The Slow Motion in Justice League Snyder Cut Turns Out Not As Much As You Think!

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Publish Date : 2021-03-25

The Slow Motion in Justice League Snyder Cut Turns Out Not As Much As You Think!

The release of Justice League Snyder Cut, or which has the official name Zack Snyder's Justice League (2021), was well received by the audience. Apart from that, this film also received quite positive reviews from both audiences and critics. Although, there are viewers who are not used to watching films that are up to four hours long, such as Snyder Cut .

For those of you who have watched Snyder Cut, you know that director Zack Snyder often uses slow motion techniques in various scenes of this film. The use of slow motion in Snyder Cut actually received criticism from the audience. Some think that Snyder Cut might be able to run faster if Snyder doesn't use slow motion too much .

Is it true that the use of slow motion in Snyder Cut is really too much? This question was finally answered by IGN . They try to trace every scene of Snyder Cut which is clearly slower than the motion in real life. With a note, there are some slow motion scenes that are ignored because it is quite difficult to determine whether it is slow motion or not.

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After tracing, IGN found that the total slow motion scenes in Snyder Cut were 24 minutes 7 seconds or 1,447 seconds. When compared with the total duration of Snyder Cut, which is 3 hours 52 minutes 13 seconds, the number of slow motion scenes in Snyder Cut is only about 10% of the total duration of the film. If all the slow motion scenes in Snyder cut are made normal, this film is still more than three hours long.

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Even though it feels long, the four-hour duration of Snyder Cut makes character development in this film conveyed more clearly. One of the characters made to shine with a duration of four hours Snyder Cut is Cyborg. We finally know that the cinema version of Justice League (2017) has cut a lot of important scenes for Cyborg.

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Are you the ones who object to the slow motion scene in Snyder Cut? Don't forget to keep up with KINCIR to get various information about other films, OK!

Besides Darkseid, these 5 strongest DC supervillains can destroy the universe!

The DC Comics universe has many unique characters. Whether it's a hero or a superhero or a supervillain who is told, it's terrible. Some of these supervillain figures are formidable foes. Like in Justice League Snyder Cut , the cinema universe of DC Expanded Universe brings out several supervillain figures, one of which is Darkseid.

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Like Thanos in the Marvel Cinematic Universe , Darkseid is a tyrant in the universe. He has only one goal, which is to create a universal kingdom in which all living things are subject to him. With a terrifying army from all over the galaxy, it was only natural that Darkseid was greatly feared.

Darkseid has the Omega Effect where he gets power like God. This means that Darkseid is immortal and his strength can gather a lot of energy. In  Justice League Snyder Cut , the figure of Darkseid is also told to target the power of the anti-life equation which, according to him, can make all universes submit to him. 

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Some of these antagonistic characters are said to have god-like powers. They have a big motive for controlling the earth and the planets and other parts of the galaxy. Approximately, who is the strongest supervillain in the DC universe and what kind of strength? Come on, see KINCIR's narrative below.

1. Anti-Monitor
In the story, Anti-Monitor is the protector of the universe and its body is very large. In fact, Anti-Monitor has a duty to destroy stars, planets and galaxies. In the comic Crisis on Infinite Earth , the DC superheroes seem helpless to face it.

The Anti-Monitor's power was terrifying. He can change reality, release great energy, so that he looks unharmed with all the strength of the superheroes. It took hundreds of superheroes working at once to drive him out and beat him for a while.

2. Nekron
As the God of Death, Nekron is the incarnation figure of the Black Lantern. If the White Lantern symbolizes life and the birth of the universe, the Black Lantern is nothing. In the comic, Nekron is told that he only got up once, when Black Lantern came to earth.

Nekron can bring the dead to life. In the comic series Blackest Night, all the superheroes are the slaves. In fact, Superman who has died has become a very dangerous soldier. One thing that can make Nekron disappear is the White Lantern power that can make it "alive" and "dead".

3.  Doomsday
Superman is said to have died when he confronted Doomsday. In all the comic versions, Doomsday is called a terrible creature with destructive power. Naturally, if the planet Krypton could be destroyed by it.

Doomsday's physical strength has no limits and is similar to Superman's physique. Even so, Doomsday can be defeated even though it doesn't die in battle by locking it up.

4. Trigon

Finally, there is a demonic figure in the DC universe known as Trigon. Trigon is an immortal figure, aka an immortal god who likes to master the dimensions he comes to. As a demon, Trigon is said to rule over many worlds for thousands of years and has visited Earth and challenged all DC superheroes .

Trigon's power centered on his physiological powers as a demon. He can control fire and dark magical power to destroy many things in front of him. For Trigon, if the planet he wanted to rule did not succeed, there was no other purpose but to crush it to ashes. The figure of Trigon is also the father of the superhero Raven, who was revealed in the comic.

5. DeSaad
DeSaad's figure appeared in the film Zack Snyder's Justice League . As a supervillain , he was recognized as the Old God race and became a fairly powerful accomplice of Darkseids . DeSaad has terrifying telepathic abilities and energy absorption . He can reverse the powers of the superheroes and make them stronger.

As an Old God, DeSaad has an obsession to conquer the universe with Darkseid. He also has extensive knowledge about the secrets of the universe including mysterious deadly weapons. Together with Darkseid, at the end of Zack Snyder's Justice League they prepared the Parademon troops  to return to Earth.

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