Best Popular WordPress Plugin in 2022

Publish Date : 2022-01-26 00:00:00

Best Popular WordPress Plugin in 2022

Do you want to establish a site with the greatest WordPress plugins? Plugins allow you to enhance your blog's features and functionality without having to write any code.

There are hundreds of thousands of WordPress plugins available, both free and paid. Finding the best plugins among all of the options might be intimidating! And you might not even know what plugins to look for if you're just getting started with your site.

To launch your WordPress blog, add a contact form, start boosting your blog traffic, and more, you'll need a few key plugins to get started.

You'll find some of the greatest WordPress plugins (both commercial and free) listed below that you can install to instantly improve your blog.

MonsterInsights Lite is a free version of MonsterInsights.

MonsterInsights is the greatest Google Analytics plugin for WordPress. This plugin allows you to connect your blog to Google Analytics with a single click. It gives you access to your WordPress dashboard, where you can track your blog's traffic and other vital statistics.

Why You Need It: Smart bloggers use analytics to better understand their readership, generate better blog post ideas, and monetize their sites. You can discover what's working and make data-driven decisions to build your blog with actionable statistics.


MonsterInsights Lite is available for free. The Pro version of MonsterInsights, on the other hand, starts at $99.50 a year and unlocks more powerful features.

WPForms Lite is a lightweight version of WPForms.

WPForms is the easiest and best WordPress contact form plugin for beginners. It enables you to create a simple contact form for connecting with your readers.

Why You Need It: As your blog grows, individuals will want to contact you about guest posting, display ads, partnership opportunities, and other interesting options. However, sharing your email address on your blog is the last thing you want to do because your inbox will be flooded with spam.

WPForms will assist you in quickly creating a personalised contact form that is spam-free.


The use of WPForms Lite is completely free. You may upgrade to WPForms Pro for extra features like surveys and polls, clever conditional logic, PayPal and Stripe payment interfaces, and more.


The greatest WordPress lead generation and conversion optimization plugin is OptinMonster. It enables you to develop attractive optin forms that can turn your blog's lapsed visitors into subscribers.

Why Do You Need It: Did you know that 70% of the individuals who visit your website will forget about it and never return? That implies you've wasted all of the time, money, and effort you put into generating that traffic.

That's why getting those visitors to sign up for your email list is so crucial. With its gorgeous popups, floating bars, and other campaigns, OptinMonster makes it simple.


SeedProd is the greatest landing page builder plugin for WordPress. This plugin allows bloggers to quickly construct attractive landing pages. Sales sites, webinar landing pages, squeeze pages, coming soon pages, and more may all be created.

Why Do You Require It? Many blogs are having trouble increasing their conversion rates. Landing pages, on the other hand, are created with the intent of converting visitors into subscribers, leads, or sales.

A landing page, unlike your blog's homepage, which contains a lot of information, is dedicated to a single campaign. You may, for example, construct a landing page to increase the number of people who sign up for your webinar. Visitors are more likely to sign up because there is nothing else on the page to distract them.

So, whether you want to boost email subscribers or sales, you can use SeedProd to create high-converting landing pages.


SeedProd is available for $39.50 per year to begin started. If you're on a tight budget, SeedProd's free edition is worth a look.

Balloon Smash

Smash Balloon is a social feed plugin suite that allows you to effortlessly integrate many social media feeds into your WordPress site. It is the most popular social media plugin for WordPress.

They provide four different social feed plugins to generate user-generated content from social media:

Custom Facebook Feed: Easily integrate Facebook images, videos, events, and more from your Facebook Page, Groups, and more into your website.

Instagram Feed: Display social evidence by connecting several Instagram feeds, such as hashtag, shoppable, and tagged feeds.

Custom Twitter Feeds: You may display what your users are saying about you on Twitter with its multi-column masonry layout.

Feed for YouTube: Show YouTube videos, including live streaming streams, to educate your users.

Combine Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube feeds into a single feed with Social Wall Pro.

Why Do You Require It? One of the most effective strategies to improve trust, conversions, and sales is to display user-generated content on your website. Because the material was developed by real people on social media, it boosts trust and identifies you as a thought leader in your field.

You can simply show social feeds articles, customer evaluations, and more thanks to its seamless interaction with numerous social sites. Simply authorise the plugin, insert the shortcode into your articles or widgets, and the text will appear instantaneously.

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Best Popular WordPress Plugin in 2022

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