4 Best Salon WordPress Booking Plugin 2022

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4 Best Salon WordPress Booking Plugin 2022

Choosing the correct salon software is critical to your salon's success.


But you already know that.


You've most likely previously looked into salon booking software alternatives on comparison and review websites.


You, on the other hand, are perplexed. That's how I felt when I first started looking for the best salon software.


In recent years, the market for salon appointment applications and systems has exploded. It's completely insane.


There are a plethora of salon appointment and management software options available.


But which salon software is ideal for you?


When I was studying this, I looked at a lot of user rating websites and manufacturer websites, but they didn't really help me out.


I'm only getting more perplexed. What one user considers to be good or bad may or may not be important to you. And if you read a manufacturer's website, you'll see that they'll try to sell you their answer, but they won't necessarily give you the whole picture.


Here is a list of the top 4 salon software programmes available right now. Because the ideal answer for you will be determined by your individual demands, I strongly advise you to read through the entire list before picking.


Square Appointments:


Salon Appointment Software that Works in the United States, Canada, and Australia


Look no further if you're seeking for an economical appointment calendar with a minimalistic design that's simple to use and functional. Square Appointments has all of the functionality you'll need to keep track of your appointments.


It's excellent for the booth renter or individual stylist because it's completely free to use. It also works with all other Square products (such as the POS system, credit card reader, and marketing suite), resulting in a comprehensive solution for large salons. Square also came out on top in my comparison of the finest salon POS systems and salon scheduling software.




Fresha (previously Shedul) has been rapidly expanding and is expected to be one of the most prominent salon software systems in 2021. More than 120 nations, 50 000 beauty enterprises, and 250 000 stylists and therapists are served by it.


It is the only subscription-free programme that does not have a trial period or usage limits. Despite being free, it outperforms most of the major competitors in terms of features.


Fresha's advantages include ease of use, a free plan, and ongoing platform development. Fresha is already one of the most popular platforms, but if I had to pick a winner among the hundreds of solutions available today, it would be Fresha.


Fresha is excellent for a budget-conscious individual stylist or salon. You also won't have to worry about a steep learning curve if you're not technically skilled. It simply works. Visibility in the Fresha end-client marketplace might also benefit your salon.


Fresha's biggest drawback is the lack of customising choices. This is unlikely to be a problem because it looks beautiful right out of the box. You won't be able to change the look of your booking page or have bookings enabled on your website, for example.




Are you seeking for all-in-one salon software that will help you manage and expand your business?


The winner of this list is Vagaro. It's amazing how much they've crammed into this software while still making it simple to use and economical.


Everything is in place: Dedicated hardware, integrated payments, comprehensive payroll support, native booking interface with your website and other business systems, a client marketplace, and outstanding salon marketing help are all available.


You'll also find advanced functions that aren't available on many other systems. Live video streaming, subscription charges, and agency design services are just a few examples. You can even have a salon-specific mobile app created!


This package is designed for salons that require more than just online appointment scheduling. Vagaro is my #1 recommendation for salons with a team that require extensive functionality to operate their business but don't want to deal with the burden of managing and connecting several systems to do so.


With Vagaro, you may acquire everything you need at one spot for a very low price.


Acuity Scheduling:


Do you want to provide your customers with the greatest possible booking experience? Then you're looking for Acuity Scheduling.


With Acuity, you can customise everything. You don't have to make any compromises. You can customise your booking page or website widget however you want. Acuity is the most flexible appointment calendar available, allowing you to combine bookings with a comprehensive suite of third-party applications, resulting in a strong salon software configuration for you.


Acuity is for any salon of any size that wants the best scheduling experience and is willing to put in the effort (or money) to customise the platform to fit their needs. It's simple to operate. However, you'll need to arrange the platform to connect with other platforms and customise it to meet your brand if you want to get the most out of it.

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