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A family who lives in a house located near the forest, is then approached by intruders who attack the family's calm. How many times has the story been repeated, repeated and repeated. Whether the intruder's reason was simply to rob, to kill, or to find a mysterious key like in  Becky , it is a story that is difficult to recycle.

Therefore, all films must stand with the performance of each actor and actress in it. Becky, the main character, is a small child who is still 13 years old and is played by Lulu Wilson . Meanwhile, the criminal group is led by  Neo-Nazi Dominick, who is surprisingly played by actor who often plays comedy,  Kevin James .

The film opens with a parallel life between the two. Becky was surrounded by schoolmates and being bullied , while in a prison Dominick, an inmate, was seeing a group of people who surrounded two people who were busy fighting. Then Becky is picked up by her father, Jeff ( Joel McHale ), while Dominick is picked up by a detention bus and the two of them are on the road.

Becky and her father stop at a gas station, and the bus carrying Dominick and the other prisoners stops because the passengers revolt. And finally the two of them met in a while, when Becky was home and Dominick had managed to hijack the vehicle to get to Becky's residence.

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So far nothing has really caught my eye. Becky was initially seen as the typical annoying teenager, he ignored his father and stole candy. But apparently this annoying behavior was justified. His mother had died a while ago, and he was angry with his father for that.

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Whenever I see rebellious teenagers, there is always a fine line between being annoying and I really understand. Luckily, Becky wasn't annoying, because I understood why she was that way. Especially after arriving at his old house, Jeff just told him that he invited his girlfriend and fiancé, Kayla ( Amanda Brugel ) and her son Ty ( Isaiah Rockcliffe ), which made Becky sad and upset.

Becky's downturn life gets even more chaotic when a group of strangers infiltrate their home. This group of criminals, calling themselves the "Brotherhood", consisted of Dominick being the leader; Cole ( Ryan McDonald ); Hammond ( James McDougall ); and Apex ( Robert Maillet ), a well-built and gigantic man who seems to have a more conscience than his villain friend.

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Kevin James as a criminal really surprised me, because every time I saw him I always remembered him as a big security guard at Paul Blart :  Mall Cop . But here he is, with bald hair; a large Nazi tattoo on the back of the head and a thick beard, it looked a lot different from the appearance I was used to seeing.

Seeing  Kevin James as a sadistic villain is the main attraction of this film, but the one holding the storyline is Becky, a blonde girl who hasn't even reached 15 years of age. When the criminals were breaking into the house, Becky was in a small cabin near the house. So he has a unique position.

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Becky is a very sadistic and brutal film, something I didn't expect. There is a level of sadness that I tolerate because I anticipate it, such as  John Wick: Chapter 3 or  Kill Bill . But if I don't anticipate it, then I usually go into shock and that's what happened to  Becky . And that brutality has always had to do with Becky's character.

I don't want to tell too much about what's going on, but Becky has been transforming herself into Lorraine Broughton from  Atomic Blonde over time and the brutality of the film has increased dramatically from before. It was nice and there was a slight sense of satisfaction that I felt seeing Becky do what she did, like Grace from Ready or Not , but that feeling was masked by sadness that may not have been necessary.

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Hey, I'm not the kind of person who has a problem with the level of violence in films. If it is used to highlight a cool action, then I will praise the violence. But I couldn't help myself but feel the violence at  Becky was too high for it to be. It does set itself apart from other films with a similar story, but I still feel it's not really necessary.

The level of violence here may be too sadistic and brutal, but it also creates an interesting side to the film. Increasingly, this film blurs the lines between good and evil, and in the end I am not sure whether evil is good and good is evil and that is one of the things that makes Becky more attractive than other similar films.

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