Tips for Keeping Your Lips Healthy in the winter

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Tips for Keeping Your Lips Healthy in the winter

Lips are particularly vulnerable to the harshness of winter. When you consider why it comes as no surprise. It's chilly outside, there's bitter wind, and it's dry and warm inside, so your lips get tight and dry.

Cold weather has a tremendous impact on the body, including the lips. The skin on your lips deserves the same amount of love as the rest of your body, however, covering your mouth is one of the last things you do when you're in a compromising position. If you don't, your lips will be left exposed to the colder winter weather and cause a whole bunch of issues like chapped, peeling lips.

Your lips have such thin and delicate skin that it requires additional care. It’s believed that because the skin on our lips dries out 10 times faster than the rest of our face, it's critical to use lip balm with SPF.

Here are a few suggestions for keeping your lips soft and supple throughout the cold months:

Refrain from licking your lips

Lip licking is a natural reaction when your lips are parched and need some moisture. While actually licking your lips is counterproductive. Putting saliva on your lips causes them to dry out even faster, making them much drier overall. Plus, saliva contains digestive enzymes that might irritate the lips even more.

This will keep the moisture in while also aiding in the healing of skin breaks and fissures. Try to find an ointment that contains one of these three ingredients: petrolatum, essential oils, or both. Sunscreen is a crucial component as well. Even if it's cooler outside, the sun still beams during the colder months of the year. Because the skin of your lips is thinner and more sensitive, they are more susceptible to burns than the rest of your face is.

Skip the menthol, eucalyptus, and camphor in your lip balm

At first, these substances seem calming and comforting, but they really irritate and dry out your lips. As the condition of your lips worsens, you'll find yourself reaching for more of this type of lip balm, and the cycle will repeat itself.

When your lips are flaky or peeling, avoid biting, brushing, or rubbing them

If you're used to having smooth lips, you might want to get rid of the annoying bumpy feeling that flaking and peeling cause. Using your teeth or fingers to remove the flaking skin isn't the best option. Dermatologists have warned against doing this because it might lead to lip cracks and ulcers. Use an ointment-based balm instead, which will soothe your lips and aid in their recovery.

As soon as you notice significant peeling or cracking, take immediate action

Peeling or cracked skin can grow infected or even develop into a cold sore if you ignore them. When your immune system is weak, as it often is during the winter, the herpes simplex virus strikes. That pesky invader will have an easier time spreading if your lips are flaky, cracked, or otherwise dehydrated since your body's natural defenses are compromised.

Before you go to bed, put on some lip balm

Sleeping open-mouthed is common among many people. Inhaling and exhaling via your mouth for eight hours straight can severely dry up your lips, but don’t worry about that anymore because lip balm can help immensely. Switch to organic lip care products in Pakistan today and start noticing differences right away! To counteract the dry air caused by your heater, you can also use a humidifier at night.

Always carry your lip care products with you

Try to include lip protection in your morning, nighttime, and outdoor routines to see if it makes a difference. Have two of each of your lip care products so that you have one to keep beside your bed and one in your bag/car so you'll always have it on hand.

Use a Lip Oil, Gloss, or Butter to Moisturize Deeply

If your lips are particularly parched and in need of hydration, apply an oil serum or butter to deeply treat them. You'll have softer, more supple lips as a result of this step.

Use a Soothing Mask

Mask your lips once you've exfoliated them. Lip skin can benefit from a weekly or biweekly mask application in the same way that your face skin does. A hydrating lip mask will help nourish and soften your lips no matter what time of year it is

Sunscreen is critical for everyone, regardless of age, and should always be used when going outside. For women over 30, the ideal sunscreen is one with an SPF of 30 or more, as well as UVA/UVB blockers. If you're a fan of foundation, go for the ones with SPF. The use of sunscreen will aid to shield your skin from the sun's harmful rays.

Skincare after 30 is crucial and home remedies are fantastic for women's skin because they are helpful and easy to follow. To remain young and beautiful, it's critical to be content. You will age more quickly if you lead a stressful life. Smiling and avoiding stress is important as well.

Get ready to wake up with smooth, supple lips now that you've nailed your winter lip care routine, and make sure your lips stay like that all day and all night all year round.
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