Not too familiar with the name Beau Willimon yet ?

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Not too familiar with the name Beau Willimon yet ?

Well ... Willimon's name was originally known to the public when he worked to help the campaign of the candidate for President of the United States, Howard Dean, in 2004. However, Willimon's name began to get recognition from Hollywood after he wrote a stage play script with a political theme entitled Farragut North (2008) which he based his experience working for Dean. Farragut North was later adapted into a feature film entitled The Ides of March (2011) directed and starring George Clooney. 

For the script of The Ides of March storywhich he worked on together with Clooney and Grant Heslov, Willimon managed to get a nomination from The 84 th Annual Academy Awards for the category Best Adapted Screenplay. Apart from The Ides of March , Willimon is also a script writer for several stage plays, television series, and other feature films such as House of Cards (2013) and Mary Queen of Scots (2018) which are indeed thick with political nuances. Now, Willimon is trying to explore a new storytelling theme in the television series entitled The First .

Premiering in the United States in 2018, The First has a premise about the preparation of a number of astronauts who have been selected to become the first group of humans to depart and set foot on the planet Mars. With a narrative background in 2033, the journey to Mars is led by Laz Ingram ( Natascha McElhone ) who is the chairman of a space shuttle launch provider company called Vista. 

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Meanwhile, the five astronauts chosen to go to Mars are Tom Hagerty ( Sean Penn ), Kayla Price ( LisaGay Hamilton ), Sadie Hewitt ( Hannah Ware ), Aiko Hagari  As can be expected, there is a lot of intrigue that happens to each character during their preparation period before the journey to Mars finally takes place.

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Penn performed brilliantly in this television series. Penn's first acting appearance after playing in the film The Gunman (Pierre Morel, 2015), Penn is able to bring a deep emotional touch to many scenes - especially in the story plot related to the relationship between the character he plays with the character of his son. 

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The focus of the storytelling from The First itself is not only fixed on the figure of Tom Hagerty, played by Penn, but also on other astronauts, their family or loved ones, as well as the team on Earth. With this broad character dynamic, The Firstable to be a character study as well as a humanist drama which is quite complex but so captivating. Each character is shown humanely with a sub-plot that is developed slowly, so it's no wonder that all the characters are quite grounded.

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Indeed, The First is presented with a fairly slow arrangement of stories. It takes time to really get into the conflict and the story line. One choice was made so that the conflict and the characters presented did not appear one-dimensional or just stereotypical. 

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Not that The First will appear boring. In fact, this television series will present a journey that is not only thrilling but also touching. The First seems to want to spark our interest and imagination about what must be undertaken and sacrificed so that humans can achieve what they aspire to, marginalizing personal interests for the betterment of the people themselves.

All eight episodes of The First aired exclusively streaming via Mola TV . With a subscription fee of Rp. 12,500 per month, you will get easy access to watch Humans and various other films and television series that are broadcast exclusively and exclusively on Mola TV. 

Through Mola TV, now you can also access various films and television series presented by HBO GO with a subscription package for IDR 65,000 per month.

News of the World , unfortunately, is not a film whose storyline is inspired by songs written by legendary band Queen for their 1977 album of the same name. News of the World , which is Tom Hanks' second timeunder the direction of director Paul Greengrass after Captain Phillips (2013), is a western dramawhose story is adapted from a novel of the same name by Paulette Jiles.. The story is quite simple. Set at the time of the narrative in 1870, a few years after the end of the American Civil War, a war veteran named Captain Jefferson Kyle Kidd (Hanks) finds a girl named Johanna Leonberger ( Helena Zengel ) stranded alone on the side of the road after the transport carrying him is robbed. . Through the documents he found with the child, Captain Jefferson Kyle Kidd then decided to escort the child back to his residence even though he had to travel thousands of kilometers.

Of course, the storyline of News of the World is then filled with a series of conflicts that the two main characters have to face along their journey - both conflicts stemming from their relationship as well as various feuds from outsiders that they have to face. With a story duration of 118 minutes, News of the World can end up as a boring presentation if it is not presented with a solid storyline. Luckily, the film script was produced by Greengrass together with Luke Davies ( Lion, 2016) is able to handle many of its narrative elements very well. Delivered slowly, the relationship between Captain Jefferson Kyle Kidd's character and Johanna Leonberger - who is said to be unable to use English - is carefully explored and developed. Starting out as a relationship between a stranger who wants to save a young child, the two develop so warmly that it often feels like a father-to-child relationship.

Along with the development of their relationship, News of the Worldalso do not miss to provide a strong character excavation for the two main characters. Through the interactions that are formed, both between the two of them and the characters around them, this film slowly opens the layers of each character's personality, opens up the grief and dark experiences that have apparently been buried deep in their souls, as well as opening up a space where both of them can then. find and accompany each other. The narrative time background is set in the early days after the American Civil War is used by the film's story script to present anti-war themes that are presented

As Greengrass has always been able to show through his films, News of the World is also presented with a neatly arranged storytelling rhythm. There is no moment in the storytelling of a film that feels like a waste of its existence - it all supports the building of the story which is so dense and so binding. The quality of film production also appears classy. Dariusz Wolski's cinematographic layout perfectly produces a western vibe that is harsh, arid, yet very hypnotic at the same time. Likewise, the music of James Newton Howard's direction produces the emotional boost needed by the sequence of scenes in the storytelling of News of the World.. Indeed, compared to other Greengrass directed films, News of the World seems softer and far from being bombastic. At the same time, however, this film is definitely one of the strongest presentations in Greengrass' filmography.

It is easy to see Hanks' appearance in this film as a typical acting appearance - a male figure with a character image that is so sincere in his every action. Familiar, but Hanks was still able to give his best and convincing appearance. It's easy to like the character, but Hanks is clearly able to make Captain Jefferson Kyle Kidd a character who will leave a deep impression on the minds of anyone who follows his story. First time stealing the world's attention through the System Crasher(Nora Fingscheidt, 2019), Zengel again showed off his acting prowess with his ability to match Hanks' acting appearance. Without using a lot of dialogue, Zengel presents the figure of Johanna Leonberger as a girl with a history of grief in the past who continues to overwhelm her in trauma. News of the World also received support from Mare Winningham , Elizabeth Marvel , and Bill Camp, who, although present in a minimalist portion of the storytelling, were still able to provide solid support for the quality of the appearance of the film's acting department as a whole.

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