Amazing And Advance Benefits of Peas

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Amazing And Advance Benefits of Peas

Peas are rich in potassium and phosphorus, magnesium and calcium. In terms of protein content, peas can be compared to meat. Peas are very healthy due to their high content of vitamins A, B and C. In addition, peas are energetic: they contain a large amount of carbohydrates.

Peas are one of the most common, healthy and nutritious members of the legume family. Boiled peas, due to their beneficial properties and availability, are often called "the meat of the poor." Shelling pea varieties are best suited for cooking, which retain the round shape of the peas when dried, can be sold both whole and divided into halves (calorizator). The color of boiled peas depends on the color of the original product, usually mustard yellow or sandy.

Calorie content of boiled peas

The calorie content of boiled peas is 60 kcal per 100 grams of product.

The harm of boiled peas

Boiled peas are not useful for everyone; their amount should be reduced to elderly people, pregnant and lactating women in order to avoid increased gas formation. Boiled peas cause an increase in the level of uric acid, respectively, the accumulation of salts in the body. It is not recommended to get carried away with cooked pea dishes for those who suffer from gout, kidney disease, especially nephritis and the presence of stones, cholecystitis and some intestinal pathologies.

Peas are herbaceous plant of the legume family. The bivalve pods contain beans. In appearance, the grains are smooth or wrinkled, they are also called "cerebral". The color of peas can be different depending on the variety, and they will vary from light green to dark green (see photo).

There are shelling and sugar varieties. The second option can be eaten directly with the peel. This plant has been known since the time of primitive people, because of this it is almost impossible to determine the homeland of peas.

Since peas can be of different varieties, and, accordingly, different colors, you should figure out by what criteria the varieties differ from each other.

For example, green peas differ from yellow not only in color, degree of maturity, but also in taste. From the name it is clear that the beans of the first type are colored green, and the beans of the second type are colored yellow. Also, green peas, unlike yellow ones, are harvested unripe. In terms of flavor, green beans are much sweeter than yellow ones.

You should also talk about the characteristics of peas and chickpeas, or, another name, chickpeas. Chickpeas differ from peas in their large size and surface in the form of a tubercle. A regular pea pod contains significantly more grains than chickpea pods (only three grains). Since the grains of the latter are much harder than the beans of the former, they must first be soaked in water for about a day. However, regular peas contain more protein than chickpeas. In addition, the latter type of legumes can act as a substitute for meat, especially if the person is fasting. And chickpeas, unlike ordinary peas, are characterized by a nutty flavor.

Now let's talk about the different members of the legume family - lentils and beans. Peas differ from lentils in that the latter contains more protein, folic acid and very little fat. However, peas are rich in iron, which is needed by people suffering from anemia, as well as fiber. The shape of the lentil grains is flattened, and the peas are round in shape. The difference between the two legumes is also noticeable in culinary terms. Lentils boil down much faster than peas. Peas differ from beans in shape: the former has a round shape, and the latter has an elongated shape. Before boiling, the beans should be soaked in water for four hours, and a couple of hours are enough for peas. Also, the latter is much healthier for the brain than beans. In addition, peas significantly outperform beans in terms of the amount of fat required for muscle building.

How to choose and how to store at home?

Choosing good peas is easy enough when you consider the following. First, the pea kernels should not be wet. Secondly, each pea must be the same color and no more than four millimeters in diameter. Thirdly, when buying peas, you should choose only those pods that have a rich color. If the pods are yellow and dry, it means that they were either stored incorrectly or are already old, and this affects the juiciness and softness of the product.

If the pea grains are very large, this indicates that this product belongs to a forage crop. Also, do not buy peas with damaged kernels and if there are dark specks on the surface.

It is advisable to store dry peas in an airtight container or in a glass container for no more than twelve months. You can also fold the pea seeds into a cloth bag.

Cooked peas are best kept in the refrigerator for no more than three days.

Soaked peas should be refrigerated for no more than twelve hours. If the shelf life is exceeded, the fermentation process will begin in the product.

The beneficial properties of these legumes are very diverse. The main value of peas is due to the amount of protein it contains, so it is almost the same as in beef. In addition, these legumes contain a rather deficient amino acid - lysine. It is a very powerful natural antiviral agent. Since peas also contain selenium, it can be considered an anticarcinogenic agent. This product is literally a shield against the penetration of radioactive elements and other harmful substances into the body.

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