Vast And Huge benefits of figs for every Athlete And Common Persons

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Vast And Huge benefits of figs for every Athlete And Common Persons

The benefits and harms of dried figs have been of interest to mankind since ancient times. The fig fruit has medicinal properties. Unfortunately, fresh fruits are not stored for long, so the store most often sells them in the form of dried fruits. You can also dry figs at home, the main thing is to do it right.

What does dried figs look like?

When choosing dried figs, you need to know what quality fruits are:

  1. Dried fruits should be light beige with no shine, no dark spots. Dried figs should not be black on the inside. Sometimes there may be a bloom of sugar.
  2. The dried fig tree has a flattened shape, the same size.
  3. The fruit should be soft to the touch.
  4. The taste should be sweet, slightly crunchy. The presence of salt or acid in the fruits, a musty aftertaste indicate that they are spoiled. To taste the berries, you need to wash them, otherwise you can pick up an infection.

You should be aware that dried figs smell very strongly of iodine. This specific aroma in fresh fruits is almost imperceptible due to the large amount of juice.

What vitamins are in dried figs

Dried berries contain a whole bunch of different vitamins that have a positive effect on the human immune system. The benefits of dried fruits in slowing down the aging process.

In addition to vitamins, the fruits are rich in minerals, thanks to which you can normalize metabolism, strengthen the skeleton:

  • iron and potassium;
  • zinc and selenium;
  • copper and phosphorus;
  • sodium, magnesium and calcium.

Dried figs contain:

  • phytosterol;
  • glyceric acid;
  • pectins and coarse fiber;
  • fatty acid;
  • proteins and fats;
  • sugar and carbohydrates.

Useful properties of dried figs

Doctors advise using the product due to the beneficial properties of dried figs for the human body.

The advantages are that dried figs have a beneficial effect on the digestion, nervous and muscular system of a person. It is useful to use the product during the season of viral diseases, with coughs and bronchitis. Fig berries are able to remove the temperature, as they have antipyretic properties.

Under what circumstances do doctors recommend dried figs:

  1. Colds. Figs are boiled in milk, drunk when coughing and to lower the temperature.
  2. Constipation and gastritis. The presence of a large amount of fiber has a beneficial effect on bowel function. The consumption of dried fruits ensures timely stool, as it has a laxative effect. In addition, eating a few fruits will help quickly relieve stomach pain from gastritis.
  3. With high mental stress. Trace elements and vitamins restore the body's performance, reduce the risk of stress and depression.
  4. Effects on the liver and kidneys. Thanks to the enzymes contained in dried figs, toxic substances are naturally eliminated from the body. The health benefits of dried figs are also that it contains a lot of minerals, so the body quickly recovers from poisoning.
  5. The cardiovascular system. Figs contain potassium, which is essential for heart function.
  6. The use of dried fruits allows you to quickly heal wounds, since the fruits are high in pectin.
  7. Rutin, which is part of the berries, promotes the effective assimilation of ascorbic acid.
  8. Eating dried fruit helps lower blood pressure.
  9. The presence of ficin reduces blood clotting, which is very important for many people.
  10. Dried figs have long been taken for a hangover syndrome, since, according to some narcologists, it has the quality of an aphrodisiac.

Why dried figs are useful for women

The fig tree fruit is of particular benefit to women. Dried figs contain a lot of folic acid. That is why gynecologists recommend eating the fruit when a woman plans to become pregnant. Folic acid preserves the placenta.

Dried fruits are no less useful during menstruation, as they relieve pain. In addition, it is recommended to consume figs for women engaged in mental work in order to activate the activity of the brain and improve mood.

The minerals contained in fruits help protect hair, skin and nails from adverse external influences, therefore figs are used in the creation of many cosmetics.

Why Dried Figs Are Good During Pregnancy

As mentioned earlier, dried figs contain folic acid, which is necessary for the proper development of a child, so the berry is simply necessary in the diet.

It is especially important, according to female experts, to include fig fruits in the diet in the 2nd and 3rd trimesters. Eating the fruit makes labor easier, labor is quick and easy, even for women who have their first child.

Why dried figs are useful for men

Dried fig fruits are no less useful for the stronger sex. Their use has a positive effect on potency, helps in the treatment of prostatitis and other diseases of the male reproductive system.

In addition, dried figs:

  • improves the reproductive health of men;
  • improves blood circulation;
  • reduces the level of bad cholesterol;
  • helps burn fat in the abdomen.

What is useful for children

We can talk for a long time about the benefits and dangers of dried figs for women, but we must not forget about children. Pediatricians have a special attitude towards figs, since they contain a huge amount of vitamins, microelements that have a beneficial effect on the growing body.

A day for a child under one year of age, 1 dried fruit is enough, which is given in small portions 2-3 times. It's all about fast carbohydrates that can harm a child's health.

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