RAISED BY WOLVES First Season is Ambitious Sci-Fi

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RAISED BY WOLVES First Season is Ambitious Sci-Fi

Despite the name "Wolves", no wolves were seen throughout the season. The so-called "Wolves" refers to the two androids in this series. Ridley Scott - who probably doesn't need to be told who he is, but if the foreign director is Alien  and  Blade Runner , he is back in the world of  science fiction with android as one of the characters. In  Raised by Wolves , Ridley Scott served as director in the first two episodes and became executive producer and we can feel the touches from him throughout the season that remind us of the previous films.

Raised by Wolves takes the background of a future, where the Earth is being ravaged by war and torn between "Atheists" and "Mithraic" which is essentially a war about religion and belief. Two androids, Mother (Amanda Collin) and Father (Abubakar Salim), leave Earth for a very distant planet called Kepler-22b (the original planet with a distance said to reach 587.1 light years) while carrying some frozen human embryos to start. new human colonies.

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Of course the question arises, what is really happening on earth? Who are these Mother and Father? What are "Atheists" and "Mithraic" like? And those questions are what drives my curiosity to continue watching this series. And to be honest, I became more interested in the past in the world of  Raised by Wolves than in the present, because I felt that there were so many stories buried in his past.

12 years after Mother and Father landed in Kepler-22b and after raising humans from the embryos they had brought, only one survived after the others died of illness. He is Campion (Winta McGrath), who at birth is thought unsafe and is named Campion after the makers of the two androids. It was at this time that a group of Mithraic soldiers came who aimed to kidnap Campion because they believed he was the child who was mentioned in a prophecy who was believed to bring prosperity to all Mithraic.

Technology and religion are the two main themes and driving forces in Raised by Wolves . And what is unique is that these two things that are usually very difficult to combine can support one another. Here, no one is half-religious. Believe in religion or not. And neither of them is a good side, in terms of norms. Atheists are a faction that is even willing to work on small children for their war, while Mithraic is a camp that is blind to reality, naive and always thinks that whatever happens is the will of "Sol", something they consider to be God or God. They always say they wear Sol's protective coat of light in the face of danger, though a single shot can kill them.

The difference between the two is also what plays the audience, because for whom we will support. Who are the real good and the bad? The answers always alternate as the episode progresses. It's possible now that we see Mother as an antagonist who always wants herself in complete control, but it could also be that we see her as a good one later in the episode. Likewise with other characters such as Marcus (Travis Fimmel) who is a Mithraic soldier who we can see as the evil one in one episode and we support it in the next episode. This hesitation is one of the most interesting things I encountered at  Raised by Wolves because I always wondered what would happen next.

As I said before, I love how they can collaborate on technology with confidence. Like the Mithraic army outfit with predominantly white and the emblem on the chest and also the robe he wore that reminded me of the Templars in the 12th and 13th centuries, but also wore additional armor on several bodies and carried weapons that looked quite sophisticated. Imagination like this, which successfully combines old ideas with new, produces something unique and also interesting to look at.

The best thing about  Raised by Wolves , however, is the character. Wait, I'll change it. The best thing is the main character. And several other characters. Especially Mother, who was played very well by Danish actress Amanda Collin. With Mother, Amanda Collin perfectly balances a robotic character like the Terminator at the start of the Terminator film series  and the human nature of being a human. She is also skillfully able to convince the audience with her lightning-fast change of character such as how she can go from being a caring mother to being a merciless murderer. It's not difficult to call Mother the best character in her first season.

Mother's past is also very interesting to follow, with each episode we begin to study not only Mother's past but also what actually happened on Earth before they left her and went to Kepler-22b. We know that Mother was previously an android for Mithraic as "Necromancer" whose only purpose was to kill. But there was someone at Atheist who caught and changed the program in it so that she ended up being programmed to become a mother to the children she brought with her.

Saying that also reminds me of the flaws from this first season. The first is that I became much more interested in the past than in the present, and unfortunately during the first season very few questions were answered. And moreover, instead of answering questions, each episode seems to add more questions with new emerging theories. Maybe they really wanted to prepare all the questions for the next season, but with 10 episodes in one season, my curiosity and enthusiasm quickly diminished as each episode passed.

The first two episodes have always succeeded in impressing me. Starting from when Mother and Father, knowing that they are androids, raising and giving birth to babies from an embryo box, even I am so amazed because of how this concept works. Then also when she found out that Mother was also a murderer at the end of the first episode, "Raised by Wolves" where she could kill humans with just her scream. The first two episodes, both of which were directed by Ridley Scott, were indeed the highest points in the series, and after that were no longer able to surprise me or make me feel as big as those two episodes.

And then the kids in  Raised by Wolves are just plain  annoying. Not all of them, like Vita (Ivy Wong) who is always sweet to follow Mother or Tempest (Jordan Loughran) who are young women who are determined to bear children after being raped on their way to Kepler-22b. But others, like Campion or Paul (Felix Jamieson) or Hunter (Ethan Hazzard), always find ways to thwart a plan or be annoying by always wanting to disobey Mother or Father. Maybe because they are still small, and their life experience is still not much, but I also can't help myself but say "Geez" every one of them is acting up.

Visually,  Raised by Wolves is a sci-fi series  that is pretty awesome especially in the first two episodes (yes, I really liked the first two episodes). From the moment Mother and Father made a yellow-orange tent from the inside, when Mother attacked Mithraic's ark or when the ark fell and produced an explosion like an aurora in the dark sky. For an ambitious series like this, the visuals are no less ambitious.

It's quite difficult to judge whether  Raised by Wolves is a good series or not. Okay, this is indeed a pretty good series. But knowing how much ambition and potential it has, I have felt a big lack since mid-season. Increasingly, less and less I feel something completely unexpected or something that makes me amazed and curious like in the beginning. If only this first season only served as an appetizer, then I hope that the main dishes of the following season can satisfy my expectations and imagination.

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