Best And Advanced Benefits of Eggs For Athletes

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Best And Advanced Benefits of Eggs For Athletes

The daily human diet is difficult to imagine without chicken eggs. It is inexpensive, affordable, tasty and easy to prepare. Eggs are most often used for breakfast, but they are also added to various dishes and sauces.

Nutritionist Evgeny Arzamastsev told how many eggs a day can be consumed by professional athletes and ordinary people. He also explained what the risks are. Chicken eggs are one of the most nutritious foods on the planet. According to a study by the University of Texas (USA), eggs cause feelings of fullness, so that a person consumes fewer calories. This product has the most balanced combination of vitamins, microelements and nutrients needed by the body. In addition, it is an easily digestible, high-protein and practically carbohydrate-free product. It quickly satiates and does not allow you to feel hunger for a long time. Eggs are often included in weight loss diets.

The ratio of KBZhU per 100 g of product: 157 kcal, proteins - 13.8%, fats - 17.13%, carbohydrates - 0.5%. If a person does not play sports, then he can eat from two to three eggs a day. It is important to understand what is the level of cholesterol in a person. If it is increased, then in this case, you need to limit the number of yolks for consumption. And in general, do not eat more than three pieces a day, but it is best to limit yourself to one egg. Do not forget that eggs are a fairly high-calorie product. If consumed with yolk in large quantities, then you can gain weight. If you follow the figure, it is better to also limit the number of yolks.

If a person is actively involved in sports, then in this case the number of eggs per day can be increased, because this is a well-digestible protein. Depending on the types of sports and how a person does it: professionally or not, it is allowed to consume up to 5-6 or more eggs per day. Moreover, it is better to eat exactly proteins, and limit the yolks.

Eggs can cause an allergic reaction. Everything here is very individual. If this appears, then you can try to switch to other eggs, for example, quail.

Most often, it occurs with damage to the organs of the gastrointestinal tract. This infection is especially dangerous for the elderly and children. They take the disease harder.

It must be understood that it is the chicken that is the source of infection, respectively, the infection is on the shell, and it can get into the egg itself only if the shell is damaged.

At the same time, store eggs are safe, unlike home eggs. Before being sold, incubation companies carry out strict veterinary control. And when buying domestic eggs on the market, there is a risk of picking up an infection. Therefore, it is important to thoroughly wash the product before use, and do not use broken eggs at all.

The most useful thing to eat, according to nutritionist Yevgeny Arzamastsev, is, of course, boiled eggs. Either it is a quick cook or a long one. It should be borne in mind that fast cooking retains more nutrients, but their bioavailability is slightly less. The longer we cook the product, the greater the bioavailability, but in this case, fewer nutrients are retained in the egg. Frying eggs is the option that, in terms of protein products, it is better not to use in principle.

If a person is active and leads a healthy lifestyle, then eggs can be consumed daily without any consequences. An egg is the only natural product with the most balanced combination of nutrients, trace elements, vitamins and amino acids. For example, chicken protein is better than fish or meat protein in terms of its beneficial properties. 100 grams of the product contains as many as 13 grams of pure protein.

Eggs (chicken, quail, duck) contain choline, which has a beneficial effect on the functioning of the nervous system. Selenium and lutein are known to be powerful antioxidants. Carotenoids prevent age-related vision loss, including cataracts.

Vitamin E is responsible for the functioning of the blood vessels and the heart. Vitamin A strengthens the immune system. Vitamin D is good for bones and teeth.

Eggs are rich in protein, which are needed for energy. Therefore, to maintain your figure, it is recommended to eat 1 chicken egg per day. When choosing eggs, study their appearance. Good quality eggs are free from cracks, dirt (feathers and droppings) and misshapen shells.

Usually, each egg (chicken) is labeled with the category of eggs and the shelf life. If the letter "D" is indicated, this means that the egg is dietary and must be stored for no more than seven days. Canteen ("C") can be used within 25 days from the date of production.

Shake the egg, if you hear a gurgle, then the egg is stale. If the egg is very light, it is most likely dry or rotten.

You can make sure the eggs are fresh at home using water and salt. If the egg floats in a salty solution, then the product is spoiled.

Eggs should be washed only before use, so that their protective layer and shelf life are preserved longer.

Storage conditions. Eggs are best kept in the refrigerator, no more than a month. Store the egg with the pointed end down so that it can "breathe" as there is an air gap at the blunt end.

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