The mastermind of Steppenwolfs invasion was removed from the film

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Publish Date : 2021-02-21

The mastermind of Steppenwolfs invasion was removed from the film

which would be a huge difference. Where in this version of Director's Cut , the presence of top villains , namely Darkseid, Desaad, and Granny Goodness is returned, so the "missing pieces" in the 2017 version of the film are expected to be clearer in Zack Snyder 's Justice League .

Since Snyder's vision is to make 5 main films that have been counted since Man Of Steel , it is certain that Darkseid has an important role in the DCEU. Where the big power is indeed planned to appear in the film Justice League part 2 . It seems that the WB must "get rid of" so that the Snyder saga can no longer be continued.
Remember the ending of Whedon's version of Justice League ? It is said that the actual Snyder version has an interesting cliffhanger related to the appearance of the Darkseid. 

5. The return of Black Suit and "First Flight 2.0"

Snyder said on I Minutemen. "So it is sort of linked to ... in some ways, to the old world. I think it's a more direct relationship to his family." -  Zack Snyder via

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One of the fans disappointment in Justice League version of Joss Whedon is the removal of the black suit Superman very legendary. Of course, Zack Snyder will return as seen in the trailer cut. Because Superman's black suit here has a more complex meaning and is related to the origins of the man of steel himself. 

Not to forget the legendary Man of Steel's "first flight" scene will also appear again after being removed previously. But of course "first flight" this time has a very different context from the film Man Of Steel . Because this time it is not a marker of the birth of the hero from Smallvile, but a marker of the resurrection of the steel man from the dead.

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6.Bat-Tank and Batman are More "Functioning" 

One of the things that caught the eye of Zack Snyder 's Justice League trailer was the appearance of Batman 's Bat-Tank . The Bat-Tank is a sophisticated vehicle belonging to a batman that resembles a tank, which was first appeared in George Miller's The Dark Knight Return comic .

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Even if in the 2017 version, Batman's role in the film, even in the  final fight , is not very significant, then as seen in the trailer, Batman looks more badass this time . This was also promised to Zack Snyder in one of his interviews with the media. That Batman would be much more "functional."

One of the factors that makes Batman in Whedon's Justice League appear to be an ordinary character, none other than because this film uses Whedon's favorite formula. Dozens of jokes between characters which of course "turn off" the character arc that has been built steadily since the beginning of the DCEU. The continuity is not maintained and comes out of the red thread.

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Remember the scene of Flash falling on Wonder Woman's chest, right? Or is Aquaman becoming "geeky" through Wonder Woman's "lasso of truth" jokes ? That alone is a clear distinction between Whedon and Snyder's work. 

Good news for superhero movie lovers with adult tones. That Zack Snyder will return this film to a Restricted rating. It's no longer a PG-13 like its 2017 version. 

So we can be sure that ZSJL will be more brutal and less adventurous in presenting bloody scenes. Yes, exactly with Batman v Superman Ultimate Edition which is far more brutal and sadistic. 

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Determined the Continuation of Zack Snyder's "5 Movie Arc"? 

It's difficult to find a movie that feels true to itself. You feel the hand of Hollywood, the moviemaking by committee, on everything." - Zack Snyder

For fans including writers, the presence of Zack Snyder 's Justice League is like a big win after the previous "original" version of Justice League was much in doubt. Naturally, the internal chaos of WB made many parties skeptical of the appearance of this film .

With the arrival of this film on March 18, 2021, fans are also speculating a lot about the future of Zack Snyder and his DCEU vision. Will this director's cut version continue with Zack Snyder's 5 movie arc that has been built since Man of Steel ? Because if so, then fans should expect the emergence of Justice League Part 2 and Man of Steel 2 .

However, many also believe that the director's cut version is a kind of "thank you" from WB to Zack Snyder regarding the DCEU project he pioneered. Because as is known, WB and Zack Snyder are still in a cold war atmosphere since the release of the Justice League in 2017. 

Where the director's cut version is believed to be an all out moment for Zack Snyder to bring out all his idealism and "secret weapon", as a preventive measure in case he really shouldn't be involved in the next DCEU project anymore.

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