From the cast of Drakor "The Penthouse" we learn

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From the cast of Drakor "The Penthouse" we learn

Who has watched this drakor ? yupp !!! The Penthouse . This Korean drama tells the dramatic story of the ambition of the role of a mother and her success in real estate and the lives of rich people who live in luxury apartments. Drama The penthouse itself was finished on January 5, 2021, and is now continuing with season 2. The drama was directed by Dong-Min and the screenplay was written by Kim Sun-Ok.

The penthouse genre is drama and also suspense. Starring Lee Ji-Ah (Shim Su-Ryeon), Kim So-Yeon (Cheon Seo-Jin), Eugene (Oh Yoon-Hee), Uhm Ki-Joon (Joo Dan-Tae), Yoon Jong-Honn (Ha Yoon -Cheol), Park Eun-Seok (Go Ho-dong), Logan Lee, Kim Hyun-Soo (Bae Ro-Na), Jo Soo-Min (Min Seol-Ah). Even though it often makes emotions, this Korean drama also has several things that can be learned from the players. Like the way of doing business, personality, attitudes and also financial arrangements of course.

In the drama, Shim Su-Ryeon (Lee Ji-Ah) is an elegant woman, rich and comes from the upper class. She is successful in business and real estate and has a successful husband named Joo Dan Tae (Uhm Ki-Joo). While Cheon Seo-Jin, played by (Kim So-Yeon) was born to a rich family. He is arrogant and her husband is a surgeon at a public hospital and is an ambitious man. It was also told that Oh Yoon-Hee (Eugene) came from a poor family background. She worked hard for her son's success. He has a dream to be part of the upper class for the happiness of his family.

There are different backgrounds of these players, there are also several things that can be taken from the players in the drama, including:

Cheon Seo-Jin

A woman who was born into a wealthy family. He is an ambitious figure and is willing to do anything to get what he wants. What can be learned is that you can be ambitious, but don't overdo it because it can be disastrous, both for yourself and for those around you. Don't let ambition hold you back and determine your future.

Joo Dan Tae

A successful real estate entrepreneur. Good at doing business and smart at attracting investors. Besides that, Joo Dan Tae has good pitching skills. Where in entrepreneurship or entrepreneurship, pitching skills must be possessed by each individual in order to be able to present ideas, ideas and even seek funding on target. Apart from funding sources, pitching is also usually done to build relationships, get insights and input on product and business developments. From Joo Dan Tae we learned that if you want to be successful, it is important to see everything as an opportunity and you have to fight for it. Don't waste a chance. Another thing that needs to be imitated by Joo Dan Tae is that he has the ability to handle and influence or influence (in a positive way, of course) other people.

Oh Yoon-hee

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Oh Yoon-hee is a tough woman. He never gave up and continued to work hard even though he was born into a poor family. With his persistence, he finally got rich by learning to invest. Although at first he was looked down on and looked down on, he was able to show that he was able and able to live in Hera Palace, which is a luxury apartment in Korea. The point is that nothing is impossible if you want to try and always believe in your own abilities. Never feel inferior or inferior because success can be achieved with self-confidence. Don't because someone's bad talk only lasts one point. One step made with courage will definitely provide lessons and good impact in the future. No matter how good you are, there will always be someone who doesn't like you. But your job is not to think about it.  Okeyy !!

Shim Soo-ryeon

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This woman who was born into a rich family and is the 'queen' of the Hera Palace apartment has a gentle nature, is kind to others regardless of social status. Always positive thingking but still vigilant. Besides that he is good at planning, for Soo-ryeon everything needs a mature strategy and he doesn't want to rush into his decisions. He is also good at controlling his emotions. The lesson that can be taken from the figure of Soo-ryeon is to remain humble even though you have everything.

Ha Yoon-cheol

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His role as a doctor is an ambitious figure. With all his limitations, he managed to achieve his dream to become a doctor. From his figure we learn that we have to be persistent to achieve our goals, but must have a stand and be able to make up your own mind so you don't regret it later. After all, it is yourself who is responsible for what our choices and decisions are. Besides that, it shows that money is not everything and money cannot buy happiness.

Goo Ho-dong

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This new sports teacher at Cheong-A Arts High School has an attitude that is worthy of emulation. As a teacher, he defended his students who were bullied by the Hera Palace genk children and did not hesitate to give punishment. Whereas usually no other teacher dared to reprimand for being threatened and receiving bribes. From this we learn that justice must be upheld and truth cannot be paid for.

Logan Lee

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Logan Lee is the original character of Goo Ho-Dong. He is a wealthy investor. Despite having fantastic wealth he is not arrogant and still upholds justice. In doing business or collaborating with other people, it turns out that it is really necessary to be selective in order to avoid the risk of loss or fraud. So be smart in choosing who you will work with.

Bae Ro-Na

Bae Ro-Na is a brave boy who has big dreams. Bae Ro-Na was born into a family with an ordinary economy. He has a strong determination and always tries his best to achieve his dreams. What Bae Ro-Na needs to imitate is that he has the courage to speak up in expressing the truth, no matter who his opponent is.

Min Seol-Ah

Sosk an orphan who is only alone. Even so he worked hard to survive. He went to school while working and also became a tutor for the children of the Hera Palace genk. What can be learned from him is that even though he is often bullied, he does not pay attention to it and shows the achievements he has achieved. So there is no need to hear other people's words that shouldn't be heard.

So those are some lessons we can take from the players of " The Penthouse ". Take the bright side and throw the bad side.

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