Diana Prince is back! The Amazonian princess is back in action in Wonder Woman

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Diana Prince is back! The Amazonian princess is back in action in Wonder Woman

Yes, Diana Prince is back! The Amazonian princess is back in action in Wonder Woman 1984 (WW84). Which has been running in theaters since last December 16, 2020.

After being delayed for a long time due to the Covid-19 pandemic, this second Wonder Woman film was finally released by Warner Bros. Pictures. It is about three and a half years from the first film.

Like its predecessor film, which was released in 2017, this second Wonder Woman film also still presents colorful action. However, with a different time setting.

As the title implies, this WW84 film is set around 66 years from the events of the first film. To be precise, in 1984. Diana Prince (Gal Gadot), Wonder Woman's alter-ego, who is still beautiful and youthful, is said to have worked as an anthropology and archeology staff member at the Smithsonian Institution, Washington, DC, United States.

In addition to work, Diana is also active in her spare time as a crime-fighting superhero. Of course, without revealing his true identity. By wearing an Amazonian female warrior costume. Which was later dubbed the Wonder Woman by the people she helped.

According to Gal Gadot, Diana's character in the second film is wiser and more mature. Diana is also still doing the right things, but she's different from before. When we saw him in the first film.

In this second Wonder Woman film, Diana is said to have adapted to the outside world. His character looks wiser and more mature after decades of living in modern civilization. Unlike the first film first. When he was still innocent and innocent. When he just wandered from his hometown, Themyscira.

However, in this film, Wonder Woman is not shown as a perfect superhero. The Amazonian princess is also described as having weaknesses. Several times Diana showed fragile emotions. Which makes him more human despite having superpower.

This time, Diana was often upset, feeling lonely, and lost. Apparently, his broken heart still hasn't healed. After decades, he still can't forget his first love, Steve Trevor (Chris Pine). Like me. Who hasn't forgotten you. #eh #curcol

Although it is said that he died in the first film, the figure of Steve, miraculously, does reappear in this second film. His character is the only link between WW84 and the previous film.

The appearance of this handsome pilot made the WW84 story colorful. Besides selling heroic action scenes and tense adventures, this second film also presents romantic and melancholic scenes. Especially, when Diana and Steve met again.

Besides that, the element of humor is also quite thick. Especially, in the early part of this film. As a result, WW84 has become a superhero film with a complete story package. Which will make the audience laugh and at the same time be moved by his touching story.

In terms of storytelling, even though it is a sequel to the previous film, and still directed by Patty Jenkins, WW84 really carries a new color. Apart from Diana Prince and Steve Trevor, there are no older characters who play an important role in this second film.

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The two antagonists who are brought up have never appeared, or been mentioned, in the previous DC Extended Universe (DCEU) films. Namely: Barbara Ann Minerva (Kristen Wiig) and Maxwell Lord (Pedro Pascal).

Initially, Barbara Minerva was a new employee at the Smithsonian Institution. He became Diana's work partner. They then developed a close relationship and became close friends.

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However, the friendly relationship, in the end, fractured. Which begins with the discovery of a mysterious stone. Who can grant any request. Including, Diana and Barbara's request, which did not make sense, was also granted.

In fact, because of this magic stone, in the end, Barbara turned into a Cheetah. Which in the comic version is Wonder Woman's mortal enemy. This WW84 film is the first time this supervillain character has appeared in a live-action version.

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Besides Cheetah, Wonder Woman also has to face Max Lord. An oil businessman with an ambition to rule the world. Which made the situation even more complicated after he grabbed the magic stone earlier.

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Like Diana, the two antagonistic characters are also shown with their own strengths and weaknesses. So that the audience can relate and understand them. In fact, there are also those who sympathize with both of them.

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Maxwell Lord and Barbara Minerva are, in truth, good people. However, in the end, they became evil because they were hurt and both felt insecure. A thing that, in fact, is often experienced by many people in this world.

