I Want To Eat Your Pancreas, a Romance Anime with an Unexpected Ending

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Publish Date : 2021-02-21

I Want To Eat Your Pancreas, a Romance Anime with an Unexpected Ending

I am quite interested in the theme given by Kompasiana this week, namely the best anime recommendations . As a connoisseur of anime series, I think there are so many anime that I want to recommend to all of my friends.

I am sure, all of you must be familiar with the Naruto anime , one piece, dragon ball  and doraemon . But I won't go into that. I tend to want to recommend anime with the romance genre. One of them is entitled, "I want to eat your pancreas" or in Japanese it is titled, "Kimi no Suizou wo Tabetai"  and if shortened to KimiSui.

The anime, which aired in December 2018, was directed by Shin'ichiro Ushijima. The anime entitled "I want to eat your pancreas" was very popular during its time.

This anime tells the story of a young boy named Shiga Haruki. Haruki is a teenager who is anti-social, quiet, and only spends his time reading novels.

Haruki wasn't that interested in the lives of those around him. For this reason, Haruki tends to spend more of his time alone reading books in the library.

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One day, when Haruki was in the hospital, he accidentally found a diary that was named "disease logbook". Out of curiosity, Haruki read a little of the contents of the book. The contents are quite surprising, namely about the life of a person who has a disease in the pancreas and his time to live will not be long.

"That's my book" said a girl surprising Haruki who was daydreaming.

The young girl is Sakura Yamauchi, Haruki's classmate. Sakura is a cheerful, energetic and full of sadness. Sakura is suffering from a dangerous disease that threatens her life. His pancreas had problems, and he was sentenced to live soon. Starting from this meeting, the story between Haruki and Sakura begins.

In this section we will see how indifferent Haruki is after hearing about Sakura's illness, his reaction is very flat. Even though Haruki was the only person Sakura told about her illness.

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Seeing Haruki's flat response, Sakura finally became interested in getting to know Haruki further.

From this meeting, they began to get closer. Sakura asked Haruki to fulfill her last wish to spend time with her before she died. At first Haruki seemed a little forced to fulfill that wish. Because he is not used to spending time with other people.

But as each day passed, Haruki began to enjoy being with Sakura. As if there is no more sadness in their second life. Haruki's indifferent nature has also slowly begun to change. Until then he realized that Sakura's life would not be long. Haruki began to care and worry about Sakura.

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Their relationship slowly turned into a special relationship. Sparks of love cannot be avoided. You can see some romantic scenes that often occur in the course of their story.

Until one night, Haruki revealed his heart to Sakura. He didn't want to see Sakura die.

But, whose name is death who can avoid and predict. You must have thought that Sakura would die from her illness right? you are wrong.

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You will be brought to the end of a story that is so heartbreaking and suffocating. Various secrets began to be revealed after Sakura died. Starting from when Sakura became interested in Haruki, to everyday stories in her life.

In this anime we are taught about what a loss means. No matter how many times we face it, we will never get used to it. Also, this anime story also reminds us of the importance of genuine affection. The magnitude of the impact that love has on someone. Which is able to change one's view of seeing the world.

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I will not tell at length again. In my opinion, for you anime lovers with the romance genre , you must watch this anime one. Eittss, don't forget to prepare a tissue, OK !!

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