BIRDS OF PREY and the Emancipation of a Harley Quinn

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BIRDS OF PREY and the Emancipation of a Harley Quinn

Margot Robbie, Margot Robbie and Margot Robbie. If asked what I like most about Birds of Prey (and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn) , then no doubt I will answer Harley Quinn and her energy brought by Margot Robbie.

Birds or Prey is the eighth film from the DC Extended Universe ( DCEU ) which no longer tells of a superhero , but the right hand ofthe Joker's top supervillain , who is, if not Harley Quinn's lover. Well, what's interesting about Birds of Prey is that Harley Quinn broke up with the Joker. So basically, this is a film about a woman who has just broken up and is looking for an emancipation or a freedom. No, this is not a romantic film.

Birds of Prey tells how Harley Quinn - who may be more of an anti- hero than a superhero - is involved in the hunt for a diamond from her rival and enemy in this film, Roman Sionis (Ewan McGregor) or who is more familiar with comic book fans as Black Mask.

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It's a fun film with just the right spirit, but it doesn't really run smoothly for 109 minutes. There are moments where the story slows down and the previously explosive energy fades away. And this is actually really unfortunate, because I really enjoy some of the moments in the film.

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Actually, the best moments of Birds of Prey are during the opening minutes of the film and the last scene where all the characters gather and show fast and furious actions. I don't want to talk about the final scene for fear of spoilers , but happily talk about the opening scene.

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Birds of Prey opens with an animation that explains how Harley Quinn meets the Joker and falls in love with him. Then we see the next scene where Harley Quinn is dumped by the Joker (a character not shown in the film), and finally she seeks freedom from her heartbreak by blowing up their favorite place, Ace Chemicals. And Harley's quest for emancipation begins.

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From here we can see a side of Harley that we didn't get to see in the previous film, Suicide Squad . An explosive side, a side no less insane than the Joker. Margot Robbie's time to play Harley in Suicide Squad has to  be shared with the other characters, but in Birds of Prey she is given every opportunity to really show off her energy, and it doesn't disappoint.

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What might make Harley Quinn's character so explosive in this film is how Birds of Prey decided to make the film an R-rated , so that there are no longer any boundaries to Harley's wildness. Also, this is the first film that carries an R rating on the DCEU which also opens the opportunity for subsequent films to have the same rating .

And the fighting actions in Birds of Prey are also fun to watch because they run fast and smooth, giving a beautiful impression to show. Although not as good, some of the action in this film reminds me of some of the actions in the John Wick films . Maybe this is because Cathy Yan as director was assisted by 87Eleven, an action design studio founded by director John Wick himself, Chad Stahelski. That's what makes every action in Birds of Prey feel very "bone-crushing" and smooth. Especially because this film is rated R , so it's free to release every attraction that each character has.

Not only is the Harley Quinn character fun, Roman Sionis' character is an antagonist who can compensate for the excitement of Harley's character because Roman himself is also a flamboyant villain. He likes to wear flashy clothes, often gets his hair neat, and sometimes even puts on makeup at his nightclub. So when the film is changing to tell Roman, the plot of the film doesn't feel slow because the characters are really excited and still feel tense because of the sadistic characters.

Apart from Harley and Roman, the other characters somehow don't feel as good as the two characters. When the film is not telling the two of them, the spirit of the film seems to decline and the energy of the film feels faded. This could be because other characters do not take advantage of the breadth they have given them, such as Harley and Roman, who really take advantage of the R rated that this film has. Apart from just shouting the word " fuck " over and over again, no behavior attracts too much attention.

Maybe another character that I like besides Harley and Roman is Huntress (Mary Elizabeth Winstead). He is the coolest character in the film, with a crossbow weapon , wearing all black and using a big motorbike. Even the name sounded badass , Huntress. His rigid demeanor also often invites comedic moments to films, giving his character something that's always fun to watch.

Birds of Prey , like Deadpool , is an anti - hero filmthat gets rated R so that it gives all the freedom for its main character. Fortunately our main character, Harley Quinn, can take this opportunity to show all the wildness that the main character rarely has inother superhero films. Unfortunately, the other characters can't keep up with Harley's energy so the film can easily feel sluggish and sometimes boring. Was the emancipation Harley sought achieved? Maybe so, maybe not, depending on what side the audience sees it.

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