Show tomorrow at the CGV cinema, this is the price for the Midnight Sun pre-sale ticket

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Publish Date : 2021-05-11

Show tomorrow at the CGV cinema, this is the price for the Midnight Sun pre-sale ticket

Live viewing music Midnight Sun airs in CGV theaters starting tomorrow. Do you want to watch it? This is the Midnight Sun ticket price.

Korean music fans can’t wait to watch their idols in the Midnight Sun live music.

Quoting from the official CGV Instagram account, Midnight Sun premiered in CGV theaters on May 7, 2021. Then it will air again on May 9 and 29, 2021.

Just so you know, this live music only airs in 10 cities, namely Jakarta, Bandung, Bekasi, Surabaya, Gresik, Jember, Cikampek, Depok, Palembang and Batam.

This live music will feature seven idols from the country of Japan, namely Onew (Shinee), Kei (Lovelyz), Young Jae (Got7), Wonpil (Day6), Lee A Jin, Baekho (Nu’est), and Kang Hye In.

If you are interested in watching Midnight Sun, you can buy pre-sale tickets right now through the CGV application, CGV website, TIX ID, Gotix, and Shopee.

CGV sells a Midnight Sun pre-sale ticket price of IDR 250,000.

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Movie Review Midnight Sun: A Teenager Romance that Endures for Love

The romantic drama film Midnight Sun features Katie Price (played by Bella Thorne ) who has a rare genetic disease, Xeroderma pigmentosum or XP that makes her unable to get sunlight.

Katie has been living at home only with her father, Jack Price (Rob Riggle), while her mother died when she was a child in a car accident.

The daily activities of this 17-year-old girl are home-schooling, playing guitar, and the thing she is most eagerly awaiting is the passing of Charlie ( Patrick Schwarzenegger ), a boy she likes.

For a dozen years, he watched Charlie from the window of his house. Until one day on the night of his graduation, he wanted to play guitar at the station at night and accidentally Charlie passed the station and met Katie. The meeting was what started the love story between the two of them.


Katie and Charlie, who fall in love with each other, must have experienced various problems, especially since Katie did not immediately admit that she had XP disease. Will they stay together?

This film is the official adaptation of the Japanese film Song To The Sun (“Taiyou No Uta”) with Yui as the main character. Released in 2006, this romantic drama story has many fans, especially the romance story of Japanese students which has its characteristics which when shown on the big screen doesn’t feel out of place.

It’s a shame that this adaptation seems less attractive to American audiences. What is certainly interesting about the drama Song To The Sun is because Yui is indeed a singer, and it’s no wonder that the main character likes music and is good at singing.

The film Midnight Sun does not fully adapt, of course, changes are made like Charlie who is told as a swimmer, not a surfer like in the original drama. Some romantic stories have also been revamped and adapted to the circumstances of American youth.

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The film Midnight Sun is not as bad as a cliché romantic story in general, because there are several meaningful things to take as lessons in life, especially this film with the theme of love and life survival. The music and the sung songs are also not boring, although when the song is finished, the audience will forget the lyrics.

Apart from the love story between Katie and Charlie, the father-son relationship is also highlighted here. And the friendship with Morgan (played by Quinn Shephard) is somewhat harmonious, even too harmonious.

Shooting and scenes are quite standard for teen romance films but supported by beautiful teenage women and handsome men, this film gives viewers who like 90s teenage love stories will be touched.

Acting Thorne animates the character adolescent age who are in love, he managed to establish a romantic relationship with Schwarzenegger in the movie Midnight Sun.


But unfortunately, the man did not appreciate his role and his acting seemed flat, less expressive in presenting a man who was in love.

The acting of the comedian, Rob Riggle, is somewhat less suitable for the role of a father figure, does not have anything memorable. Coupled with the fast-moving in every scene. The conflicts shown are also too shallow.

Synopsis Midnight Sun, Live Musical Performance from Seoul
Midnight Sun is a Korean musical performance that will be broadcast live in Seoul. This music event features several top South Korean artists such as Onew (SHINEE), Kei (Lovelyz), Young Jae (GOT7), Wonpil (Day6), Lee A Jin, Baekho (Nu’est), to Kang Hye In. They will bring a story based on a film of the same name by Norihiro Koizumi.

The story revolves around the love story between Haram and Haena. Their meeting started when Haena often saw Haram surfing the beach. Unfortunately, they couldn’t enjoy the beautiful sun together because Haena was suffering from an illness that made her unable to stand the sun.

As a result, they decided to spend time together under the beautiful moon. For those of you fans of Midnight Sun films and musical appearances, this one film is certainly a must on your watch list. You can watch the musical Midnight Sun exclusively at CGV on 7, 8, and 29 May 2021.


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