguire). Lizard , meanwhile, corresponds to the movie The Amazing Spider-Man by Andrew Garfield and was characterized by Rhys Ifans.

We will have to wait for the premiere of Spider-Man: No Way Home to determine if so many rumors are true. The film will hit theaters on December 17.

Spider-Man: No Way Home writers explain the biggest doubt about Venom
Marvel fans are still trying to understand what the future of the symbiote will be after what is observed in the Venom 2 post credits.

Expectations were very high for Venom's appearance in Spider-Man: No Way Home . At the end of Venom: Let There Be Carnage, the symbiote and Eddie Brock (Tom Hardy) travel to the universe of Peter Parker (Tom Holland), thus planting the future meeting of both characters. The problem is that No Way Home made changes to its plot and things turned out very different.

In Spider-Man: No Way Home , all the people, heroes and villains, who were brought into the world of Peter Parker were because they knew the real identity of Spider-Man. How does this apply to Eddie Brock?

No Way Home screenwriters Chris McKenna and Erick Sommers explained that the reason is not Brock, but Venom. “The idea is that the symbiote has knowledge of other universes. Buried in his mind is all that knowledge, all that information, including the connection of Peter and Spider-Man ”, they specified.

Both writers considered adding Venom in the final battle of Spider-Man: No Way Home , but decided to relegate him to the post-credit scenes, in which the symbiote leaves a small trace for Venom's future appearance in that other universe.

McKenna and Sommers' response actually raises more questions about Venom's nature and Doctor Strange's spell. If the Supreme Sorcerer managed to return the characters of another universe to their reality of origin, how is it that a piece of Venom can remain on Earth if the same writers explain that it carries the memory of Spidey and Parker? Or is it that it is a piece without memory, but still it is material alien to its reality?

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Spider-Man: No Way Home screenwriters explain this mystery about the end of the film
The Marvel community continues to debate the extent of what Doctor Strange did to save Earth from the multiverse and how it affects the life of the protagonist.

Did you also have doubts after watching Spider-Man: No Way Home ? Writers Chris McKenna and Erick Sommers were interviewed to account for those details that the Marvel community tries to explain in specialized forums. If you haven't seen the movie, you'd better stop reading.

One of the most widespread questions in the public is how the spell of forgetting that changed Peter Parker's life at the end of Spider-Man: No Way Home works . How is it possible to erase someone's memory even though there are photos, documents and irrefutable proof that that person exists, as well as their social ties?

The writers understand the doubts and limited themselves to saying that the answer is more emotional than logical ... like almost everything that happens in Marvel when they make mistakes in the development of the plot.

This is the first time that we are going to discuss this. And during the development of the film we talked a lot about the consequences and what this spell entails. We wondered if we should do something similar to what we saw in Back to the Future, when Marty began to disappear from the photos. Does Peter still have a passport or ID? And there were always more questions ” .

“So we decided that what we wanted to do, for now, was have a satisfying closure to the story that was 100% emotionally focused. What it meant to him. And if people have questions about details that we didn't mention, well, they could be answered in another movie. "

McKenna specifies a little more when comparing the outcome of Spider-Man: No Way Home with Heaven Can Wait from 1978. “People had experiences related to this person, but they forget the person, that they knew him or had some kind of relationship. However, they continue to be affected by the events that occurred during that relationship, ”he added.

Despite the clarification, the writers of Spider-Man: No Way Home have yet to explain why everyone forgot Peter Parker's identity when Doctor Strange's spell was that no one remember Parker as Spider-Man. That is to say, the spell did not suppose an absolute oblivion -as it is understood throughout the film-, but only and exclusively of Parker's identity as Spider-Man.

MJ and Ned Leeds, for example, knew Parker before they knew his secret identity. Why would the spell affect the entire relationship? We will see how long this question will remain in force in the Marvel community .

Spider-Man: No Way home writers talk about the surprise death of the film
If you have already seen the film "Spider-Man: No Way home", perhaps you have noticed that the death of that character was necessary for Peter Parker to take that leap of maturity.

Now in theaters is " Spider-Man: No Way Home ", the third film by Peter Parker (Tom Holland) in the Marvel Cinematic Universe . As expected, this is the moment in which Parker finally takes responsibility for his life, his actions and of course his powers.

The big surprise of the film was the appearance of other Spider-Man, which helped him to defeat the villains of the past films of the franchise. Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire once again wore the arachnid suits.

Complementing the production, other actors such as Willem Dafoe, Alfred Molina, and Jamie Foxx also reverted to their respective villain roles. Without a doubt, one of the riskiest bets on the part of Sony and Marvel.

The death of 'that' character?
Unfortunately, for Peter Parker to notice that his immaturity was making him pay dearly, one of the important characters of the MCU had to die. This time, it would not be Uncle Ben, since he never made it to the big screen but Aunt May.

The character is played by Marisa Tomei and closed her participation in the Avengers films with the classic phrase "great power comes with great responsibility." She died in Parker's arms after being hit by the Green Goblin's flying machine.

"We were at a point where we felt there had to be a loss, a sacrifice, that Peter had to pay a real price for this decision to try to save the villains," commented Erik Sommer, one of the writers, about it. for the medium Variety .

“I think it was pretty clear to many of us that losing Aunt May was what would really drive home the point we were trying to make: making this the movie where Peter Parker experiences the loss that others experienced in his life. first movies, "he added.

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