Most Historical And Ancient Places in Syria

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Most Historical And Ancient Places in Syria

Many beautiful ancient monuments, temples and monasteries, architectural complexes and museums are the main attractive features of Syria. In the city of Aleppo, it will be interesting to visit the ancient fortress, which is located on the central square. It was built at the beginning of the 13th century, gradually new buildings began to appear around the fortification, and by the end of the century, instead of a small defensive point, there was already a solid city. The castle played a big role during the war with Mongolia, repulsed more than one attack and at the same time retained an excellent appearance. Today, on the territory of the fortress, you can see the surviving mosques, tombs, palaces and residential buildings.

The most important archaeological area is Bosra, on the site of which a large city was located in the prehistoric era. According to scientists, it was founded in the era of Amenhotep. During the reign of the Roman Empire, the city was renamed New Traiana. For many years it was the cause of bloody battles, as it was located at the crossroads of important trade routes. Later, the city became the property of the Byzantine Empire. Today, architectural monuments of three great eras are presented on its territory at once. Here you can see the ruins of the first Arab cathedrals, the Roman theater and Byzantine temples.

Another interesting monument of medieval architecture is the Krak des Chevaliers Fortress, located on a high cliff near the city of Homs. The building was erected by the Hospitallers, previously it was surrounded by a high stone wall with thin towers. Until now, only part of the fence has survived, but the fortress itself has been preserved in perfect condition. During the tour, you can learn many interesting facts from the history of Krak des Chevaliers, it was considered the most impregnable fortress in the country, only Sultan Baibars I managed to take this defensive point by cunning.

One of the most picturesque places in the country is the settlement of Palmyra. According to biblical legend, this ancient city was founded by Solomon himself. Today, the ruins of ancient Roman palaces and forums remind of its former greatness. In addition to the monuments of antiquity, Palmyra is notable for its magnificent nature. Among the dense forests, you can see columns and squares. Since the village attracts quite a lot of visitors, modern hotel complexes began to be built on its territory, so that the rest here is not only interesting, but also comfortable.

History and Entertainment

Tourists go to Syria not only to walk around biblical places and see famous sights. Fans of shopping also like to visit here, who are attracted by colorful markets. They are absolutely in all cities, the largest among them should be looked for in Damascus and Aleppo. Walking along the malls, you can buy the most beautiful jewelry made of gold and silver, luxurious silk scarves and clothes in the national style, as well as fragrant spices and handicrafts.

Local artisans make wonderful wood crafts, and Syria is also famous for the production of shoes and accessories made of genuine leather. Many tourists come to the market to buy popular national sweets and high quality olive oil. All lovers of shopping should definitely remember that in Syria it is necessary to bargain, not only in the markets, but also in private stores.

The national cuisine of Syria also has a lot of interesting features. You can try popular national dishes not only in restaurants, but also in the market. Guests of national restaurants will be offered all kinds of lamb meat dishes, and fresh shawarma can be bought in street tents. The traditional national dish is pilaf, to which raisins are added, and restaurants serve various types of barbecue and kebabs.

Syria is famous for its wonderful sweets, many of which have been prepared according to unchanged recipes for more than one hundred years. World-famous sweets are sherbet and baklava, and lovers of more original desserts will like kunafa. This dessert is prepared from dough, to which fresh cheese, nuts, cream and sweet syrup are added. Coffee remains the most popular drink among the locals. In no case should you refuse an offer to drink a cup of this drink, such behavior is considered a sign of bad taste.
Not surprisingly, one of the most common souvenirs among tourists is all kinds of coffee brewing accessories. In the markets and in specialized stores, you can buy various varieties of coffee, both ground and in beans. It is also worth noting that Syria has a completely loyal attitude to the sale and consumption of alcoholic beverages. You can use them in restaurants and bars, but in other public places you should not.


A unique archaeological site is the ancient city of Hamukar, located in the northeastern part of modern Syria. Official archaeological research in the area began in 1999, with the participation of the best specialists from Syria and the United States. In the course of these studies, the version that one of the oldest cities in the Middle East was located in these places was confirmed. The ancient city was founded in the 5th millennium BC. And did not last long, only about 500 years, it was completely destroyed during the next conquest.

Settlements of Seidnaya and Maalula

Those who are interested in the history of Christian culture will be interested in visiting some of the ancient settlements located in Syria. An excellent example of settlements in which not only priceless Christian sights have been preserved, but also a unique way of life are Seidnaya and Maalula. These miniature settlements are located very close to each other, so tourists usually visit them together as part of excursion programs.

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Most Historical And Ancient Places in Syria

Most Historical And Ancient Places in Syria

- Another interesting monument of medieval architecture is the Krak des Chevaliers Fortress, located on a high cliff near the city of Homs

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