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The World of the Married (TWOTM) managed to become the most popular Korean drama in the first half of 2020. The last episode of the drama that aired on Saturday (16/5) successfully achieved a rating of 28.3% and confirmed its position as the Korean Cable TV drama with the highest rating throughout. period.

Since the beginning of its broadcast, TWOTM has indeed been a constant topic of discussion both in the country and in Indonesia. After this drama aired, the hashtag #TheWorldoftheMarried was always a trending topic on Twitter for several hours. The drama, which is a remake of the BBC One series entitled Doctor Foster, is popular thanks to the story of infidelity and revenge that is presented intensely in every episode.

Ji Sun-Woo ( Kim Hee-Ae ) lives a successful life. Not only did he succeed in his career as a young director at a hospital, he also had a harmonious family.

Her perfect life turns into a mess after she finds out that her husband ( Park Hae-Joon ) is having an affair with a young woman, Yeo Da-Kyung ( Han So-Hee ). Not only that, he also found that everyone around him was aware of the affair and betrayed him.

Penetrating double-digit ratings since its first episode, The World of the Married has immediately attracted attention with its fast and straightforward storyline. Betrayal is the highlight of this drama. Ji Sun-Woo's character was not only betrayed by her husband but also by everyone around her.

TWOTM shows in real terms how destructive a relationship is to live with a lie and not end well. Almost every episode has a series of intense and emotional scenes that drain emotion. One of them was when Sun-Woo had dinner with Da-Kyung's family and revealed to Da-kyung's parents that their daughter had an affair with her husband. Here Sun-Woo's calm yet piercing words truly become an unforgettable scene.

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Indeed, the scene that was shown was very intense and made the audience participate in swearing at the antagonist character. However, all of that is displayed in a non-exaggerated or exaggerated manner like a revenge drama and similar affairs.

Not to forget, these scenes also come with clever and striking dialogue. Many facts that are sometimes overlooked in a relationship are conveyed through the character's dialogue with striking and right targets.

The effect of the affair and the breakdown of this household does not only focus on the character Ji Sun-Woo but also the son Lee Joon-Young. This drama shows that the worse the divorce and the arguing of the parents, the worse it will affect the child. As the party that was the most affected, the confusion and chaos experienced by the son became the main conflict which eventually became the culmination of the final episode of this drama.

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The choice of the ending of this story may upset the audience. Instead of giving an openly 'cruel' ending to its antagonists, this drama chooses to show how their lives are affected by their own actions and decisions. For the character Ji Sun-Woo himself, the ending of the story can be said to be perfect, especially after the battle has drained his energy and emotions so far. The ending chosen for all of his characters was not sudden either. All have been inserted little by little in each episode.

In terms of acting, there is really nothing that needs to be doubted. The most phenomenal of course is none other than Kim Hee-Ae. It's hard to imagine another actress portraying the character Ji Sun-Woo who is confident and strong on the outside but turns out to be fragile and has invisible wounds on the inside.

This drama is more complete with a series of emotional soundtracks such as Sad (Sonnet Son) and Lonely Sailing (Kim Yu-Na) adding to its own flavor. The beach scene in episode 14, for example, feels more emotional because of the accompaniment of Lonely Sailing's song .

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Offering such a complete package, it is not difficult to say that The World of the Married is not only the best Korean drama in the first half of this year but also one of the best of all time.

The World of the Married is an honest portrait of the difficulty of ending a long marriage relationship. This drama presents an emotional and complex story. As mentioned in the closing of the drama, cutting off the relationship with a partner who lives with us, especially if we have spent half of our lives with him is like cutting off parts of our own body. Yes, as the title suggests, this is the world of the life of married people.

Sun Woo begins to suspect the presence of the actor when he finds the hair in the scarf that his husband gave him. Sun Woo starts to suspect her husband, she orders people to follow him.

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Min Hyun Seo (Shim Eun Wo) who was assigned to follow Sun Woo's husband exposed Tae Oh and Da Kyung's affair. The synopsis of The World of The Married is incomplete if it doesn't highlight Hyun Seo's life.

Hyun Seo is said to have a lover who likes to torture him, Park In Kyun. Later Park In Kyun was thrown by Sun Woo in prison. But out of prison In Kyun conspired with Tae Oh to follow and even terrorize Sun Woo.

Sun Woo and Tae Oh's divorce
Sun Woo eventually divorces Tae Oh. Sun Woo exposes Tae Oh's affair in front of Da Kyung's parents. Sun Woo tells Da Kyung's parents that the beautiful actor is pregnant with Tae Oh's child, her husband. An emotional Da Kyung hits Sun Woo.

Synopsis The World of The Married tells the story of Joon Young, Sun Woo and Tae's son who is confused by his parents' divorce. One day Sun Woo took Joon Young. The audience is swept away and thinks Sun Woo is crazy and intends to kill Joon Young.

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That is also what Tae Oh thought. The synopics of The World of The Married roll back to the time when Tae Oh met Sun Woo. He thinks Sun Woo killed Joon Young. Tae Oh, who was already emotional, was torturing Sun Woo. When Sun Woo is already battered, Joon Young comes in and finds Sun Woo after being beaten by Tae Oh.

Their divorce became a reality. Joon Young chooses to go with his mother. Even so, Joon Young turns out to be traumatized by his parents' divorce.

Da Kyung and Tae Oh Return to Gosan
After some time missing, Da Kyung and Tae Oh return to Gosan with their son, Jenny. The new Tae Oh family even bought a house in the most elite area of ​​Gosan.

As if to show off their happiness, Da Kyung invites important people in Gosan to their new home celebration.

The synopsis of The World of The Married highlights Tae Oh's efforts to stalk Sun Woo. Upon Tae Oh's return to Gosan, Tae Oh hires Park In Kyun who also has a grudge against Sun Woo. In the end In Kyun is killed at Gosan station when he is chasing after Hyun Seo, his girlfriend.

Sun Woo and Tae Oh are suspected of being In Kyun's killer. The turning point of Tae Oh and Sun Woo's relationship occurs here, when Sun Woo becomes Tae Oh's alibi. That's when Tae Oh and Sun Woo went back to sleep together which was recorded at the end of episode 13. But both of them decided to forget about the incident.

Meanwhile, Joon Young, who moves in and lives with Tae Oh, feels tortured. He often steals and the doctor says, Joon Young is a kleptomania.

Sun Woo gave up hope, he felt he had lost Joon Young. He decided to resign from the hospital and went to meet his colleague first on the beach.

This happened in episode 14, Sun Woo intended to drown himself in the sea. The synopsis of The World of The Married then highlights when Sun Woo was helped by Dr. Kim. At that time, her tears broke out in Dr. Kim's arms. Secretly Tae Oh saw him from a distance.

Episode 15 of The World of The Married
At the end of episode 14, Joon Young was picked up by Sun Woo from Tae Oh and Da Kyung's house. When Da Kyung tried to stop him, Sun Woo then frankly said that he slept with Tae Oh, her ex-husband who is now Da Kyung's husband.

On episode 15 of The World of The Married , Da Kyung, who is devastated at first, wants to keep his marriage. However, finally decided to leave Tae Oh.

Tae Oh's life collapses in an instant. Credit cards and cars were taken by his wealthy father-in-law. The house is even locked. Tae Oh doesn't have anything else, only the clothes he wears. He doesn't even have cash.

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