Why Do Men Grow Beards?

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Publish Date : 2021-02-11

Why Do Men Grow Beards?

In the past, a friend once said that growing a beard is difficult and costly. Eh have sacrificed a lot of time using traditional potions, the beard only appears one or two seeds like Shaggy's beard. If you want to use a hair growth oil labeled heaven, why don't you buy it, he said, whose name cannot be mentioned. Believe Voldemort, 'Avada Kedavra', KO instantly!

Fortunately for young children ages who want to grow his beard now because there is, the one and only, Wak Doyok, the inventor of the herb grower mustache and beard that magic mandraguna without having to feel inferior when purchasing was so kekiniannya, tsaah .

Uh, why do men actually grow beards?  

In prehistorix, aka prehistoric times, the reason men grew beards was to provide warmth and protection. Geez, it's like a wool blanket.

In many cultures, the beard is a symbol of masculinity and honor. The ancient Indians and beyond considered the beard to symbolize wisdom, dignity, strength and courage. Meanwhile, the ancient Egyptians dedicated their beards as symbols of wealth, power and interests.

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What about the Vikings, who were famous for their beards, mustaches, and long hair? This method is certain, the existence of the beard and its derivatives serves to frighten and intimidate their hobby of invading people's areas. Well, if his face is smooth plus cute like a K-Pop boy band, the people he invades are afraid to even ask for a recipe for glowing faces, right?

In medieval times, the beard became a symbol of masculinity and honor for knights such as King Arthur and his ranks. In the 17-18th century, soldiers, especially around Europe, had beards or mustaches to show their masculinity and courage, just like the knights who fought in the previous era.

Well, seen from an evolutionary perspective, the existence of a beard is for the benefit of reproduction, roughly according to Professor Rob Brooks, an evolutionary biologist at the University of New South Wales.  

Beards can make a man more likely to have a partner. Because of what? Yes, because this beard is one of the things that can attract the hearts of women. This is what Mr Prof said, don't protest. With a beard, a man will appear older, wiser, and stronger.

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In the world of health, there are two conflicting opinions on this beard. According to a CBS News New York report, a doctor argues that beards can harbor bacteria and transmit viruses. Other doctors say that beards can trigger skin irritation and an infection calledfolliculitis .

But a study at the University of Southern Queensland, Australia found that beards can protect the face from the sun's UV rays. Not bad, so you don't have to use a moisturizer or sunscreen with an SPF that overpowers the jeans number.

But, whatever the effect of the beard on health, the beard should be given care. Just like hair, the beard needs to be washed and the golden monkey shampoo regularly. Don't forget to also apply conditioner to make your beard feel softer and to remove creases, comb or brush your beard regularly.

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Below are some beard models that might inspire men besides Mas Jason Momoa's beard.

Or do you want a model that has a function so that the beard is not in vain?

In some cultures, beards emerge from virility, spiritual energy, freedom and become a tradition that will never go out of style. As in today's globalized realm, beards have become part of fashion trends that can arise and fall.

So what, want a beard?

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