10 Most Popular WordPress Websites of 2022

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10 Most Popular WordPress Websites of 2022

In last year's post, the 10 Most Popular WordPress Websites of 2020, we had a question in mind that we wanted to answer: what are the most popular websites that use WordPress as a CMS? So, this year, we're digging a little further to discover what, if any, improvements are available, as well as what other fascinating and successful websites are powered by WordPress.

WordPress, to refresh your recollection, is the most well-known and commonly used content management system (CMS) for building websites. It was established in 2003 and has since attracted millions of users and admirers.

Its main advantages are its accessibility, readability, and the ability to install a large number of plugins and widgets, which allow you to do things like track traffic, optimise website speed with other programmes, and link it to social media.

WordPress is currently utilised by over 39.5 percent of all websites on the internet (up from over 30 percent in 2018) and is showing no signs of slowing off. There's a good chance you'll cross the 50% level at some point.

Whatcms, BuiltWith, and Similarweb use Alexa rankings to figure out what CMS, themes, and languages the websites are utilising. In 2021, the Wiredeltas team compiled an updated list of the most popular WordPress websites.

Zillow is number one.

Since its inception in 2006, Zillow has grown to become a one-stop shop for all things real estate. Users may explore Zillow's database of over 110 million households (including both on and off the market homes), contact an agent, calculate mortgages, view design galleries, and obtain a "Zestimate" of any property.

The Zillow search tool is very thorough, making it easy for homeowners to find their desired property by just clicking on it with their mouse. Furthermore, the Seattle-based website offers two dozen apps that enable customers to access numerous platforms.

Zillow's homepage

the source for this information.

In 2021, Zillow has improved its popularity on Alexa, rating #119 compared to #165 in 2020. Aside from WordPress, the website uses Next.Js CMS, which enables it to do a lot of other things. WordPress is becoming increasingly popular as a CMS since it is flexible and configurable.

For its SEO, Zillow continues to employ the Yoast plugin, which is among the top 2020 most popular WordPress plugins.

2. Real estate agent

When it comes to prominent real-estate websites, Realtor is worth mentioning since it has maintained its prominence since the 1990s. Since 1994, Realtor . com, which is sponsored by the National Association of REALTORS®, has given professional advice to homeowners, buyers, and sellers.

It was, in fact, one of the earliest internet real estate tools. Realtor . com enables customers to interact with over 1 million local real estate agents, all of whom are members of the National Association of REALTORS®, in addition to offering a database of listings and house information. Users may also keep track of the value, equity, and mortgage on their house.

Landing page for real estate agents

Realtor hit is popular enough to rank in the top 300 on Alexa. Realtor, which uses a mix of WordPress CMS and Next.Js, is in a similar scenario as Zillow. Looking at the technology behind Realtor, the website also utilises Yoast for SEO, and according to the Tech blog, Realtor uses the Akismet plugin for the comment area, which is also on the list of the most popular plugins for WordPress in 2020.

3. TED Talks Blog

TED is a non-profit committed to the promotion of "ideas worth sharing." The inaugural four-day TED conference took place in California in 1984, and the organisation has gradually developed since then, supporting ideas that are changing the world via a variety of activities.

The world's largest TED conference invites the world's most influential ideas and individuals to give 18-minute talks. Following that, their talks will be accessible for free on 

TED conferences have included speakers such as Bill Gates, Al Gore, Jane Goodall, Elizabeth Gilbert, Sir Richard Branson, Nandan Nilekani, Philippe Starck, Ngozi Okonjo-Iweal, Isabel Allende, and Gordon Brown, among others.

TedBlog's home page

blog.ted . com is the source of this information.

WordPress powers the TED blog, which is a subdomain of the main site. When it comes to WordPress plugins, the TEDblog has been using the Jetpack plugin since 2014, which combines design, security, and growth into one package. The blog, however, discontinued using Jetpack in June 2020. We couldn't get comprehensive stats behind the blog since it's a subdomain.

Furthermore, TED lectures are beneficial because of the variety of themes covered and the performers who guide the audience toward personal improvement. TEDtalk is ranked #1 . 271 in worldwide internet activity by Alexa.

jQuery is number four.

jQuery is a javascript library that highlights the use of JavaScript in conjunction with HTML. It makes writing javascript simpler for programmers, particularly for regularly repeated tasks.

John Resig initially presented the library in January 2006 as free and open-source software. The approach is built on the separation of HTML structure and appearance, similar to cascading styles.

Changing and browsing DOM components are two of jQuery's most fundamental functionalities. These are document representations that have been object-modeled. The library also allows you to create effects or animations, as well as manipulate and modify cascading styles.

In practise, a single javascript file containing all of the required functions is written and added into the source code of the corresponding web page.

landing page using jQuery

jquery . com is the source of this information.

Surprisingly, jQuery's CMS is WordPress 4 . 5 . 2 . This information isn't very exciting, but we must keep in mind that the website was created by a software engineer who could have used any CMS platform.

Surprisingly, the main website for jQuery is rated #7.867 on Alexa, yet according to BuiltWith trends, jQuery is utilised on 74 percent of the top 1 million websites (746 102 sites to be exact). In terms of plugins, jQuery relies on plugins developed by its own team.

5. Updates from Microsoft

Microsoft is one of the most well-known organisations in the world. Founded in 1975 by Bill Gates and Paul Allen, the firm now controls more than 76 percent of the desktop operating system industry. Despite being one of the most powerful organisations in the technical sector, Microsoft's news site is powered by WordPress. Microsoft news includes updates on new features, as well as community blogs and events.

Microsoft's home page for news

news.microsoft . com is the source of this information.

However, since the storey is part of a subdomain, we are unsure of the statistics. However, based on our study with WhatCMS, we are certain that the CMS is WordPress. Microsoft news is undoubtedly popular among people who are interested in technology news and updates, and all it takes is a few clicks from the main page, which is rated #21 by the way.

The Sun is number six.

The Sun is one of the most widely circulated newspapers in the world. According to The Sun, the tabloid was the most widely read newspaper in 2018, with 9 . 89 million print readers and 33 million internet users.

The Sun's homepage

thesun . c o . uk is the source of this information.

The Sun receives 100% of its traffic from organic sources, with search intent accounting for 62.33 percent. The Sun is ranked 6th in the news and media category by Similarweb. Since 2014, the online edition of the newspapers has been utilising WordPress 5.4.4 for audience measurement, application performance, and visitor count monitoring, and has been using Google Analytics for audience measurement, application performance, and visitor count tracking.

We discovered that The Sun is ranked #1.568 according to Alexa.

7. The BBC in America

BBC America returned to the list in 2021, although its Alexa rating has dropped to #28 . 435 this year. Despite this, BBC America continues to play excellent programmes such as Doctor Who, X-Files, and Killing Eve, ensuring that the website's traffic is entirely organic, with a search intent of 78%.

Furthermore, over 960.000 people visit the website each month, which is somewhat lower than the previous year but still a significant quantity.

BBC America's homepage

bbcamerica . com is the source of this information.

BBC America's content management system is WordPress, which is also featured in the WordPress official showcase. When it comes to hosting, BBC America continues to employ Dyn Hosting and Akamai. The platform is used for online video streaming of audio/video files. W3 total cache is regularly used by BBC to improve the site's speed.

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