Top Notch Visiting Places in Nepal

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Publish Date : 2022-03-30

Top Notch Visiting Places in Nepal

Not surprisingly, many tourists are attracted by the state located in South Asia, bordering India and China. Nepal is a Federal Democratic Republic surrounded by the Himalayan mountains, the highest peaks in the world and a large number of different attractions. The capital of Nepal is the city of Kathmandu, to describe the beauty of this area, no enthusiastic epithets are enough.

Nepal attracts not only tourists, but also connoisseurs of spiritual enrichment, those who are looking for spiritual enlightenment, purification of the soul and mind. This article will describe the most famous places and sights of Nepal, which you should definitely

Durbar Square

Durbar Square is the religious center of Nepal, the most popular place among tourists and visitors to the country. Several temple complexes are located on this square. You can also see people who have renounced all worldly and material wealth, sitting in the square with painted faces and bright robes. For a small fee, you can take a picture with them and buy an interesting photo for memory in your collection.

The square sells a large number of different souvenirs, the largest selection in all of Nepal. During the day, the best time to visit the square, as in the evening the statues located on the territory of the Durbar are poorly lit, and it will not be possible to fully see the beauty of this place. Entrance to the square is paid, many tourists are outraged by this, but it's worth it.

Annapurna National Park

Annapurna National Park is a beautiful place located one hundred and eighty kilometers from the city of Kathmandu, in the heart of Nepal. The highest mountains of Annapurna and Dhaulagiri, separated by the Kali Gandaki valley, offer incredible beauty to enjoy on foot or conquer.

The hiking track brings pleasure from the beauty seen, and takes about twenty days of travel, the length is two hundred and eleven kilometers. The track runs around the mountain, in a ring. The famous apples grown in the park are supplied to the table of the Queen of England herself.

Copan Monastery

Kopan Monastery is Nepal's famous place to study Tibetan Buddhism. The founders of the monastery were Lama Tutben Yeshe and Tuben Zopa Rinpoche, within whose walls many monks and nuns live and study.

Lake Phewa

Lake Phewa or Phewa as it is called differently, is located in the city of Pokhara. A wonderful place for tourists, especially lovers of beautiful photos.

There are many bases on the lake where you can easily rent a boat, catamaran or ride a bike around the surrounding area. The water in the lake warms up quickly, and it is pleasant to swim in it, and its calm waters help to enjoy the beauty of the mysterious city of Pokhara.

Chitwan National Park

Chitwan National Park is located on a flat area and occupies a vast territory in Asia. A large number of small rivers and lakes makes this place magical, and the warm climate attracts tourists.

In addition to the picturesque nature, Chitwan Park is famous for wild animals that are listed in the Red Book. To look at the Bengal tiger, to see a huge rhinoceros, an elephant and other exotic animals, various birds, the water world, the richness of nature, there is no better place in the world.

Sagarmatha National Park

Sagarmatha National Park is located in the eastern part of Nepal on the tops of the mountains. The park consists mainly of cliffs, slopes, potholes, only a small part is occupied by forest.

The park is famous for the Shep people living there, who have long been known for cattle breeding. In the mountains you can meet laden Yaks carrying food and water. Also, the park can be conditionally divided into four climatic zones, due to the uneven size of the mountain slopes.

Mount Everest

Mount Everest, or as Mount Jamalungma is commonly called, is the highest in the world, and rightly called going to the sky. Every year, a large number of tourists come to Everest, not only to admire the greatest beauty, but also to conquer it.

Climbers are not stopped by a squally wind reaching up to fifty-five meters per second, nor by the height of the ascent, nor by radiation, or even by landslides. There are also tragic cases, not everyone manages to conquer the world-famous peak.

Pokhara city

Pokhara is considered the second city in terms of tourist flow, after Kathmandu. The city is also located in the center of Nepal and is located at the foot of the Himalayan range.

The location of the city above the sea allows you to enjoy the mirror surface of Feva and plunge into the fantastic natural world. For tourists, hotels, hostels, various centers and sightseeing tours are equipped.

Bhaktapur city

The ancient city of Bhaktapur differs from the capital of Nepal in its calmness and lack of a large traffic flow. Residents of the city, mostly peasants working in the rice fields.

In the city, all movement is on foot, only occasionally you can see moving vehicles, and only at certain times. The city is famous for the Durbar Square, which is popular with tourists and for the abundance of pottery that covers a large area.

Lumbini settlement

According to legend, the founder of Buddhism was born in the settlement of Lumbini. On the territory there are interesting places to visit, such as the Lotus stupa, Ashoka's column, Pushkarine pond. The biggest impression is made by the pagoda (pictured below), which depicts the Buddha at the very moment of birth. This is a holy place in which each building has its own magical meaning.

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