What are some of the eye care routine tips not found commonly?

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What are some of the eye care routine tips not found commonly?

Eye care routine is essential for our wellbeing. Some people use the best eye care products while others try to adopt and abstain from habits to take care of their eyes. For all those people that try to take care of their eyes, we present some uncommon eye care tips that are not known to many.

Eye care and self-care

It is not long ago that only a few people, especially women, were trying to care for themselves and look as good as they can. Now, the beauty and fashion industry have made it a common knowledge that both men and women can take care of their bodies and try to look good or better.

Self care has become a widespread aim of many people once they understand what it means for them. There are still people who may refrain from doing so on various reasons, but slowly and steadily, people are becoming more and more aware of its importance.

One of the major components of self care is eye care. While eye care may not seem very significant to many, it is the most important part of your face that defines your look and personality. Eye care keeps gathering more and more people because the eyes are the windows to the soul. It is possibly the first thing anyone notices about you or anyone else.

With major eye problems such as puffy eyes, redness, black circles, and sunken eyes, your whole personality can crumble down because of them.

Uncommon eye tips

While people try to adopt an eye care routine and use best eye care products to take better care of their eyes, you may want to know some of the tips that could reduce your time spent on eye care and yield you similar or same results.

There may be many eye care tips that you could adopt and not only preserve your sight but enhance on the shape and form of your eyes and their wellbeing. So, we present to you some uncommon eye tips to take care of your eyes.

  1. Exercise

When people hear about exercise, they assume it is about the part of the body they need to take care of. This is a misconception in itself. While discussing eye care, there may be many places that show you which eye exercises you can do to keep your eyes, and the skin around it, healthy.

Although these eye exercises may or may not be as effective as they make it out to be, general full body exercise can be beneficial for the eyes just as much.

The key here is to keep the blood circulation at its top game so that the blood reaches all parts of our body, including our eyes. The more blood they receive, the more oxygenated they are and the better the cells perform, keeping the skin glowing and the eyes strong.

It also helps in removal of toxins from the eyes and the whole body.

  1. A good night’s sleep

Many of us don’t realize how important it is to sleep properly at night. Not only that, many of us use mobile phones even in the bed and stay awake till or past midnight and then have trouble getting up and feel grumpy on top of that. Such a bad sleep cycle can toss all your health out of your window and make your eyes become droopy.

To avoid getting black circles and a bad circle of day, try maintaining a good night’s sleep. Sleep for a fixed time every day and you will not only feel fresh but your eyes will get a good rest for the entire next day.

  1. Smoking is bad

Now, many people will be like “How can you say smoking is bad?” It is not bad but it can give you numerous health problems. And smoking may not be bad or wrong or good or right. But it definitely is not healthy and that’s what counts here.

Smoking can cause the blood vessels to constrict and do the opposite of what we just discussed about exercising. Constricted blood vessels can lead to poor oxygenation and that can lead to a tone down in the areas of the skin and cause eye damage as well. Meaning that not only can it make you look bad, it can also make you see bad. Weak eyesight is not a good sign at all.

Another thing that can lead to a darkened skin tone is the oxidative stress that smoking gives. Which works against us no matter how you see it.


There are a lot of ways to take care of your eyes from the outside but there are some ways that you can adopt to help your eyes stay healthy. These tips may not be known to majority of the people that believe in the superiority of self-care so you can try these for yourself to keep your eyes as healthy as possible. And if you find additional tips, you can try those to your advantage as well!

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