The Best Attractive Websites of 2022

Publish Date : 2022-02-08 00:00:00

The Best Attractive Websites of 2022

Compared to the early days of the internet, web design has gone a long way. There has been a surge of inventive websites as technology and internet possibilities have advanced, raising the bar for what constitutes good web design.

From time to time, we're searching for the most innovative websites, thus we've put up this list of the top 30 in 2022.

A list of the top 30 websites

Small company and portfolio websites, as well as personal blogs, stand out for their innovative use of web design elements and an enjoyable user experience.

To help you get started, we've compiled a list of some of the best websites on the web, and we'll point out the best features of each one.

First-class user experience by Jung Design

When it comes to user experience on Wix websites, Jung's online portfolio stands out as the most impressive of them all.

To begin, we appreciate Jung's efforts to welcome visitors to his website in a variety of languages. The site's large layout and bright, contrasted colour palette enhance this welcoming atmosphere, making it both aesthetically appealing and simple to read. Users are taken on an engrossing trip made easier by the careful use of motion to reinforce the logical order of text and visuals.

The best use of asymmetry, according to Sharon Radisch

Compositional harmony is an important design idea. In contrast to the majority of the greatest websites, Sharon Radisch uses an asymmetrical technique to attain balance.

Sharon's fascinating site design makes use of the empty space on her homepage to balance the uneven grid of featured photos.

Best online gold shop: "In Gold We Trust."

For this reason, we choose In Gold We Trust as our top online store since they demonstrate how a great website design can support an optimal purchasing experience for the consumer.

Visitors to In Gold We Trust's store are drawn to the business's vintage style, rich picture galleries, and innovative navigation menu because of its visual appeal. The website uses a lightbox to promote sign-ups and offers a 10% discount in order to grow its email list.

04. OK Drugs: The most attractive site design

Check. Exciting images, here we come. Typography with a variety of styles, yes. Check for a distinct colour palette. Because of its unique home page design, OK Drugs has earned our recognition as one of the greatest websites.

Using infographics, short writing, and powerful call-to-actions to assist customers, the CBD edibles store provides visitors with a multitude of information in an easily consumable manner (pun intended).

Yantra is the best restaurant website on the internet.

Visitors to Yantra's restaurant website may book reservations and place orders for takeout or delivery in a matter of minutes. However, this isn't the only reason why we think it's one of the greatest website designs out there.

Yantra's website is simple and beautiful, enabling us to focus on the high-quality images of their food and the restaurant's décor that they provide. After perusing the website, guests will have a clear understanding of what to anticipate in terms of cuisine, environment, and overall quality.

06. Bhroovi: The most informative About Us page

As part of our search for the finest About Us page on our list, we sought for those with a unique and personable voice. Bhroovi, a young graphic designer with a love for technology and motion design, comes into the picture.

Bhroovi's About page, in addition to a superb and consistent style, includes a nice headshot, a familiar welcome remark, and a brief paragraph explaining her professional history and hobbies.

07. Pei Jung: The Most Effective Website Menu

When it comes to getting people from point A to point Z on the web, many of the finest sites depend on a conventional navigation menu.

As for Pei Jung, she chooses a different style of navigation: a hamburger menu, which is more compact. An Appetite For Design" is the designer's smart professional motto, which she uses to illustrate her creative brilliance via a tongue-in-cheek version of the hamburger symbol.

08. HEROINES: The most effective non-profit website

Because we are inspired by their initiatives for women, we picked HERoines as our best website in the nonprofit category. We also chose HERoines because their website design has an informational and encouraging tone, which we think is a great combination.

With a feminine colour palette and inspiring images seen across Heroine's website, the organization's brand image is brought together in a unified manner. Heroines get support via their narrative and goal, as well as clear call-to-actions (CTAs) that inspire visitors to join, give, and otherwise help them further their cause.

Ducknology has the best favicon in the world.

Ducknology's favicon is a prominent feature that attracts visitors and helps to establish the company's corporate identity online, earning it a spot in our list of the best websites.

Favicon, short for "favourite icon," is a tiny (16x16 pixel) graphic that is shown on the tab of a browser to symbolise a website or web page on the internet. The little but formidable duck favicon symbolising Ducknology's online jewellery shop ensures that visitors will not get lost amid the multitude of open tabs on the site.

10. Roshini Kumar: Favorite colour scheme for a website

This year, we're seeing extremes in both the minimalist and maximalist orientations, which is a welcome change from previous years. It is the latter that Roshini Kumar excels in, earning her a spot among the greatest websites that use this retro colour scheme.

A bold design like this is not for everyone, but Kumar's choice of colour demonstrates her ability to be a creative who thinks beyond the box. Incorporating a hot pink, yellow, and blue website colour scheme to catch the attention of visitors, the designer effectively blends this vibrant palette with dark regions of black to create a cohesive look.

11. Daniel Aristizabal: The best website for graphic design

From the moment you get on this very appealing graphic design website, you can't help but notice that this person is talented. Aristizable delivers a highly interactive experience for visitors by including dynamic elements such as parallax scrolling, video boxes, and in-and-out zooming into the design.

Most importantly, Aristizable utilises his web portfolio to promote his most recent work and to generate leads for his business. We get an overview of his work from a well-organized full-page layout, and buttons positioned at each of the four corners of the page allow visitors to engage with him by offering a contact page as well as connections to his Instagram and Behance accounts.

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