Did you know Peppermint Oil can be used as an Essential Skincare Product?

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Did you know Peppermint Oil can be used as an Essential Skincare Product?

Does peppermint also remind you of chewing gum? Well it does the same to us too!

Peppermint oil is seen as more of an ingredient for your mouth than your skincare regime. As true as it is; what we don’t know is that peppermint oil can have very explicit and directed effects on your skin.

What’s Peppermint Oil?

It is an essential oil which is derived from the peppermint plant. This plant is in fact a hybrid between spearmint and watermint. It can be extracted from the peppermint plant leaves and used for different purposes. The main chemical components of this oil are menthol and menthone. Its distinctive aroma sets it out from the rest of the variety of essential oils.

Forms of Peppermint Oil

  • It can be found as an essential oil. This is a very concentrated form that can be diluted for skincare or used in aromatherapy.
  • A more diluted form is extracts. This can be used to add food flavoring
  • It can be found in the form of capsules that can be ingested as dietary supplements.

How to Use?

It’s crucial to know unerringly how to use this skincare product, to acquire its benefits. You need to keep in mind that you cannot apply peppermint oil onto cut or cracked skin. This will sting the cut and cause extreme discomfort.

Moreover if you happen to use peppermint oil for skin care alone, you should dilute it before use with a carrier oil. You can use jojoba oil or olive oil, whichever is available. You can then treat your bug bite or sunburn by dabbing lightly with a cotton ball.

Benefits for Skin

This essential oil has several exceptional features in terms of skincare uses.

  • Antibacterial

It’s not certainly effective against all types of bacteria, but has analogous effectiveness when compared to an antibiotic. Precisely how much of this oil contributes to achieve this result, is not very clear. However the antibacterial nature of this oil makes it a good skincare product to treat acne.

  • Excess Oil Production

This oil averts excess oil from being accumulated on the surface of the skin, creating an oil balance. Peppermint oil cleanses the skin thoroughly. It also prevents clogged pores and oily skin which contribute to acne.

It is toostrong to be applied topically. It is most effective when mixed with other acne fighting skincare ingredients.

  • Itching and Inflammation

It is a dominant skin soother and can be applied topically to fight chronic itching. Not only this, it can also be used to treat inflammation and irritation on the skin. Around 50 percent concentration of menthol contributes to the cooling property of peppermint. It’s the foremost reason why minty skincare products smell and feel uplifting.

It is recommended to pregnant women who have issues related to itchy skin. The application of 0.5 percent peppermint oil twice a day reduces the severity of itching.

  • Brightens Skin

The cooling formula of peppermint oil gives you a healthy glow on the skin. You can use skincare products like masks and cleansers containing peppermint oil to achieve a radiant complexion. The cooling sensation felt by applying this oil also stimulates the skin and promotes better blood circulation thusgiving you a youthful glow.

Benefits for scalp

  • Hair Fall

The high menthol content in peppermint oil contributes to vasodilation in the scalp. This stimulates the hair follicles and promotes blood circulation. Thus promoting healthy hair.

  • Hair growth

The stimulating peppermint oil enhances oxygenation in the hair scalp. This makes the roots strong and helps facilitate faster hair growth.

  • Anti-dandruff

Peppermint oil possesses anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. The usage of this oil thus maintains the pH levels in the scalp. Factors like stress, extreme weather and usage of chemical based products, disturb the pH level of the scalp. This further prevents issues like dandruff, dry and brittle hair and itchiness.

Nail Care

With its unique antifungal property, peppermint oil is good for nail health. You can apply it to your nails and reduce chances of fungal infection on your nails.


Peppermint oil can also treat viruses, especially herpes. You can apply this oil to cold sores by dabbing lightly with a cotton pad.

Pain Reliever

Menthol can also be used as a pain reliever, along with direct skincare. You can cure headaches and aching muscles with this essential oil. When applied on the forehead it gives relief to the patients for longer durations and light sensitivity.

Insects and Pests

There has been a rise in innovation of insect repellants nowadays. These products include toxins and harmful chemicals. Peppermint oil is a safe alternative to these toxic sprays that also have a bad odor. You can use this in your home to get rid of bugs, ants and cockroaches. Its strong smell can also be used to act as a mosquito repellant.

Respiratory Tract

Peppermint oil holds natural decongestant properties. Upon topical application the oil relieves chest congestion. The strong and pungent smell of this oil is good for eliminating nasal congestion. It does this by reducing tension and relaxing the windpipe; thereby soothing the cough impulse.

Dental Care

Besides catering to your skincare, peppermint oil also maintains oral hygiene. It cleans the teeth, maintains gums, fights bad breath and prevents plaque formation. This is why it is used as a main ingredient in mouthwash and toothpaste. Thus, it maintains good dental hygiene.

Who Should Avoid Peppermint Oil?


This skincare oil should be kept completely out of reach of children and babies. You should avoid its application at any cost on the baby’s face or chest. Kids can suffer from severe side effects if they inhale the menthol compound present in the peppermint oil.

People on medication

There is an enzyme called CYP3A4 that gets inhibited by peppermint oil. This has the tendency of breaking down various types of medication. So people who are on prescribed medications should consult their doctor before using this skincare product.

People deficient of G6PD

People who have a deficiency of the enzyme, G6PD should avoid using this oil in any form, be it extracted or in aromatherapy.

From catering to your skincare and hair to your health issues, peppermint oil is no doubt an essential oil which has numerous benefits for you!
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