How to get rid of head lice?

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How to get rid of head lice?

Teeny tiny insects found on our head are called lice. The explanation was necessary because all of us live in different environment settings and there are people in the world who might have never heard of it. But that does not mean that this is a trivial issue. Lice are a common happening in most parts of the world. They lay eggs on our head and the whole head becomes itchy. People cannot stop scratching their head. Now just like any other disease, there are several products available in the market that can help us getting rid of these insects. There is no harm in using them but when nature has given us natural remedies then we must rather make use of them.

Thus, this article will let you know all that you can do to get rid of head lice naturally.

Oil your head:

As you might have guessed, oil is one of the best things we can use over our head. It has enormous amount of healing in it. Therefore, if there is one thing that nature has given us then we must make use of it. But there are different kinds of oil and every kind has benefits for different issues. Thus, the ones that can help in getting rid of the lice are named below for your convenience.

  • Tea tree oil:

This is used for several skin related issues. Let me tell you that you can use it for issue of lice as well. The reason is that there have been several studies that have found out that tea tree oil is quite effective when it comes to saying no to lice. Thus, you can be assured that this is going to work.

  • Anise Oil:

The one that permanently eliminates lice is anise oil. It has been very effective in the removal of lice in the children. But adults can use it as well and have lice free hair.

  • Coconut Oil:

One of the most popular oils is coconut oil. It is used for a lot purposes. There has been study that found out that within the 4 hours of applying coconut oil over the head, almost 80% of lice were dead. Hence, coconut oil is the quickest one to eliminate lice from your head.

  • Olive Oil:

It does the same. Forces the lice to suffocate and they die consequently. It is easily available at every store. Hence, you will have not to do a lot hassle in order to get it.

Now, you should apply all of them together as that can be dangerous. What you can do is apply all of them at different times and the one that gives the best results should be the one to be applied constantly. This is because all of us have different hair and they might react differently when bathed in oil.

Petroleum Jelly:

Now this one is not highly recommended. It must be your last resort. When you have tried everything and you still have lice in your hair, only then should you attend to it. The properties of Petroleum Jelly are such that when they are applied over our hair, they force the lice to suffocate which obviously causes them to die. But it is greasy which makes it very difficult to remove from the hair. It sometimes requires 2 to 4 washes until it is completely removed. This is why petroleum jelly shall be your last resort in your pursuit of getting rid of the lice.


Before I move on to write why Mayonnaise is included in this list. Let me first tell you that the inclusion is based on a popular people belief and that there is no specific evidence that it actually works. Now, as I said it is based on popular people, there are claims from a big number of people that they gotten rid of the lice from Mayonnaise. The reason that they give is that Mayonnaise makes the hair slippery, thus it is easier to catch the lice in the comb. They even claim that Mayonnaise provided the calm the needed. It eased the itching and the irritation that was due to the lice. However, I would say keep the Mayonnaise as your last option just like Petroleum Jelly. Because there are high chances that the oil would be enough to eliminate lice.

These are some of the tips that you can use to get rid of the head lice. But before you start using them. Get a good idea of what kind of hair and skin you have. That you do not have any kind of allergy because when it is something related to body, you always have to be cautious. If not the problem only gets bigger. Thus, read thoroughly before using the above tips.

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