The moral message carried by the WW84 film is indeed quite touching. Which can be a kind of reminder that we should ponder. Moreover, in difficult times like now.

From this WW84 film, we can learn a valuable lesson: That whatever we experience, whatever the conditions, we must always be grateful and accept it. Because greed, selfishness, and revenge will only make the situation worse.

Several positive things have made Wonder Woman 1984's achievements in cyberspace quite fulfilling expectations. The blockbuster film with a budget of USD 200 million is the most watched 2020 release on the streaming platform. As well as being able to significantly increase the number of HBO Max subscribers.

These results seemed to pay off Gal Gadot's sacrifice. While shooting this film, he did experience back, neck and spinal cord injuries. In fact, the former member of the Israeli military could not even sit down. Only can lie down and stand up. Therefore, in every promotional agenda for this film, the former Miss Universe Israel is always seen standing.

According to Gal Gadot, the role of Wonder Woman requires excellent physical condition. Like his other roles, all have consequences. So, the 35-year-old super beautiful actress did not protest. Moreover, this film is also quite successful on HBO Max.

However, even so, at the box office, WW84's achievements are still very far away when compared to the first film before. Which is able to reap USD 822 million. Because, until now, this second film only won USD 148 million globally.

The Covid-19 pandemic, which closed many theaters around the world, has finally forced Warner Bros. Pictures took it to the extreme: By simultaneously releasing WW84 in theaters and HBO Max. Which, in the end, made this second film battered at the box office.

In addition, WW84 also received a less positive response from critics when compared to the first film. The much-praised one. Which, in fact, is touted as the best female superhero film of all time.

The weak point of this WW84 film is its messy narrative and unclear plot direction. According to critics, too many ideas were presented. So that it makes the building of the 2.5 hour film story feel very long and does not connect with one another.

In addition, the pace of the story in the second half of this WW84 film also seems to be accelerating. Especially, when the process of Barbara Minerva turned into a Cheetah. Which is not explained in depth. In fact, the scene, it should be, is a very interesting part.

Besides that, from a technical point of view, when the scene of Wonder Woman fighting Cheetah also contained some blocking that was not quite right. This intense battle scene has the potential to confuse the audience with the camera's moving too fast.

However, overall, with all its shortcomings, this WW84 film, in fact, cannot be called a bad one. The story is still quite exciting and entertaining. The 1980s setting shown by director Patty Jenkins is also quite slick. Gal Gadot's appearance also remains the core and main attraction of this film.

However, in the end, when compared to the first film before, this second Wonder Woman film did feel less energy. Alias ​​is not kicking enough, according to today's kids.

The next question, with the battered results at the box office and the less positive response from the critics, is the Wonder Woman franchise going to continue? Or will it stop just until this second film?

This question, it turns out, was immediately answered on December 28, 2020. At that time, Chairman of Warner Bros. Pictures Toby Emmerich confirms: Gal Gadot and Patty Jenkins will have another duet for Wonder Woman 3.

Yes, Diana Prince, the plan, will be back in action. To close the Wonder Woman film trilogy. The one that Warner Bros. had long planned. Pictures.

In addition, it is interesting that Lynda Carter, who played Diana Prince in the television series Wonder Woman (1975), reportedly will also play an important role in the third film later. The 69-year-old actress with a chest size of 34C did appear, as a cameo, in the mid-credit scene of this WW84 film.

Meanwhile, when interviewed, Gal Gadot also admitted that he wanted to appear again as Diana Prince. However, on condition, if the story is good and Patty Jenkins remains as director. The MILF 32B bra size wants a third film, when produced, can be a nice cover for the Wonder Woman trilogy.

However, until now, Gal Gadot admitted that there had not been any further conversations with Warner Bros. Pictures. There is no plan on when the production process for Wonder Woman 3 will begin. We will wait for futher news. For the time being, we have to settle for this WW84 film.

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