Season Two of THE BOYS Raises Blood, Nazis and Super Powers

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Season Two of THE BOYS Raises Blood, Nazis and Super Powers

The first season of  The Boys shows how the label "superhero" is simply a brand for a group of superpowers who are believed to be heroes. In the name alone, there is a hero in it. But the “superheroes” that society believe in are no different from the criminals they have sworn to kill. Brutal, ignorant of good and right morals, and selfish. In the second season, there is no such thing as a superhero. All of them are just super powers. Not a hero, just a cunning person with super powers.

What I love about  The Boys is how the series is able to capture the questions and possibilities we have when watching superhero films  from Marvel or DC.This simple but never realized question is the essence of  The Boys , where the series features a group of superheroes called "The Seven" and part of a giant company called Vought, where each member is not the superhero society trusts.

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Continuing from the first season, now the story is getting more complicated and wild with a group of normal humans with the nickname "The Boys" headed by a tough and never-minded man. William "Billy" Butcher (Karl Urban) who previously opposed "The Seven" was labeled as criminals by the government. Not only that, but Billy also knows that apparently his wife, Becca (Shantel VanSanten) is still alive and living with the child of the rape by one of the heroes and leaders of "The Seven", Homelander (Antony Starr). And that's just one problem, while this second season has had a lot of problems.

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In season two, we are not only told about "The Boys". We are also given enough time to explore the Vought company and the group "The Seven" which is now in a precarious situation due to the leakage of the secret about the "Compound V" component which is used to give superhuman strength to ordinary humans. Not only that, but "The Seven" also has a new superhero named Stormfront (Aya Cash) fill the vacant position left by Transluscent in the first season.

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But what I love about this second season is that even though  The Boys started to give a lot of different stories with each character, it never felt messy in terms of telling them. Everything is neatly told even though one season only has 8 episodes, each story also has an interesting connection with the stories of other characters and also each story has either the right ending and does not seem wordy or enough space to build audience anticipation in the third season. still don't know when it will be released.

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One episode in the second season can tell many different stories and it is usually very easy to forget what happened. But not this season. Although we can be told about the complaints of Billy and his men, Homelander who has difficulty controlling his authority in "The Seven", the presence of Stormfront, Deep (Chace Crawford) who has difficulty forgiving his past actions, Hughie (Jack Quaid) and Starlight (Erin Moriarty) who often group together to complete the mission "The Boys" and many other small stories along the way that emerge. And everything feels important. Nothing feels like a waste of time, even though each episode is about an hour long.

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Watching the first season of  The Boys , we find out how cynical the series can be. A series that may also work as a satirical work, this series does not hesitate to make the impossible possible and that's why every surprise feels fresh and works. There is no boundary here that restricts creative freedom to work. Booing the superheroes we usually see in superhero movies  ? Of course. Raising up the Nazis to make the story smooth? No need to worry. In fact, the crazier it is, the crazier The Boys is to be followed.

One new presence that clouded the atmosphere and added to the intensity of the atmosphere was Stormfront. He is someone who is narcissistic, good at talking (or manipulating to be precise) and also thirsty for attention he always  live streams on Instagram at every opportunity. Naturally similar to Homelander, and for Homelander Stormfront's presence is a threat to his position in "The Seven". He already has difficulty controlling public opinion which is getting sharper with the presence of "The Seven", and Stormfront is like an oil poured on a fire that has been burning fiercely.

The internal conflict served by The Boys also adds to the dynamics in every superhero relationship, not forgetting the already strained relationship between Homelander and Vought's leader, Stan Edgar (Giancarlo Esposito). Increased conflict also means increased blood, brutal and sadistic killings. Want to see what if a person with superpowers who can shoot a laser from the eye can kill a human? The Boys have the answer. In the second season, the sadness is also noticeably increasing and shows that they are not playing games to show people a little body (not a little, but a whole body to be precise).

One interesting thing that I like and I hope will come in more numbers in the next season is adding people with superpowers. Not only superheroes, but the threat in the United States is also "supe terrorists" or "supervillain" if Homelander prefers him, who is a criminal with superpowers. Adding superpowers means increasing the likelihood that we will see more people having unique powers, and that's something to behold. Evil or good, seeing one person with superpowers clash with other superpowers is a tense fighting scene because anyone can lose as fast as a snap of a finger.

In season two,  The Boys is the perfect continuation of a dark, brutal and straightforward series. This season also finds the right tempo to tell and explore each character in it, enlightening the audience and also still leaving a mystery to make viewers curious about what will happen next. The Boys is indeed a spectacle that is right after the appearance of superhero films for  a long time , with Birds of Prey being the last superhero film. This series reminds us that not everyone with super powers is a good person.

The newest season of the series produced by Seth Rogen is out on Amazon Prime Video

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Season Two of THE BOYS Raises Blood, Nazis and Super Powers

Season Two of THE BOYS Raises Blood, Nazis and Super Powers

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