Voltus V, the cool anime of your fathers era

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Publish Date : 2021-02-22

Voltus V, the cool anime of your fathers era

The term anime may have become popular recently, but long before that I was also an anime fan. It's just that time was his nameJapanese cartoon films .

One that is still in my memory, is the Voltus V (Voltus Five) . Grade 6 SD to be exact, when I rented it from a VHS video rental shop.

Previously the only cartoons I knew were about Popeye, Disney, and Scooby-doo . No sophisticated vehicle can turn into a giant robot. Tranfsormers? There wasn't that time yet!

That's why the Voltus V will always be remembered until now. Not to mention the character of the players who are still my age. Most of them are super sophisticated youths who master martial arts and technology.

While in Kompasiana there are selected topics about anime, so I might as well explore the memories with Voltus V , so that millennials also know how anime was in your father's time .

Voltus V was first released in Japan on April 6, 1977 and made in 40 episodes. Although it was only known in Indonesia in the early 1980s, this anime quickly won the hearts of the public.
Indeed, this film was not distributed through TVRI, the only national television at that time. However, that did not diminish his fame. This film can only be reached through the video rental shop.

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Of course, those who rented must have a VHS video player which was still quite luxurious at that time. But, your father's generation never ran out of wits. They can watch the anime through a neighbor who pulls "tickets" to watch it at home.  

At that time, Japanese anime was more advanced with the concept of a technological superhero a la Iron Man . Obviously to a teenager like myself, this theme seems more "reasonable," because it promises the technology of the future. Unlike the American animated film that "promises nothing."
If asked whether Superman exists? Of course not, even small children know that Superman is just a fabrication. But, a sophisticated vehicle that can become a robot? Who knows, the name is also technology.

In addition, Japanese animation is also different from other well-known cartoons. The actor has an Asian face, the monsters are more sinister, and the color of the cartoon is lighter.

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Voltus V is the creation of Dr. Kentaro Go , his wife Dr. Mitsuyo Go , and his colleague Dr. Hamaguchi . This machine was built on a large scale funded by the Earth International Defense Force and led by General Oka.
The main character consists of 5 members of the core team who have their own super sophisticated aircraft. These five planes can combine and turn into a giant invincible robot.

Three children of Dr. Go , namely Kenichi Go, Daijiro Go,  and Hiyoshi Go is located on the first team Voltus V . Two other members are Megumi Oka , daughter of General Oka and Ippei Mine , a Cowboy from Japan.

Their main enemy is the inhabitants of the planet Boazania, which is 14,000 light years from Earth. Their faces are similar to humans, but they have horns on their heads that make them proud.

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Looks like horns are really crucial on this planet Boazania . This is because their people who are born without horns are considered a shame, and must live as slaves forever.

These "Boazanians"  attacked the earth in 1997. Under the leadership of Prince Heinell, they wanted to colonize the earth. It is said that they considered the inhabitants of the earth as a second class nation, because they did not have horns.

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However, that is not the main reason, even though it has something to do with horns. Rumors are circulating, the earth has the arrival of a traitor from the planet Boazania named La Gour . Formerly he was a prince who would be sworn in to become the 124th emperor.

Unfortunately, just before the inauguration it was discovered that all his life he used fake horns. Not wanting to break tradition, even a prince would remain a slave if he didn't have horns. Finally, La Gour fled to earth.  

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The Boazanians cause chaos on earth by releasing evil monsters around the world. However, in Japan, their monster was defeated by a  Super Electromagnetic Machine  called Voltus V.

Because of this defeat, Boazanians then focuses its attacks on Japan to beat Voltus V . That is the story, so that the 40 episodes are only about the battle of the Voltus V robot and the Boozanians monsters .

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