Looking Back at Why THE LORD OF THE RINGS is the Best Trilogy

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Looking Back at Why THE LORD OF THE RINGS is the Best Trilogy

Do you immediately think that the trilogy is a franchise that already has 3 films under its auspices? Or do you immediately remember the film that you think is the best trilogy you've watched?

Nowadays trilogy seems to be seen very often in the world of cinema, with franchises like the Marvel Cinematic Universe or the DC Extended Universe already having so many films in them that even the word trilogy itself is no longer appropriate to describe the two universes .

Lately, many films have decided to have their own trilogy. Call it films like John Wick , The Dark Knight , to classic films like The Matrix , The Godfather , and Mad Max . Hey, even John Wick has decided he will release his fourth film in 2021, so it might just be removing the "trilogy" category from him.

If I am asked which film is the best film I have seen, without thinking I will immediately answer The Godfather . But when asked which trilogy is the best, then I can confidently answer The Lord of the Rings .

What enabled me to answer The L ord of the Rings ? How about other iconic trilogies like Star Wars or The Man with No Name Trilogy ? Although many other trilogies are already quite perfect, the three films of The Lord of the Rings are an achievement in itself not only from a technical side but also from how a fantasy story can draw the audience into its beautiful world.

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Of course the main thing The Lord of the Rings has is consistency. The three films are able to offer new experiences and adventures, with the same characters, worlds and missions. If we distill the core of the story, The Lord of the Rings tells of nine characters who are given a mission to destroy a ring. That is all. Told in three films.

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However, each film doesn't feel boring, because we are always presented with all kinds of new things that we've never seen before. Terrible wars, colorful characters, exciting stories, beautiful locations, each film always has its own moment without destroying the scenes or stories in other films, so that the consistency of the three films is maintained and makes each film special and a masterpiece.

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How can they make all three of their films consistent? By planning the three previous films, then shooting directly for the three films at once. Peter Jackson, the director of the three films, was finally able to make three films for three consecutive years without sacrificing momentum or time, which ultimately made the audience not have to wait too long to watch the next film.

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Consistency is indeed quite difficult for a trilogy to have, especially if the three films were not planned at once. Like The Godfather . Yes, the first and second films of The Godfather were an achievement in their own right and are two of the best films of all time, but the third film just doesn't feel like it can match the two previous films. That's because the time gap between the second film and the third film is quite far, which is about 16 years, so that the third film seems saturated and doesn't really matter.

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Not only consistency, but also quality. There are so many trilogies that just get worse and worse over time. I'm talking about you, Matrix . Even though it's still a pretty exciting film, The Matrix Revolution feels long and not as exciting as The Matrix Reloaded , let alone The Matrix . Likewise with Spiderman (who still stars Tobey Maguire) or - maybe this will sound quite controversial - Star Wars .

There was no drop in quality as The Lord of the Rings films increased , in fact the third film, The Return of the King , was the best film of the trilogy and certainly one of the best films I have watched, and without a doubt the best fantasy film ever. I've watched. In order to maintain quality and be able to provide a true story, Peter Jackson is not afraid to make each film more than 3 hours long. In fact, the extended version for The Return of the King is over 4 hours, making your butt cramp.

The consistency and quality possessed by The Lord of the Rings is so perfect, it seems difficult for any other trilogy to compete with. Trilogies like Indiana Jones are always fun, but they lack the tension and beauty that The Lord of the Rings has when it comes to telling a story.

What suddenly made me write this? Because I just spent 3 days watching the third extended version of The Lord of the Rings movie and I just realized that this is the best trilogy I've ever watched. Even though each of the films is from 3 and a half hours to more than 4 hours, I have never felt bored in every second.

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