The Amazing And Surprising Benefits of Grapes

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Publish Date : 2021-09-25

The Amazing And Surprising Benefits of Grapes

The benefits and harms of grapes. What is important to know about these berries?

Although grapes are a very healthy berry full of vitamins and minerals, due to their high sugar content, they can be harmful for diabetics. For more information about the benefits and harms of grapes, see the Sputnik infographic.


Grapes are one of the most popular berries. You can buy it in stores and markets all year round - they bring bunches from countries where they grow all year round. It is clear that due to the availability and low price, this product is in great demand, and therefore the question often arises: what is useful and what can be harmful to grapes?

The benefits of grapes

They knew about the benefits of grapes even in Ancient Greece - the wise Greeks at one time treated many diseases with this berry and maintained the general tone of the body. A symbol of fertility and abundance, an indispensable companion of Bacchus in all paintings of the Renaissance. Today grapes are loved by adults and children for their sweet taste and beneficial properties that have a positive effect on the body. understands whether grapes can be harmful, how they are used in medicine and cooking, and also gives advice on the selection and storage of these berries.

Types of grapes

There are about 8,000 grape varieties. We owe the emergence of new varieties to the efforts of breeders.

Grapes can be classified in many ways. For example, there are stone fruit grapes and seedless grapes (raisins).

By color, they are divided into white and red (Helios, Cardinal, Dessert). Moreover, white grapes are actually a light green hue. Also grapes can be table, technical and universal.

The table variety is consumed mainly fresh. Its fruits are beautiful, tasty and have great benefits for the body.

The technical grade is used for the preparation of wines, compotes, juices, cognac. The berries of such grapes are smaller, but very juicy.

A versatile variety suitable for both wine and food.

The history of the emergence of grapes in nutrition

The history of grapes goes back many millennia. This was confirmed by archaeologists, who discovered during excavations a vessel with the image of a bunch of grapes, which was about 8,000 years old. In ancient Greece, as early as the 5th century, wines were popular for which grapes were specially grown.

According to the chronicles, already in the 6th century Armenia was famous for its grape drinks.

In Russia, the first planting of a vineyard is dated 1613.

Composition and calorie content

- Grape berries, especially dark varieties, contain many useful substances, such as flavonoids, polyphenols, vitamins C, E, P (rutin), groups B - B1, B2, B4, B5 and B6, B9, as well as micro- and - selenium, zinc, copper, iron, calcium, potassium, magnesium, manganese, aluminum, boron, iodine and cobalt and others, - says Irina Popova, chief physician of the Austrian health center Verba Mayr.

The calorie content of grapes depends on its variety. The sweeter it is, the more calories. For example, the variety of raisins is the most high-calorie among the rest and contains 270 kcal per 100 grams. The average calorie content of grapes is much lower.

The benefits of grapes

Grapes are beneficial for the human body due to the high content of minerals, vitamins, polyphenols, flavonoids.

“Polyphenols are powerful antioxidants, they are found mainly in the skins of grapes,” explains Irina Popova. - Anthocyanins give color to black berries, block the formation of oxidants in the body, and protect the body from the formation of cancer cells. Grape polyphenols stimulate the growth of the bacteria, which helps to produce a protective mucous layer of the intestine, protecting against inflammation.

The benefits of grapes for women

Grapes contain substances that reduce the possibility of developing malignant tumors of the uterus and breast. In addition, it is useful for pregnant women to eat grapes to increase immunity and improve the digestive tract.

For men, grapes are useful for preventing the development of prostate cancer, increasing potency and having a beneficial effect on the genitourinary system.

Harm to grapes

- Grapes contain a lot of sugar, in 100 grams - 15 (3 teaspoons), - says Irina Popova . - It damages the walls of blood vessels and ulcerates them. Grapes are not recommended for people with fructose intolerance, it can also cause bloating, flatulence, sleep disturbance, stool, increased sensitivity to pain. You should limit the use of grapes for diabetes, as well as those who control weight and want to lose weight. The high glycemic index (GI) of this food increases appetite, can lead to overeating and excess calories. Grapes contain 18% of the daily value of vitamin K (more in dark grapes), therefore, for people taking anticoagulants, it is necessary to limit the intake of grapes to 100 grams per day.

Do not use grapes with seeds for diverticular bowel disease and inflammatory diseases of the digestive system. It is not recommended to give grapes to children under the age of five, as the child may accidentally inhale the berry. It is advisable to eat these berries separately from other foods or combine them with sweet fruits in the morning. With the rest of the food, grapes should not be consumed, as this can lead to fermentation processes in the intestines and latent inflammation.

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