How to Apply your Skincare Products in the Correct Order

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How to Apply your Skincare Products in the Correct Order

Are you finding yourself often pondering what order you should apply your skincare products?

Our skincare regimen is no longer as guileless as cleansing, moisturizing and toning. Gazillion skincare products in the marketplace can make the order of your skincare routine a bit perplexing.

Your skin type determines the order and steps you should implicate in your skincare. For instance, you need a toner for oily skin while the same will not apply to dry skin. A good way to recall how to layer skincare products is thinner, water based ones followed by oil based thicker products; and wrapping up with sunscreen of course.

Here we have for you a cheat sheet that will come in handy to clear the fog:

Daytime Skincare Regime:


First step involves washing your face with a cleanser that suits your skin type. For skincare products to absorb properly you need to have a clean canvas that is free of dirt and oil. However, before that, it is necessary to wash your hands so you do not transmit any dirt to your face.

You just need a grape sized blob of cleanser to get it foamy. You should then massage your face in circular motions to extricate that dirt from your pores.


A few years back, face toners were these awful alcohol based liquids that stung the face. Now toners contain placid, hydrating skincare ingredients and with exfoliating chemicals to treat acne. Toners are not meant to simply sit on your skin; they are just essential primers that set the base for ingredients to absorb better.

You should opt for a toner that has salicylic acid or glycolic acid. These work to unblock pores and avoid breakouts and soften blackheads. If you have dry skin go for AHAs and if your skin is oil go with BHAs.

When you are done with cleansing, apply the toner on clean skin. Then hold on for five minutes for it to soak in, before you apply anything else. This is important to avoid neutralizing the acid based toner, before it works its magic.

You can also use a hydrating toner in your skincare, which helps replenish the water your skin barrier lost after washing your face. After you cleanse, tap the toner over your face. There is nothing as too much moisture despite your skin type.


Serums are very concentrated, nutrient dense skincare products. There are innumerable serums available to choose from, but during daytime, you should opt for antioxidant serums. These provide a variety of benefits from blunting your skin's inflammatory reaction to counteracting damage from uv rays and environmental impurities.

Vitamin C serums are best to shield your skin from inflammation while brightening and lightening dark patches. Nevertheless, if you have sensitive skin you should apply it every other day rather than every day.


Make sure to choose the best moisturiser for your skin. These can be humectants, pulling water to your skin, salves providing a defensive barrier to snare moisture, or occlusive averting water loss. This is also when you should be applying the best eye cream for your requirements, whether that is for dark circles bags or possibly wrinkles.

Sun cream

You should guard your skin from damage regardless of whatever skin tone you have. This does not imply summer months only. Using sunscreen protects your skin from skin cancer and premature ageing signs like pigmentation and wrinkles. Similarly, an intense hyperpigmentation treatment is your best support when it comes to averting discoloration.

Nighttime Skincare Regime:


All you girls for heaven sake remove your makeup every night before you wash your face. Skip the makeup remover wipes as they leave a filthy residue that causes breakouts and irritation. Rather go for a cleansing oil that liquefies all the makeup without peeling off your skin. Follow up with a cleanser that suits your skin type to wash off that grime. Double cleansing comes into play at night time skincare.


You can use a facemask twice a week. I would suggest applying it after cleansing then following up with the rest of your skincare regime.


If you are wondering where to fit in the toner, here is exactly where it belongs!


Using a vitamin A based skincare product on your skin at night is great for preserving healthy skin. It increases the production of collagen and evens out the skin tone. Retinol is popular for being a very powerful potion. Therefore, whenever you apply it, swap out any acid infused products to avoid reaction.

Retinol makes your skin more susceptible to sun damage so it is advisable to apply it in the evening. Make sure to apply sunscreen the next day. Using retinol with some other skincare product will dilute the active ingredient vitamin A and render it ineffective.

Depending on how delicate your skin is, you may want to avoid acids entirely. If it is new to your skin, add it steadily and start with a low concentration.


Apply a hydrating serum such as that infused with glycolic acid. You can apply it throughout the week. However, it depends on how your skin reacts to it.

Eye cream

Eye cream is essential in your skincare, for refreshing tired and puffy eyes. To get the best of eye creams, apply amid cleansing and moisturizing. Pat it gently on the skin from the eyebrow to the cheekbone and towards your temples. You should go easy with your ring finger, putting minimum pressure; as the skin around your eyes is delicate. A better idea is to store your eye cream in the fridge for maximum soothing effect.

If you are confused about what order to apply your skincare products; follow this simple guide and create your own skincare regime!
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