speaking countries as attack on the titanes1

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speaking countries as attack on the titanes1

Shingeki no Kyojin (litの人人 lit. "Attack Titan"?), also known in Spanish-speaking countries as attack on the titanes1 and attack of the Titans,2 is a manga series written and illustrated by Hajime Isayama. The manga was first published in September 2009 in the Japanese publisher Kōdansha's Bessatsu Shōnen Magazine, and each chapter is published monthly, reaching 132 chapters by September 2020. In Spain, the manga is distributed by Norma Editorial; in Mexico and part of Latin America by the Panini publishing house, and in Argentina by the Ovni Press Publishing House.



The plot revolves around Eren Jaeger who, together with his childhood friends, decides to join the army with the aim of avenging the death of his mother and the destruction of his city at the hands of humanoid beings called Titans. Later, Eren discovers that he possesses the ability to transform into a Titan, which triggers a series of events that will affect both Eren and everyone around him.

The play was adapted into an anime series directed by Tetsurō Araki and produced by Wit Studio, in collaboration with Production I. G. It began airing in Japan on April 6,2013 on Mainichi Broadcasting System (MBS), # 1 and ended on September 28, 2013 with a total of 25 episodes. A 12-episode second season premiered between April and June 2017. The third season was broadcast in two parts, the first part being released between June and October 2018, and the second part between May and June 2019. It was confirmed that the fourth and final season of the anime will begin airing on December 7, 2020.3​


Since its publication, Shingeki no Kyojin has become a commercial success both in Japan and-thanks to the anime adaptation— in the rest of the world, reaching 100 million units sold by the end of 2019, and approval from critics. Both manga and anime received many awards and recognition. In addition to anime, many derivative products have been created such as light novels, video games, OVAS, two manga spin-offs, parodies, two real-picture films aimed at the Japanese market, and a new production in the hands of Warner Bros.

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The story begins with Eren Jaeger who lives peacefully with his family, his adopted sister Mikasa Ackerman, and his only friend Armin Arlert. These live in the "Shiganshina District" (shンシナ区 Shiganshina-Ku?), one of the main cities, located on the Maria wall. But everything changes when a gigantic Titan creates a huge crack allowing the Titans to enter the city, while another heavily armored Titan breaks through the Maria wall making its protection useless, and causing a massive evacuation of the entire population to the inner rose wall, the second of three concentric walls. During the attack, Eren watches in horror as a Titan eats his mother, while his father disappears after handing Eren the key to the basement of his house, not before entrusting him to return home one day. After his father's disappearance, Eren swears to kill all the Titans and enlists in the army along with his friends.

Five years later, the three young men have graduated from cadets and live at that time in the "Trost District" (トススト Tor Torosuto-ku?), one of the border towns that protrudes from the Rose Wall. However, the same gigantic Titan appears and history repeats itself. In the ensuing battle, Eren manages to save Armin from being eaten by a Titan at the cost of being devoured. While all hope of survival seemed to die out, a muscular and atypical Titan appears attacking the other Titans instead of humans. This Titan is revealed as Eren who for some reason has been transformed into one, much to the surprise of everyone, especially Mikasa and Armin. Although some, such as the nobles, clergy, and military police, consider him a threat despite helping to reclaim the Trost District, others see this ability as an opportunity to save humanity. Eren is subjected to a military trial in which it was finally decided that he be part of the scouting Corps, assigning him to the Special Operations Squadron under the command of Captain Levi.

As the plot progresses, many mysteries are revealed regarding Eren's ability to transform into Titan, from the reasons for how he obtained this power, and the fact that he is not the only one who possesses this ability. They will also discover the origin and origin of the Titans, the revelation of their true enemies, and the decisions Eren must make regarding the future of humanity, that of his friends, and his own.

More than 100 years before the beginning of the story in an alternate world, giant humanoid creatures called "Titans" (人人 Kyojin?) they appear suddenly and almost annihilate all mankind, devouring it without reason or remorse, completely ignoring other wild animals. What Remains of humanity now resides within three huge walls of more than fifty meters of altura.La the outer wall is known as "the Maria wall" (ーール・マリア Wōru Maria?), the intermediate as "the Rose Wall" (ウォール -ーーゼ Wōru Rōze?), and the innermost is called "the Sina wall" (ウォール -ーーナ wōru Shīna?), being in the center of it the capital of the kingdom called "Mitras" (ッットラス王都 Mittorasu-Ōto?).45 within these walls, mankind has lived in uneasy peace for a hundred years to the point where many people have grown up without having seen a Titan. All this changes when a sixty-meter-high Titan and an armored one attack the Shiganshina District forcing humanity to leave the Earth between the Maria and Rose walls, evacuating the remaining population to the inner districts, and causing such an influx agitation and hunger.6​

Diagram of the organization of the three walls.
Titans are giant humanoid figures that measure between 3 and 15 meters high with a body structure similar to that of humans, but lack reproductive organs and an appropriate digestive tract. Although they appear not to need food, they instinctively attack and eat humans at first glance, and their energy seems to depend on sunlight. Finally, their skin is hard and difficult to penetrate, and their wounds regenerate quickly, except for the only weak spot they have, which is located on the nape of the neck.7​

Map of the fictional world of Shingeki no Kyojin. In red you can see Paradis Island, where the kingdom of the walls is located, home to Eren and most of his companions. In purple, the Marley empire is observed. For this world, Isayama was inspired by the real world, isla Paradis being a simile of the island of Madagascar, and Marley a simile of Africa and part of Europe.8​
To fight the Titans, The Armed Forces of mankind are divided into three branches. In the first place are the "body of exploration" (調査兵団 Chōsa Heidan?) also known as the" legion of reconnaissance", tasked with exploring beyond the ramparts with the aim of reclaiming more territory from the Titans.9 such a body is much ridiculed in society because of the large number of human losses it suffers and the little progress it makes. The second and largest branch is the "Garrison Regiment" (Ch chūton Heidan?) also known as the "stationary troops", which protect the walls and the civilian population.10 the third branch is the "Military Police" (Ken kenpeidan?), who protect the royal family and the citizens of the capital, so they enjoy a relatively relaxed life inside the Sina wall, although this branch eventually turns out to be a fraud, peppered by corruption and political manipulations.11 as the main weapon, the soldiers use a mooring and holding system called "three-dimensional Maneuvering Equipment" (R rittai Kidō Sōchi?) that allows them to reach great heights using the walls, trees, or nearby buildings to be able to reach the nape of the Titans with two swords, using gas as fuel.12 however, despite being the main weapon - both offensive and defensive against the Titans— it is useless on open and flat terrain such as the field or the plains.13​

Saturn Devouring His Son and the Colossus, both paintings by Francisco de Goya. According to The Daily Dot, the appearance of the Titans in Shingeki no Kyojin could be influenced by Goya's art.14​
It is later revealed that the Titans were created about 2000 years ago, when a young girl named "Ymir Fritz" (ルル -リリッツ Yumiru Furittsu?) found the "source of all organic life" and became the first Titan in history, gaining the power of the "Founding Titan" (のの人人 shiso no Kyojin?). When Ymir died, his power was divided into nine parts, originating nine Titans with special abilities called "Changing Titans" who possess the so-called "Titan Power" (人人の Ky Kyojin no Chikara?) and that can be transferred between the members of the" Ymir people "or the" Eldian people "n. 2 who later constituted the great empire of "Eldia" (ルルアア erudia?).15​16​

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