Sunset In My Hometown Not Love, Shackles The Past Of A Village Rapper

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Sunset In My Hometown Not Love, Shackles The Past Of A Village Rapper

Even if you hate your hometown, at least go for a vacation there.
You have gone a long way from your hometown to pursue a career. Then how are the family there. Actually going far to pursue a career is a common thing and can be done by everyone. You must have a strong reason why you have to return to your hometown.

Sunset in My Hometown is the work of the 13 famous director  Lee Jonk-ik . His name became known after he directed the film King And the Clown  which was released in 2005.

The film is played by renowned actor whose name may already be familiar ditelingamu, Park Jung Min as Hak-Soo , aka the main character and Kim Go-eun as Jung Seon Mi . Park Jung Min has played in several other Korean films , such as " Keys to Heart ". Meanwhile, Kim Go-Eun played a drama with Lee Min Ho in " The King Enternal Monarch ". 

Sunset in My Hometown tells of Hak-Soo, a rapper who lives in Seoul, the capital of South Korea, pursuing his career by following the Show Me The Money program . His struggle was not easy, in fact this was the sixth time he had attended the event.

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Long story short, when he was about to win, someone called him that his father had suffered a stroke and was in the hospital. Hak-Soo actually doesn't want to go home, remembering how bad memories in the past were about his father. However, his friends began to persuade him to come home. Finally he decided to return to his hometown by force. This is where the fun story begins.

We often see movies making father and son in a harmonious relationship. But not Hak-soo and his father. Because there are so many bad memories that Hak-soo has to receive from his father.

When he was young, his father Hak-soo was a gangster in the city of Byeonsan. He is willing to leave his biological child and his wife to marry another woman. Ultimately, when the mother died, her father did not come to the funeral. It devastates Hak-soo and is willing to go to Seoul to leave his hometown for ten years.

Besides that, it was his school days that made him (also) reluctant to come to his hometown.

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Besides his family relationship is not harmonious, his school days also made Hak-soo have to endure embarrassment. Once upon a time Hak-Soo wanted to express his heart to a girl named Mi-Kyeong , played by  Shin Hyun Bin. Her friends also support Hak-Soo and are willing to help him. However, when he wanted to hold a small surprise as well as 'shoot' Mi-kyeong, Surprise Hak-Soo instead targeted Jung Seon Mi.
Even funnier, Jung Seon Mi has been in love with Hak-soo for a long time. But his feelings have never been conveyed until now.
In addition to the above experiences, Hak-Soo also had bad memories with his new teacher. Just then in Hak-Soo's class a new literature teacher arrives. Hak-Soo, who loves literature, especially poetry, notes beautiful poetry in one of his notebooks as a hobby.

When gym time arrives, the teacher secretly takes Hak-soo's notebook without anyone knowing. A year later, the teacher began to be recognized by the wider community for his beautiful work. Knowing this, Hak-Soo was shocked, one of his poems displayed in the media on behalf of the teacher, was once in his notebook. The teacher has plagiarized his work.

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The plot is simple and light, but it hits it 

Back and forth between Hak-soo and the past. This is a story of a journey to make peace with the past. His father is a gangster, his friend who he bullied is now successful, his idol who used to have a lover, his mother who has died, and his life that is full of failures, make Hak-Soo have to stay strong.

This film directly teaches us how disappointed we are with our parents, they are still our parents. Hak-soo actually hates his father and wants him to die immediately, but when his father is at the end of his life, Hak-Soo bursts into tears and doesn't want him to leave.

The conflicts that are built in this film are pretty much taken up by the circumstances, Lee Jong Ik is  good at making simple and light plots this is quite touching. It seems that the director wants the audience to always respect their parents no matter how disappointed you are.

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The music that is presented throughout the film has a deep meaning.
Along the storyline, a lot of music was prepared for the audience. Starting from Hak-Soo's rap, Hak-Soo's guitar playing during school events, and many more.

Eitts, but the music lyrics are not playing games, you know. What I applaud is that the music that was presented coincided with the moment of what was happening at that time. Sad moments are sad, happy moments are happy.

Even this film also released a special MV (Music Video), you know ..

totality of the cast and crew
The reason is, because it is set in a small town, the crew and players have to shoot in the interior. They had to go the extra mile looking for a set for a suitable shoot. The players did not want to lose, they also learned the Jeolla accent with the native people there.

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For the sunset scene, they immediately jumped into the location without the help of CGI ( Computer-Generated Imagery ) though.

Thanks to the totality of the cast and crew, this film managed to bring the category 'Grand Bell Award for Best Music' and 'Blue Dragon Film Award for Best Music'.
I almost missed it. What I like about this film is how the father and son relationship, even if they never get along, so that one of them has to go away forever. How Hak-soo must make peace and accept the painful wounds of the past. Also, it's cute that Jung Seon Mi became a novelist because of Hak-soo.

The rap-rap that hits the mark and beautiful poetry is also featured in this film.

Those are a handful of movie reviews entitled Sunset in My Hometown . If you're curious, just watch the film. Even though this film has been released for a long time, it doesn't hurt to watch it. 

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