Terror New Arrivals at HIS HOUSE

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Publish Date : 2021-03-03

Terror New Arrivals at HIS HOUSE

The terror in  His House did not come arbitrarily from one side only. In this Netflix film, terror can be found from the past and the future at the same time, making  horror in the film quite gripping. Remi Weekes, in his first film as a director, ensures that the intensity of the story never dies down and always increases as the scene runs smoothly and the story creeps through the viewer's body.

Rial (Wunmi Mosaku) and Bol (Sope Dirisu) are a pair of refugees who fled from South Sudan because of the war and now ended up in England after the ship they were traveling in was in the middle of the sea. Even though they survived, unfortunately their daughter died in that incident. Now, after being detained for a long period of time, Rial and Bol are given a place to live on probation where they are given a lot of rules and given money every week.

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For a moment, we can see a striking difference between the two. Bol quickly tries to mingle with the surrounding community where he sings about footballer Peter Crouch at a bar, and tells Rial to speak English while arguing, while Rial still sticks to his customs. Even when eating we see the difference where Rial eats by hand while Bol uses cutlery, although he still looks unfamiliar.

But the biggest issue for the two of them is not how fast they will adapt, but how they will face the future in their new life with their very dark past. Ironically, they lost their daughter to survive and fled their country. Losing their daughter also ended up haunting the two of them in their new home. And the haunting that I say haunts not only their hearts, but actually haunts them with strange events that happen in the house.

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As I said before, the  horror here comes from the past and from the future. The past came from the death of their daughter, and the future came from their new home, where both of them were in a place that was completely foreign to them, in the middle of an area with strangers who were quite antagonistic towards the two of them, and they were now must stay there for their future.

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His House does not hesitate to show supernatural events that immediately provoke not only the character but also the audience, which at the very beginning of the film when Bol is checking the hole in the house, this film quickly immediately shows a supernatural figure behind him, no longer waiting for the warm-up in the story. . Frightening the audience at the start of the film, Remi Weekes no longer leaves a mystery about what will haunt Bol and Rial, but what causes the supernatural figure to come to their home.

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The haunted house genre may indeed be a genre that is already very popular in  horror , such as Relic or Girl on the Third Floor , but the story carried by  His House has succeeded in making it a film with a unique, heartbreaking story, because the longer the film runs and the more it is. approaching us at the end, more stories and mysteries are revealed regarding Rial and Bol. I will not tell you how, I can say that the story of both was perfectly revealed and closed and also touching and sad, making  His House is not just a film that aims to terrify the audience.

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Evacuation is also the main theme of this film, where terror does not only come from the occult incident in Rial and Bol's new home, but also from their bitter past experiences, to have to flee from the country they have lived in for so long because of the civil war that has occurred. sadistic and deadly. To see the number of people who tried to escape and failed, to see how many were killed because of the wars they did not participate in, to see the children who had to be separated from their parents. Yes,  His House is not only to frighten the audience, but also to help the audience take a closer look at how a war can impact.

In the middle, are Rial and Bol, who are well played by Wunmi Mosaku and Sope Dirisu. The two of them play characters who have both gone through traumatic experiences and given their characters enough touches to make their characters come to life in some moments and differ from the other because they have quite different personalities. Rial's role also looks quite promising for Wunmi Mosaku, who previously also performed stunningly as Ruby in  Lovecraft Country .

His House reminds us that whatever we are going to do, wherever we are going, the past is not something we can just ignore, because by ignoring it, the past will always haunt us and the only way to solve everything that is bother us about the past is to face it head-on.

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