This fact makes film observers feel strange how this film

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Publish Date : 2021-02-07

This fact makes film observers feel strange how this film

A few days ago, a Netflix production series titled " Emily in Paris " became a hot topic of public discussion for film fans .

Because the film, starring Lily Collins, has been nominated for one of the most respected film festival events, the 2021 Golden Globe Award for the category of Best Musical and Comedy Series.

In addition to being a nominee for the best Musical and Comedy series, this series places Lily Collins, who plays the character Emily in the series as a nominee for Actress in the best musical and Comedy series with Elle Fanning in the film The Great , Kaley Cuoco in The Flight Attendant , Jane Levy in Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist , and Chaterine O'Hara in   Schitt Creek .

which was released on October 20, 2020, can get a nomination, even the writer of this film's story Deborah Copaken also expressed similar astonishment.

In my opinion, this series is interesting and fun to enjoy, light, cool, and very pop. A film that is far from being serious.

However, it seems that when compared to similar series, it is not enough to even become a nominee in this very prestigious Golden Globe event.

The Emily in Paris series tells the story of a young woman in her twenties named Emily Cooper, who works at a marketing and advertising agency in Chicago, United States.

To expand its business, the company then acquired a similar company with a smaller size, but had a specific client in the top segment that sold luxury products.

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The company is based in Paris France, to monitor and apply the company culture in the company they just acquired, the headquarters in the US plans to send direct boss Emily Madeline Walsh to go to live in Paris for a year.

It was Ndila who became pregnant with Walsh, and she refused to be assigned to Paris. Finally, the management assigned Emily Cooper to go to Paris.

Emily is of course enthusiastic about working in Paris, even though she has very little preparation, especially regarding her French language skills.

This language problem became a problem for him when he started working in Paris.

In addition to language problems, Emily also has personal problems with her boyfriend because they have to undergo a long distance relationship (LDR) which ultimately makes this relationship unsuccessful and breaks up halfway.

In France, culture shock was experienced by Emily, especially since her colleagues and superiors at the French company did not help her at all, they tended to be resistant to Emily's efforts to mix policies from her US headquarters.

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The clash of these two cultures has been a source of conflict throughout this series. France, which in this series is described as very conservative, especially in its development with the world of social media, is an interesting conflict to watch.

The stereotypes between the two cultures are clearly embedded in corporate life in this series, Emily is personified as an American who has been a corporate slave throughout her life while corporate life in France is more relaxed and balances fun and work.

This is shown by loose working hours , this struggle is another source of conflict in this Emily in Paris film. In addition, of course, there are social conflicts and romance involved throughout this film. 

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We will also be spoiled with a beautiful view of the City of Paris, because almost 95 percent of the shooting location took place in Paris, viewers will be treated to Paris as a very interesting cultural city.

And don't forget the fashion style of the cast in this series is very cool and the custom they use might be an inspiration in their dress. 

The clothes that Emily wears are truly stylish in this film, thanks to the actions of the world's top stylist, Patricia Field, who is the fashion director.

Viewers of the series gave it a pretty good rating, according to the Rotten Tomatoes website and IMDB Emily in Paris  getting ratings of 7.2 and 7.5.

The screenwriter of this film is Darren Star, a filmmaker who is very experienced. Two of the most famous works are Berverly Hills 90210 and Sex in The City.

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Through the Sex in The City series , Darren won an award at the 2001 Primetime Emmy Award in the Outstanding Comedy Series category .

Lily Collins herself played very nicely in developing Emily Cooper's character in the film , so it's no wonder that she later became a Golden Globe nominee 2021.

Before becoming a nominee this year at the same event, Lily Collins was a nominee at the 2016 Golden Globe Award for her role in the film   Rules Don't Apply as the best performing actress in the best musical and comedy film category.

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Although this series is very interesting, to be nominated for a film award in the category of Golden Globe Awards, many parties including a number of observers who even like this series feel that the Emily in Paris  series is not yet worthy.

However, the association of foreign film journalists in Hollywood who voted in this event, stated otherwise,   Emily in Paris deserves to be a nominee for this series.

Maybe they have different views on this matter. Yes, enjoy the series, for those of you who haven't watched it, just try to judge for yourself whether the Netflix series Emily in Paris  is nominated for the 2021 Golden Globe Awards.

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